The Pemex Privatization: How Using the “conspiracy theorist” Pejorative Kills Critical Thinking and Logic

by Scott Creighton

“Nigger, kike, cunt, faggot, whop, slope, rag-head, camel jockey, spic, hippy, honky, cracker, white trash, trailer trash, porch monkey, commie, etc” none of these derogatory terms pack the same punch they used to. In fact they’re pretty much laughed at when employed in civilized discourse to marginalize the point of view of one group or another.

There’s only one pejorative term that effectively silences that little voice in the back of your head these days and it’s employed to such an end as predictably as John McCain making racist and war-mongering slurs in public forums… and about as often.

Imagine there is someone standing on a stage at an event saying things that certain people don’t want you too know. Someone else in the crowd yells out:

1. “Shut up you stupid nigger!”


2. “Shut up you stupid conspiracy theorist!”

Which of these is going to have the  desired effect? Which of these is going to have the opposite of the desired effect? Which will start a riot? Which will marginalize the person who makes the statement? Which will marginalize the person it’s directed at? Which would have worked 50 years ago? Which would have been laughed at 50 years ago?

Here’s an example of how this dynamic is used today and I just pulled it straight from the headlines. Didn’t have too look to far after writing an earlier article this morning talking about being labeled with the dreaded “conspiracy theorist” tag. This is pulled from an article published today on NBC News:

The Mexican government said on Monday that a gas leak caused a blast that killed at least 37 people at the offices of state oil monopoly Pemex in Mexico City, raising fresh questions about the firm’s safety record.

Attorney General Jesus Murillo said no trace of explosives was found at the site of the explosion, the latest in a string of disasters to hit the lumbering oil giant…

New President Enrique Pena Nieto is seeking to overhaul Pemex as part of a raft of economic reforms aimed at boosting growth in Latin America’s No. 2 economy.

For years a source of national pride, Pemex has proven stubbornly resistant to change. The firm has become a touchstone for Mexico’s capacity for economic reform since oil output began to fall behind the performance of other major producers.

A symbol of Mexican self-sufficiency since President Lazaro Cardenas expropriated U.S. and British oil companies in 1938 and nationalized the oil industry, Pemex has also become a byword for inefficiency and graft….

… ”Conspiracy theories aside, people are probably outraged about the situation and that tends to spur action,” he added. NBC News

Since 1938, the oil industry in Mexico has been a nationalized industry and has employed countless Mexicans affording them the opportunity to achieve and maintain a middle class lifestyle for an entire generation.

Pemex is the nation’s second largest industry behind only the drug industry which as we all know, is big business for American banks and the Sinaloa Cartel which we ship illegal weapons to in order to give them an advantage in the drug war business. An advantage our American banks need to maintain their monopoly on the laundering of all that drug money.

That’s not a “conspiracy theory” by the way, that’s a proven fact.

So now the president of Mexico wishes to privatize and entire industry that at this point belongs to the people of Mexico. He wants to hand it over to the same British and American firms who got the loot in Libya and Iraq and countless other countries in the past few decades.

And suddenly, without warning, without any previous precedent, there is a “gas buildup explosion’ in the basement of the OFFICES of the Pemex headquarters which kills dozens of people but coincidentally, doesn’t damage the oil infrastructure of the soon to be privatized national industry.

That’s nice isn’t it? No damage to the asset that’s about to be stripped from the people and given to a crony business for pennies on the peso, as they say.

This type of “gas buildup” has never happened before in the long history of the Pemex building and as it just so happens it occurs JUST as the government needs something to help them justify the very unpopular move.

It’s been stated that when someone gets a job as a detective, they are no longer allowed to believe in coincidences. That’s because when it’s your job too figure things out, you’re no longer expected to be stupid.

Is it fair too say that someone may have a motivation to bomb the unimportant basement of such a business in this circumstance and that the timing of it is just too coincidental to pass off as chance?

Is it fair too say that with so much at stake, the second largest industry in an entire nation for perpetuity, that SOMEONE might just be motivated to set off a little bomb, especially if they have the investigation agency in their hip pocket?

Is it fair to say that these things have happened in the past and are admitted by the organizations who did them and thus COULD have happened this time as well?

Sure. This is all logical and rational and perfectly understandable, if one is capable of critical thinking.

But no, the new “rag-head” is the “conspiracy theorist” and that’s all that matters. That’s all it takes. Critical thinking, logic, reason, common fucking sense… it’s all meaningless as long as there are raving Alex Jones and Ray Beams from Space snake oil salesmen in the world. As long as there are corrupt officials and media outlets that produce corrupt reports, those who still practice the art of thinking for one’s self are relegated to the margins and pushed out of the limited hangouts of “civilized discourse”.

This is a fact of life and probably the ONLY fact of life that remains since even the laws of physics died on Sept. 11th 2001 to no real fanfare or public outcry.  Ideocracy is the new normal in the Orwellian state of BizzaroLand.

Shut up you stupid conspiracy theorists. Go get ready for work and listen to Bubba the Love Sponge on the way there while driving your 3mpg SUV. Leave the thinking to the people who are qualified to do it.

Cus like it or not, the dumber the propaganda gets, the more you understand you are a conspiracy theorist even if you don’t want to be.

Welcome to the plantation bitches. Enjoy your stay.

12 Responses

  1. 😦
    According to history, living on a plantation was not pleasant….

    • Ah, you’re just a CONSPIRACY THEORIST. Ha ha, j/k

    • Hey, Jan –

      If the plantation gets busted up again, I think I’d take the 40 acres and a mule before I’d move to Detroit to build for them there. And, when the assholes drop the bottom out of things again, I’d burn the cotton, eat the mule, and save my last bullet to blow out what’s left of my mind.

      I’d leave it to the children to war against any new normal. They’re smart, fresh, and excited enough—lots of them are. You pointed that out to me, and I’m beginning to see it.


      • LOL… mule meat sounds tough…
        Roy, the children will be more excited if their father stays with them… like a strong rooted tree to lean on when needed….
        don’t eat that mule.. he can be ridden… 🙂

  2. On a smaller scale, but along the same vein is the current use of “common sense” and “reasonable” and “we all agree” (Reid’s quote the other day in answer to his position about Feinstein’s nightmare)in the context of Gun Control measures and now hearing it in regards to Immigration…as in, “Well these are just common sense things we can do” implying that if you disagree or ask a pertinent question (such as how exactly and at what costs do you plan to implement these common sense measures?) then of course, I have no common sense and therefore am not to be heard…furthermore, I must want all of the “children” in harm’s way because I disagree.

  3. Combatting this smear is paramount to winning the battle for truth to persevere.

  4. Listen to the teachings of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs (as preached by the Rev. Ivan Stang):

    Ivan Stang Explains The Church of the SubGenius

    The existence of The Conspiracy is central to the SubGenius gospels. There is no “wiggle room” for Conspiracy deniers — you either except the word of Dobbs completely — or you do not, and will be left behind on X-day, which signals the Death of the Pinks and the SubGenius migration to Planet-X aboard the Pleasure Saucers (referred to as “The Rupture”). So many have never once accepted J.R. “Bob” Dobbs as their SHORT DURATION PERSONAL SAVIOR, or “Shordurpersav,” and have fallen victim to the lies of the very Conspiracy that they scoff at! THEY WILL PAY A DREADFUL PRICE INDEED!

    Observe for yourself how The Conspiracy remains hidden in plain sight before your very own eyes:

    Motion Induced Blindness

    As you focus like a deer in the headlights on that bright central blinking dot, the real yellow dots begin to disappear before your very eyes! You think you are being tricked, don’t you? WRONG AGAIN! Simply follow with your gaze any of the surrounding spinning little blue crosses. Yes, you have been deceived!

  5. Never mind that conspiracies are as constant as ocean waves in the legal system… never mind that it is scientifically proven that power and wealth are inherently corrupting and they tend to decrease empathy in people… never mind that powerful people in this country and others have a long history of secrecy, exploitation, and sabotage and that our social order naturally leads to such behavior… no, no, just keeping on laughing at the very notion that powerful people will do whatever they have to do to preserve themselves and the established order!

    It’s not like there’s anything going on that will come back to bite you morons in the ass or anything…

  6. When you’re right, you’re right. Us “conspiracy types” are getting called out in the Holmes case…officially! We’re court documented harassers

  7. Hey Scott, if I wasn’t vacationing in Mexico right now, I wouldn’t know this, but the entity you are discussing is called PEMEX, not PERMEX (also see the NBC quote).

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