Rebranding the Lies: 10 Years After Colin Powell Lied to the Security Council About Iraq WMDs

by Scott Creighton

Ten years ago Colin Powell used his political equity to help spin up lies about non-excising weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as justification to launch a pre-emptive war against that country, something that had been, up until that point, illegal and immoral in the eyes of every American.

Below is a video of a recent episode of Democracy NOW! in which Amy Goodman and some other guy sit there and let Powell’s former aide, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson re-spin the story to claim, yes it was “politicized” but they were simply “wrong” on the intelligence.

They weren’t “wrong” on the intelligence. They fabricated it or had other countries fabricate it like the “Yellow Cake from Niger” document. It was forged. All of the “evidence” Wilkerson and Powell presented that day was fabricated. All of it. And they knew it and a million or so Iraqis died as a result and the entire culture of that nation was literally erased so it could be replaced by the Balkanized mess they have now.

Wilkerson says it was the “lowest point”in his career. Awww.

The lowest point in his career should have been to stand before a Nuremberg type tribunal for war-crimes and the ultimate crime against humanity, creating a war of aggression. Because that is exactly what he did.

The Japanese have their own ways of handling these kinds of things when they get caught for major crimes and bring shame upon their names and those of their family. In America, these guys just sit around off the radar for a couple of years on some board of directors someplace and wait for the right moment to go on Amy Goodman’s show to rebrand themselves and their crimes against humanity.

The lowest point in his career was being caught lying or was it the lies that caused the needless deaths of a million innocent people and the dislocation and destitution of a couple million more? That might have been a good question for Amy to ask.

She may have also asked him if he knew what Seppuku is.

And let’s also not forget the biggest omission from Ms. Goodman, and that is the fact that not everyone bought the Colin Powell presentation as the gospel truth. In fact, many of us called B.S. on the presentation as it was happening, right afterward and still do to this day. It was obvious bullshit. You could tell Powell was lying through his teeth and Tenent sitting behind him looked like he just swallowed a toad. They KNEW they were committing a potential crime against humanity, just by sitting there and lying through their teeth they were proving themselves complicit conspirators in the worst crime any human being can commit.

It was obvious yet the complicit press did there job telling everyone they had to believe it because it was so damn convincing. And everyone repeated it and everyone got on board and America the beautiful peeled off her pretty little hero mask and exposed to the world what she really was.

But no. Everyone didn’t believe his ridiculous performance and his pile of fabricated lies. And Wilkerson and Powell weren’t duped by missing emails or “bad intelligence” or Egyptian torture testimony… they got up there and recounted the fabricated lies they made up themselves to destroy a nation and a people and to kill a million human beings … for money.

That’s the story Amy fails to tell. I guess it doesn’t pay to tell the truth these days, does it Amy?


5 Responses

  1. […] Rebranding the Lies: 10 Years After Colin Powell Lied to the Security Council About Iraq WMDs ( […]

  2. and theyre still lying, just as badly..

    but why not? theyre playing to a moronic demographic, they only do as much as they need to..

  3. Ms. Goodman is just another part of the apparatus…a gatekeeper for the thugs of Murder,Inc…coming to a nation near you.

  4. Agreed about Ms. Goodman

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