Chris Kyle Shot: The Devil is Dead in Texas

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Jan. 20, 2015

My Problem with American Sniper – Kyle Isn’t the Problem. Eastwood Is


At around 5:30 pm Saturday evening, police found the devil shot dead, probably by his own gun, at a shooting range in Texas.

When I do go face God there is going to be lots of things I will have to account for but killing any of those people is not one of them.” Chris Kyle

His name was Chris Kyle and he was a career sniper on SEAL Team 3 from 1999 to 2009 who bragged that he had killed more people with a sniper rifle than anyone else in our military history (160). The people he killed were mainly Iraqi insurgents, people who resisted our illegal occupation of their country.  Ever see the movie “Red Dawn”? The heroes of that movie are insurgents fighting against a fictional invasion and occupation of this country. Kyle claims that he was so feared in Iraq that the insurgents had a name for him “The Devil of Ramadi“. Like his number of his kills, that aspect of the story of the “American Sniper” changes a bit from one story to the next as well. Kyle and Jessie Ventura got into a little spat a while ago about whether or not one punched the other. Imagine that, two killers turned authors hooking up to promote more book sales.

There is apparently no motive behind his murder and the details of the shooting are sketchy at best. Sound familiar?

Kyle and a friend of his took another military man,  Marine Corps Individual Ready Reserve member Eddie Ray Routh, to a shooting range to try to “help Routh deal with his demons”. Routh allegedly shot Kyle in the back at close range and then killed his friend as well before getting in Kyle’s truck and driving to his home 90 miles away where he was later arrested.

Kyle really liked killing people. After doing it professionally in a country we had no business in, he had someone ghost write a book making him an American Hero for killing people and he started up his own little business training other people to kill even more people.

Kyle’s company is called Craft International and what they do is train police and civilians to do basically what Kyle did in Iraq. They have courses (the next one was scheduled for Mar 1st at the same place he was killed) for various types of shooting, be it long distance or with a handgun and an AR-15 type assault weapon. They also offer a course to corporate executives to make them more aware of their surroundings in the event that the indigenous people of a nation they are visiting decide to whack all the Goldman Sachs executives.

Craft International’s logo is a skull with a sniper cross-hair over one eye. The cross hair in elongated on the bottom making it a cross. When I look at it, it looks remarkable like the symbol of the Knights of Malta, the red cross symbol.

craft knights

What happened yesterday is still pretty much a mystery. The claim is that this active marine was suffering from PTSD and just “flipped out” and shot Kyle. The reality is probably much worse.

Will this be used to help push through some kind of gun-grabbing legislation? Sure it will. Is that why it is was done? Possibly. But there are other possibilities. Was “the devil’ involved in other killings that he couldn’t brag about in ghost written books? Killings a little closer to home and the powers that be decided to close the loop on one chapter while still being able to use his death to promote their agenda? It is very possible. We will probably never know what line Kyle crossed which brought him to that inglorious end. Don’t really want to know.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t random. Kyle did a number of things and had no remorse for them. He was the perfect product of an imperialist military machine that basked in the mythology of his own superiority.

In the might makes right world, Chris Kyle was a celebrity and a hero. He died like he lived, shot by someone in the back, and like his victims, he never saw it coming.

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  1. thank you, seen this on Fars News but they did not have the in depth details

    • Was “the devil” involved in other killings that he couldn’t brag about in ghost written books? Killings a little closer to home and the powers that be decided to close the loop on one chapter while still being able to use his death to promote their agenda?

      Yes, in New Orleans. Although he did brag about that, along with his other fascist rampages. Dead men tell no (more) tales.

      In any case, good fucking riddance to that nazi piece of shit.

  2. The “T” in Craft also looks like the bottom of a Knights Templar cross, Freemasonry is sometimes claimed to have origins in both orders- Templars and Hospitalers (Malta), and the practice of Masonry is often referred to as the “Craft.” I’m not saying this is necessarily part of any larger Masonic intrigue, just that Kyle may have been marketing himself to that audience.

  3. This was a Government hit for sure. The only question is why? He seemed like he was in with Gov, but maybe after all this gun ban stuff he was not towing the line. Given his popularity they probably weren’t pleased.

    • You ask why. Chris exposed the nature of the WMD taken from Iraq prior to the start of the war. He also wanted to join up on domestic operations but after talking with him in Iraq in 2004 I knew his love for his young son made him too vulnerable. You see the ruling elite deal in children and the highest dollars come from Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. Snipers make great operatives but against this group of politicians and billionaires I have seen good men drink poison to save their sons from a particularly nasty torture murder. Chris was actually shy and he looked down when talking about himself because he did not like to brag. A really good man and one that gave respect to those that deserved it. The WMD was a form of variant u. Enough to take out several million, tens of millions the size of a large state in America. Pedophile politicians do not like publicity.

  4. It’s strange. In Texas, the terrorists walk free… but it’s also where the devils die…

  5. Using the term Devil when referring to the death of an American Hero is downright disrespectful. Being a sniper was his military job. Maybe not every sniper kill was justified but once again it was his job. And if not for people working at these military jobs we wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms we have left. You can blame the system and blame the shot callers but to attack the soldier who is defending his country is cowardly at best. Does anyone here know a single target of his? If not you can not speak on the matter whether his kills were just. It is easy to sit back and bash someone when you have never been in their shoes. If you haven’t served in the military and more specifically been a sniper you have no right to dishonor someone who was a military sniper and gunned down in cold blood. Usually I enjoy the insight on this site but this post and the follow up comments are disgraceful.

    • “And if not for people working at these military jobs we wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms we have left.”
      That’s what the Red Army said… That the Red Army was defending the freedom of the Soviet people. Freedom from evil capitalists and subversive Christian terrorists. Though there are a few differences between the Red Army and America’s Army. One difference is that the Red Army actually defended the USSR against a competent bloodthirsty enemy bent on the actual murder and enslavement of the Soviet people. America’s army, on the other hand, has only fought one defensive war against a foreign power and that was two centuries ago.
      Which is not to diminish the good achieved by the sacrifice of America’s troops (many of whom happened to be Irish immigrants fresh from the boat back during the Civil War; but that’s another story). The Third Reich truly had to be stopped. And the Union had to be preserved.
      Nor am I in any way defending communism.

      Nah… I’m just saying something doesn’t add up.

      • I do think it is important to be sensitive to American military men and to the fact that most of them think they are doing the right thing.

        That being said, when people like Chris Kyle makes disturbingly unempathetic and unapologetically dismissive remarks like above and embrace that kind of sociopathic attitude, then I lose a lot of patience and empathy for them.

        Furthermore, if soldiers, police, and various other forms of law enforcement truly wanted to bring freedom, they would go after the globalists and the proponents of this sick social order right here in America, not innocent people an entire ocean away.

      • We (USA) fight wars for people. There is definite oppresion in Iraq. We fight the wars that people can not

    • The term ‘Devil’ came from his nick name.. given to him while in service.

    • you really need to wake up… They dont “hate us for our freedom.”

    • Well said sir. Thank you.

      • My comment was meant for Capt14K.

        • I am we’ll aware devil was his nickname given to him by Muslims he was fighting against. Liberals need to wake up they don’t hate us for our freedoms they hate us because of the teachings of Muhammad. Islam is inherently evil. Muhammad taught to kill Christians and Jews and Rape white women. There are many Muslims who follow these teachings. Just look at the rape epidemic in Europe. If no one has proof Kyle killed innocent people he should not be dishonored. When fighting a war against people who believe it is ok to kill people of other religions and rape women of different skin color I would rather err on the side that doesn’t believe in such things than to say Kyle was evil for doing his job.

          • You seem to have made up your mind about Islam and Muslims. But, if Islam is indeed evil, how come most of the killing in the past two thousand years has been by the hands of Christians?

            Your brain is washed with holy water! And there will be a lot more killing and dying because of brainwashed people like you.

            • Leo, I think you are insulting Christians …. and you discriminate against them in any argument ….
              People who kill are the leaders of countries…..

              • Oh, please, Jan… I am not insulting anyone whatsoever.

                But I might be guilty of assuming that you would cut me some slack, and understand that, at least this time around, I meant Christians in the way they define themselves: A Greco-Roman culture inherently different than everything the does not call itself “Christian”

                I know.. you took it personally… Although I don’t really know you, I assume you have not killed anyone so far ;-)) So that is definitely not what I meant.


                I see the same meme being hammered in to popular culture by people like Capt14K, people like Bill Maher, many politicians, liberal left and hawkish right, that Islam is a violent, intolerant, and even “evil”… With no factual, statistical or historical supporting arguments at all…

                It is not just leaders that kill… PEOPLE kill people… They have been doing it since the days they had to fight for territory and sustenance. It’s a simple natural selection criteria: If you don’t kill, you will be killed. And your peaceful children will never be born.

                But, when one HAS to kill, it’s of course very beneficial to have a god watching over you..

                • If you desire to say ‘something’ intelligent while correcting another person who slams Muslims’ religions, then do it with out bringing any nations HOLY beliefs into your arguments…..sticks to the facts….
                  if you can….

                • I can definitely do the “something” part… But the “intelligent” part… I can not always guarantee…

                  As for “facts”… I am all for that… Which part of what I have said would you like me to support with facts? Like the fact that, at least for the past 500 years, the biggest wars, genocides, mass killings have been perpetrated by nations who identified themselves as Christian, with armies made out of soldiers who called themselves Christian??

                  I totally respect that you may not agree with Christianity as packaged by institutionalized religion, or the way it has evolved through history. But, in the context of this thread and the comments made by the captain here, you must at least agree that we need to refer to the whole package of the religion, and not some personal interpretation of it.

                  I’d love to move away from the subject of religion, which I have now learned not to get in to with you, Jan. For someone whom I have observed to be so pragmatic on almost all subjects that pass through willyloman, you are very sentimental and defensive when it comes to discussing the “invisible” concepts and entities you subscribe to.

                  Religuous or not, the grand fallacy of calling any entity “evil”, whether this entity is the ruling class, a religion, a church, a concept, a secret society, a nation, whole peoples, or individual persons, is that it implies “goodness and righteousness” on the part of the evil-callers. It is an easy shortcut to an imaginary place where guilt, conscience and morals can be suspended… Where one starts to be able to perceive him/herself as the “better” of the parties in question.

                  Like having an elastic measuring stick, with which one can always measure themselves to be just right…

                • To LilaLeo
                  Since Christians are more dominant than others in the entire world… you are really taking a short cut in blaming the entire world for all wars…
                  here is an article about religions that started wars.. something for you to chew on while you keep your feet up out of the hot fire…


                  and if I called atheists dumb and pathetic… guess you would sort of take it personal?

                • Jan… If we were to continue with this argument that seems to be going nowhere, I would ask you to show me where exactly I am “blaming the entire world for all wars”, and on and on we would go… Because, on quite the contrary, I have said that everyone kills… It could be an active killing, or by proxy… So, I am afraid I can’t give you, myself, or anyone else for that matter, a free pass for all the killing that had to happen for you and I to be able to enjoy this land we live in, which, as you know was previously occupied… So, let’s not go crazy with removing ourselves from any responsibility for any killings and wars that we all stand on.

                  And, believe me you, I would not take it personal if you call anyone dumb and pathetic (did I really call you or anyone dumb and pathetic? that is so terrible of me…) Because I am old enough to know that no matter what pool of people you isolate and observe, in this case the atheists (which I am not one by the way), there are really dumb and pathetic ones in there. So, I might even say to you that you would be partially right about that observation.

                  What i do find objectionable, however, is accepting certain subjects, beliefs, belief systems, concepts and ideas as somehow “untouchable”. And, somehow can not be talked about or criticized, which is the effect any mention of God, religion, Christianity seem to have on you.

                  I am not interested in reading up on all wars in history, or chewing on it as you put it, through the link you provided, since it is already a main area of interest of mine and I consider myself a student of history, and believe it or not, I am quite impartial about the subject. Impartial enough not to take any sides. Especially if you consider the fact that my opinion is that ALL religions are conceived by mankind for many many reasons, not all of which are necessarily sinister. And therefore, I do NOT blame religions for starting wars or killing. Just like I would not blame the tooth fairy for forgetting to put money under my kids’ pillows.. Because I know that I am the tooth fairy…

                  I had said in a previous post that I will no longer go into the subject of religion on this site because of your heavily skewed reactions and telling me off… But, I changed my mind. I do not want to accept being hushed up by you or anyone… Especially when the subject comes up the way it did on this thread. I am sorry that you get offended by it… Just like many Pakistanis got wrongly offended by the Malala analysis, people in uniform got offended by this thread we are on, people from Conneticut and elsewhere got offended by the Sandy Hook discussions, and many other subjects that get discussed here freely.

                  (I do not know what you meant by “while you keep your feet up out of the hot fire…” )

            • I have made my mind up about Muslims because of their beliefs and actions. If Muslims believe Muhhamad is infallible and Muhammad says it is ok to rape your enemy/slave then Muslims must believe it is. Based on what is going on throughout Europe especially Scandanavia It seems many Muslims are following that teaching. When 100% of non domestic forcible rapes (73 out of 73 in Oslo) are committed by Muslim Men upon Norwegian Women there is definitely a problem. Muhammad taught rape is ok. Rape is never ok. Lastly you don’t see Christians or Jews acting like animals over a cartoon or short video making fun of Jesus or God.

              • No. Christians and Jews just stage false flag events killing off thousands of their own kind so they can call the Muslims animals and wage preventive wars against them to take their land and resources and make their people work in free trade zones like slaves. Christians and Jews just make ridiculous “Innocence of the Muslims” movies so they can use them to stage other false flag events in places like Libya, killing off their own kind again so they can justify sending troops and drones into Africa to kill people of all faiths for profit.

                Who was it that tried to sink the USS Liberty in order to blame it on the “animals” in Egypt back in ’67? Oh yeah, that was the IDF in conjunction with a couple guys in the Pentagon and the White House. Remember that?

                I mean, you do know that 90% of the Muslims “acting like animals” are on the payroll of Christians and Jews, right? It’s called “destabilization operations” and we’ve been running em for decades now. They aren’t acting like animals for Muhammad, they are acting like animals for their ONE TRUE GOD… MAMMON.

                and by the way, that is the SAME one true god those fake Christians and Jews serve.

                But there are good Christians and Jews and Muslims who don’t act like animals.

                You are missing the common denominator here. There is a through-line, if you just care to take a moment or two and look.

              • Hey Cap. I’m on your side. Still haven’t seen mention 9-11 in this blog. But Holy war is okay to the liberal tree/bunny huggers. Also, as a retired operator, I sleep fine at night. Some of you keep running your mouths about the #’s Chief Kyle killed; any mention about those he saved? I’d really like to see a bunch of you grow a pair and pick up a rifle. My guess is that most on this site would just bend over if there was a need to defend our Great Country against forign or domestic enemies.

                • I think both the captain and you are missing the point altogether.

                  It is obvious that most people here have never fired a shot, never been fired at, and never had to fight to defend their own lives or those of others. Consequently, most of us are unable to imagine what being in those situations means at a personal level.

                  However, the main point the majority of the comments are arguing are the policies of a government who lies to its own people, as well as to its own armed forces as to why they are killing, whom they are killing, why they are dying and what exactly they are defending. Otherwise, I don’t believe there are many of us here that question and disrespect the difficulties you guys face and the bravery you exercise in horrible and dangerous circumstances.

                  These are very non-black and white issues, and the people who are sending millions of people to die and kill for sinister reasons have lost the trust of the population they are meant to represent, govern and protect.

                  That being said, if you take a look at the oath that is taken, from the foot soldier all the way to the president,

                  For military:
                  I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

                  For government office (including president)
                  “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

                  … you will see that the oath is NOT to protect the people of the United States, but to protect the CONSTITUTION, without which, we would be nothing but a lawless state where anything can happen. Which is the main problem of most people arguing against the wars and taking away of the citizen’s basic rights that the armed forces are meant to be protecting.

                • May I have a comment rescue, please. Thx

                • Is that what it takes to be a man? “pick up a rifle”?

                  Let me tell you something jackass, I am defending this country against enemies everyday, proudly. Been doing it for years. Look around.

                  “When tyranny comes to America, it will be holding a bible and wrapped in a flag”

                  Unfortunately, I know what side you’ll be on. I’ll be on the side defend our liberty and freedom.

            • Belive Catholicism uses Holy Water…The Cath.Church came /sent the Spaniards who butchered those ahead of them, in the name of the king an Church.The term.Kill them all an let God sort them out comes from that period.A commander said spair the belivers an kill the heathans, when asked how to tell them apart? He said your right, kill them all an let God sort them out!..Regardless of The name of the Religion, more people have been killed in the name of Religion, Jesus included, than History can keep track of..Religion, $, (Gold too,)politics, land an Religion’s around the World, A difference in any, is a sure way to end up dead.Didnt like someone, call them a witch an move on.So like its been said, if you’re not a veteran or enlisted, you cant say what youll do when you look thru the sites or know your in someone elses.As for Chris, Respect the Service he upheld.Honor his commitment to his country, as we do an should for any that stand between us an harms way..

          • You know, that reminds me of a campaign being run in New York City by the Israeli PR machine. Do you know the one I am talking about? Something along the lines of “in the war between the civilized man and the animal, support the civilized man”. Of course, the IDF claims to be the “civilized man” while they are occupying another country illegally and killing children of those people. And the “animals” are the Palestinians.

            Is that basically what you are saying? Kyle is a good guy because he went and killed 166 or so women and others and the people he shot were bad because they are Muslims? That it’s ok to kill innocent people in their own homes… because they are Muslims?

            Is that pretty much what your apologist rhetoric has been reduced to? Killing any Muslim makes someone a hero? Just asking

            And just too be clear… we don’t know if he had any nickname given to him by the inhabitants of those cities. They could have just called him “asshole” for all we know. It’s entirely from Mr. Kyle that we have that (those) nicknames and he repeats them so often, my guess is he likes it.

            So no. I didn’t get that nickname from the Muslims… I got it from Kyle himself. He liked it so much to repeat it every chance he got, so I used it in my title. Kind of an honor to him.

            • Just because we might be more enlightened here and have more love for every human being no matter what religion, belief, or country, doesn’t mean you can denounce the same cruel forces that used him when the same cruel forces you’re empathetic too (Muslim Freedom Fighters) are identical to the same cruel forces that made him to believe he is a freedom fighter.

              If Chris Kyle was a Muslim Jihadist or Palestinian and wrote a book about killing a lot of U.S. soldiers or Jews how would you perceive his death, maybe as a freedom fighter? The guy was a PATRIOT hands down, misguided and ill informed like everyone in the world. But he was a man who stood up for and fought for what he believed was right. Misinformed yes, but if he only knew what we knew you know damn well he would be behind us. HE IS A PATRIOT TO ME!

              • Man, you have internalized sooo much. You call them “Muslim Freedom Fighters”? That’s what John McCain calls the terrorists we hired through Jordan and Saudi Arabia to destabilize Libya and Syria. They aren’t “freedom fighters”, they’re terrorist mercs just like the original “freedom fighters”, the Contras, back in the Reagan days and the Cuban Exiles in Kennedy’s.

                Why do you say we are more enlightened here? Have you been outside recently? Have you watched CNN or Fox in the last 30 years or so?

                Do you really think I wish to see U.S. soldiers killed my friend? Come on man. I do what I do in the hopes that if enough of us say “enough”, or maybe by some grace unknown to me we get an honest administration in the White House unlike those we have had for 40+ years, we might just bring our kids home and let them have an education and a career and a family and grow old and wise, the way your God intended, the way Muhammad and Jesus taught.

                And I understand that he thought he was doing the right thing which is why I really wasn’t that harsh on him in the article. My point was to show how convoluted his idea was of the world and I run this website, not condemning men like him, but rather those that teach them and those that send them to do these things for all the wrong reasons.

                And who knows. He may have been coming to a different viewpoint now that the country he fought for is looking to strip yet another constitutional right from him and us as well. Perhaps that is why someone took him out. Like Pat Tilman.

          • Well Capt dude you really need to wake up…I’m sorry to come across this post so late… The scum bag in question got what he deserved… He could only be a hero in the eyes of the likes and the eternal sleeping idiots… When one goes to another’s country, he’s the enemy..the Devil. If you didn’t wake up to the reality of the past 10 years, of ongoing war of terror waged by your gov. that serves only the zionists and money junkies, then it’s no point to follow blogs like this..Just turn on the MSM and enjoy the brainwashing.
            Also, if you’re really military or any other LEO, then I really should not get pissed at comments like yours..You’re brainwashed for certain.

    • Im gonna shed a real little tear for this guy, here watch: boohoo. Hes scum, he was a mercenary for Israel and to friggen stupid to realize it or care, all while having fantasies of being a cut rate Charles Martel. The guy at MacDonald’s was doing his job and got tagged with an incoming french fry, a far more noble pursuit imo. BuhBye.

    • I agree,The Man is a hero. If not for men like him and the one shot that took out these Savages,thats just one less bad guy with a bomb or granade that could kill many american military
      So just because you can report on this Hero does not mean you can say disgraceful things about what or who you dont know Willyloman.

    • Hey, aren’t you the guy who makes up facts about AK47’s?

  6. Capt14K,
    Speak for yourself. Throwing around the term “Hero” is downright ridiculous. Did anyone put a gun to this Dudes head to Make Him take this job? I think not. It’s one thing to defend Our Country from a Legitimate threat, what Kyle was doing was not that.
    And for Him to Boast about KILLING 150+, sounds more a like Gratuitous Killing free for all.
    We have No More Freedoms because these Dudes are all overseas fighting a Corporate war – We have LESS FREEDOMS.
    Hopefully a Family member of One of Kyles Kills will post here (highly doubtful) but by your reasoning – that is supposed to make a difference.

  7. The reactions to this event are quite interesting… We have examples here.

    If you write that: The wars in the Middle East are expensive and unjust; killing is nasty business; soldiering has consequences for one’s mind; and so on – people universally agree.

    But if you say that egregious cases like this Kyle are, in effect, mass murderers, you get slammed. Comments along the lines of “If you live by the sword…” have been particularly reviled.
    Nor did most people seem to agree with the notion that sniping unsuspecting “militants” from a kilometer away is in any way a cowardly act.

    Wasn’t it decided at Nuremberg that you are automatically guilty if you fight in an unjust war? But I guess that only applies to Nazis, i.e. people who lost the war.
    On the other hand, it has to be admitted that the impulse to defend one’s community is an honorable and natural impulse. But one wonders how much of a community today’s “globalized” America is, and what sort of defense of one’s castle take place in the castle of some guy one ocean and two continents away.

    Go figure.

    • He was a patriot who served willingly and probably saved a lot of soldiers lives. You can’t knock that. I just think he sold him self to the gov and publishing to get rich. But when they probably called him to help promote gun control in return for that he probably refused. So what happens when u double cross the people who propt u up and made u the celebrity u are?

      • I guess the “Hillside Strangler”(2 guys) saved lives too. After all some of those women they killed might have one day given birth to militants or terrorists. Good work boys, you should have been working for the American imperial state. Then again, maybe you were.

    • excellent assessment, sir.
      All bombing is cowardly, if you thnk about it.

      • Yeah, but to tell you the truth, if a close friend or family member of mine happened to be a veteran or a serviceman for some reason… I’d probably unreservedly “support the troops” myself.
        I mean imagine your brother has enlisted and has been shipped over to Iraq. The possibility exists that somehow one of Kyle’s frags prevented the death of your brother. Do you see? Even though you realize your brother has made a mistake and is a member of an occupational force, he is still your brother. You realize the Iraqis also have brothers, but they are not your brothers…

        And a lot of Americans have relatives and friends who are servicemen or veterans. Moreover, many veterans joined the armed forces for patriotic reasons. They wanted to serve their country. Which, frankly, is a noble sentiment. Take Bill Cooper and Texe Marrs. Both men have expressed both severe criticism of America’s wars, and great pride of having served.

        So I guess I see where people are coming from. War is lame, man… So lame.

  8. Time for the blues effect. Perhaps I am the original perpetrator of the scopolamine frenzy. The borrachero “Devil’s Breath” theory of mass mayhem. I’ve probably caused more than one blogger to buy into it. (The folks at the fantastic “Citizens for Legitimate Government” news service are giving it air-time.) Yet it is an astoundingly effective theory! Don’t want to be accused of straw-man manufacture, but after all I am merely a very small fish in the great Internet Ocean. Here’s how scopolamine works:

    It’s dirt simple to make anyone into a complete zombie that will follow any commands given by anyone 15 minutes after simply blowing the borrachero dust into their face. They will clean out their bank accounts and give you all their money if you simply instruct them to. They will help you steal all their possessions. They will kill their own mother if you merely direct them to. They will mechanically kill everyone in a movie theater, with absolutely no flinching, and no error, if you simply instruct them to. Then they will go back to their car and wait for further instructions, probably from bewildered police officers.

    They only need one thing to keep on track. A nearby handler. There will always be a handler at hand. Find the handler and you’ve found the true perpetrator. Or so this particular theory would imply.

    If you find yourself about to be shot by such a zombie, just loudly announce “stop — drop the guns.” It’ll be over since you are now the handler. But this is only one little theory. Your mileage may vary…

  9. I bet he was getting pressure from inside forces who helped him become the well known person he is today to go public in support of gun control. He obviously wasn’t for that and then bam he comes out with this video which probably got him killed! He slaps gun control, Obama, and Zero Dark Thirty narrative.

  10. Have you looked into Keith Ratliff & John Noveske ? They are others who have been killed or died within the last month.

  11. They’re looking at some bones, trying to decide if they belonged to King Richard III. I don’t know how close in time he was to Richard, but Shakespeare wrote a play about the guy—portrayed him as a monster. Some of those lines are still alive today, but those doing the bone-looking are saying, like, ‘wait a minute!’—like, ‘Shakespeare who?’

    Some of us in the here and now dis the worship of our mighty military, but if there’s anybody around to look back on what’s left, after they’ve done what they were sent to do, I wonder how they’ll be seen—how we’ll be seen.

    r ap

  12. Just remember idiots, it’s people like Chris Kyle that afford you the freedom to write these dumbass posts condemning him. You all should be ashamed. You accept the fruits of his killings by living in a free country yet you sit back in the anonymity of the internet and talk like he did something wrong. Hi IS a hero and you people are COWARDS. Sissies if I may because you would wet your little panties if you were ever faced with the task of defending our country. If you don’t agree with what it takes to keep this country free and you think you might be happier somewhere else, by all means get the fuck out, and take your wet panties with you.

    • Dude, did you break out the hackneyed trope song book or something today lol. He did not afford us ANYTHING, we were the agressor and invader. Our “freedoms” are only in danger from the apparatus he served you mug. He killed people supposedly defending their land from a foreign army in the service of the agenda of a third state.

    • here’s a little more koolaid for you buddy, calm down. Take a deep breath and try thinking for yourself for a minute. Then explain to me and the other “sissies” and “cowards” in this forum how the invasion and occupation of Iraq “protected my freedoms”.

      I am sure we are all just dying to hear that one.

      and while we are at it, let me give you a little insight into what real courage is. It’s NOT running around shooting people on some foreign soil so that mega-corporations can get rich exploiting their assets, or, for that matter, running around screeching about the inherent goodness and rightness of it all in order to please the war-mongers who send our kids over there for their banker masters.

      It IS about having the courage to tell the truth, an unpopular truth, to the people, in the face of those self-same powers that people like you suck up to on a daily basis.

      Look around you. You feel “free” genius? pay attention over the next couple of months.

      I and the rest of the “sissies” here owe more to Adam Swartz for our continued freedom of speech than we will EVER owe to men like Chris. And that’s a fact.

      So, no one here is “ashamed”, we aren’t taking our “wet panties’ and running away. But you and your fascist friends might consider it yourselves. Might I suggest Germany and Italy circa 1931?

  13. To the owner of this site – thank you for showing some rational thought. Chris Kyle was in FACT a deranged redneck imbecile racist biggot sadistic cold blooded murderer. He was not a soldier – he was a war criminal – a paid mercinary.assassin.

    I know soldiers – I once was a soldier. I personally trained over a thousand young warriors to D-E-F-E-N-D this nation before that putrid rancid scum was spawned.( Vietnam- Cuban Crisis Berlin Crisis era). I also specifically trained Marine paratroops in our ‘Green Beret’ drop technigues

    I have known his type my whole life – vicious cruel bullies to whom anyone who didn’t look like his inbred redneck family of retards, were sub-human and nothing more than entertainmant to murder..

    I was a Special forces paratroop A-team ( op det A-32) commander before he was even born. We defend NOTHING AMERICAN in in these serial middle east wars mandated by our jew occupiers – except perhaps the security of their little shit stolen country of IsraHELL.

    I know that nest of Christ-hating American hating demons all to well. I spent time there as an insider with the CIA and other ‘agents’.. They hate us – they mock us – and they are the biggest cowards you will ever see – spineless reptiles ( their IDF) who attack only women and children in schools and hospitals. I witnessed them murdering helpless terrified children in Gaza as young as 5 years old.

    The jews actually ENJOY murdering Christian and Muslim children

    The Chris Kyles of this world, and ALL of his filthy ilk are an embarrassment to ALL decent Americans – especially those of us who served with HONOR and are WELL EDUCATED!

    He ENJOYED killing these patriots who were only trying to defend thier OWN HOMES AND FAMILIES. I knew those people he killed.

    Chris Kyles was as much a son of Satan as any man I have ever encountered in my 74 years of life and treavel to over thirty nations.

    He was absolutely non repentent of his abominable crimes against innocent fellow humans and the infinite pain suffering misery and grief he has caused to get his thrills. He literally laughed at the sorrow of the countless orphans and widows he has created. READ HIS FILTH IN HIS OWN WORDS!

    May be burn in hell for eternity for his sadistic Satanic evil!

    You see – he calls these good simple people “ragheads sandniggers towlheads and coondoons” because that is the way he was raised by the biggot scum who spawned him.

    He is not a hero or even a good American. God forbid that our children look up to that filthy reprobate deranged Godless animal as their role model. To even suggest to pray for his black soul would be blasphemy by any true Christian perspective.

    If you wish to learn MORE truths ( I do NOT deal in opinions) but from a lifetime of experience and tens of thousands of miles of travel – intelligence work – military experience – foreign diplomatic experience and wisdom that comes ONLY with age – go to my website.

    I just want my country back from the jews

    Thank you for reading my concerns

    • Hi Joe,

      You seem to be part of what I call the “privatist” movement, but with a m-a-j-o-r antipathy against Jews in general. Most readers on this blog are probably what I would call “equalitarians”. And Scott doesn’t generally allow anti-Jewish commentary here. But I think we need to examine what it means to be Jewish. Is it to be of a race, an ethnic group, a religion, or what? Probably the race question is of little significance. The concept of race is vastly less significant than that of racism, because, except for external appearances, the various races or varieties of people, are not very distinct. The practice of deeming people with Jewish mothers to be Jewish themselves has created a “semi-race,” but this is not of significance, except to people who are extremely sensitive to the notion of race. So I would say Jewishness is not a racial feature.

      Are they an ethnic group? All Jewish people seem to have certain ethnic traits, but there are also many groups among them that bear very distinctive cultural traits. And of course the same is true of Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. So I would say Jewishness is not an ethnic feature. And so I would say that Judaism is simply a religion. So if one completely rejects religion, one simply cannot be Jewish. From what I have read, this is the actual position of the famous writer and musician Gilad Atzmon. Now let’s examine some truly serious issues. Perpetuation strategy — if it is to survive, every religion must have a perpetuation strategy. Here are some of them: proliferation; suppression; collusion; proselytization. Certainly the most benign perpetuation strategy is proselytization; the believers work to covert new members. From my reading, Judaism was a proselytizing religion many centuries ago, but is definitely not so at the present time. This seems to leave less benign strategies. Fortunately, Jewish people do not appear to be using a strategy of proliferation. Nor do most Protestant Christians. However, most religions, such as Catholicism, Hinduism, Islamism, and so on, are or have been very busy filling up the planet with offspring who generally become members of their respective religions. This leads to famine, disease, wars, etc. The perpetuation strategy of suppression is well exemplified by the Christian Crusades against Islam in past centuries. From a superficial perspective one might propose that Israeli Jews are employing a suppression strategy against Arab Muslims, but I suspect that this is a rather complicated phenomenon that is closely associated with a collusion strategy.

      Collusion strategy — the pursuit of collective success, infiltration of the ruling classes — is a classic strategy. The Jews have come to depend, I would say, excessively, upon this perpetuation strategy. One terrible problem is that when things go amiss in a society in which minority religious groups deploy this collusion strategy, such groups become very handy scapegoats which the most powerful and covert ruling class groups will not hesitate to sacrifice. That social and economic strife always act like gasoline upon the flames of intolerance should not surprise anyone.

  14. […] Czapka rzekomo pochodzi od “Craft International, firmy szkolącej najemników zorganizowanej przez byłego oficera former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. […]

  15. […] Czapka rzekomo pochodzi od “Craft International, firmy szkolącej najemników zorganizowanej przez byłego oficera former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. […]

  16. I don’t understand why you would bag on an American hero that was killed in cold blood, Chris Kyle and the rest of the military has been protecting all of us so that we can live with freedom, and yet you put down what they have done and desecrate their names. Why don’t you go to war, and fight for us before you make accusations.

  17. […] una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per […]

  18. Reblogged this on The Red Pill and commented:
    Possibly related to the Boston Marathon Shooting. At least the company he founded ‘Craft International’.

  19. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  20. […] Kyle was recently murdered in suspicious circumstances that made it seem like a hit. On top of that he was being sued by […]

  21. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  22. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  23. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  24. […] one of them is wearing a hat from Craft International, a mercenary training company set up by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and at least one of them is wearing an earpiece, the type the Secret Service use to communicate on […]

  25. […] Czapka rzekomo pochodzi od “Craft International, firmy szko- lącej najemników zorganizo- wanej przez byłego oficera former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. […]

  26. […] one of them is wearing a hat from Craft International, a mercenary training company set up by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and at least one of them is wearing an earpiece, the type the Secret Service use to communicate on […]

  27. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  28. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  29. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  30. The Knights Templar founded the Zionist movement. They were in fact Khazars in Christian disguise. When Godfrey of Bouillon established in 1099 the Abbey of Our Lady of Mount Zion, in mid 12th century CE they took control of it. Yes people the Sociopathic vermin of Zionism has been around since that time. Don’t be fooled that Theo Herzel started it in the 19th. That’s BS. He was just another pawn in the Bauerberg game. Talking about the Austrian Ashkenazi Freemasons family who changed their last names after their store frontispiece. You know the symbol in the flag of that illegal theft in the former land of Canaan. It use to be painted in Red. For some time now is painted in Blue. The moment Herzl said Madagascar, his fate was sealed. Canaan was the place and no other.

  31. Okay, this is a variety of Quartz, these properties also apply.

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    • Use them to wrap fish guts, stuff in cracks around the house, whatever. Don’t have to read them, but don’t quit buying them. Lots of us backroom help depend on the minimum wage jobs they provide

  40. […] that one of them is wearing a hat from Craft International, a mercenary training company set up by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and at least one of them is wearing an earpiece, the type the Secret Service use to communicate on […]

  41. To Quote the author: “a sniper cross-hair over one eye. The cross hair in elongated on the bottom making it a cross. When I look at it, it looks remarkable like the symbol of the Knights of Malta, the red cross symbol.”

    YOU ARE WRONG!!! along with a bunch of other ass hats on here. Read the book, you might learn something. Hell read the last chapter of the book and you will be corrected on your “dumbass assumptions”, I’m not going to spoon feed it to you like everything else you have written, do your own damn work.

  42. […] International”, una società per l’addestramento di mercenari fondata dall’ex Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. “Almeno uno di loro indossa un auricolare, il tipo che i servizi segreti usano per comunicare […]

  43. Remarkable! Its actually awesome article, I have got much clear idea regarding from this

  44. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THIS GLORIFIED GUN FOR HIRE?! I know the sheeple do. Only sick, ignorant, hypocritical idiots would not only make this piece of shit movie but go see it as well. Fuck this guy and fuck his stupid legacy. The universe is karma driven and isn’t without a sense of irony. That why this murder got a bullet in the head by another fellow murder on the field of murder practice. I commend and applaud the universe GREAT JOB!

  45. Eat shit and fuck you

  46. Yo “Scotty doesn’t know”, I think it’s time you read a book or check out the news bud. You said it yourself that the people he killed were Iraqi insurgents. Do you know who these people are? They’re the kind of people that would cut our fuckin heads off for no reason just because of hatred. It’s easy for you to disgrace him because he might come off as a killer for doing his duty, but it seems like the only thing you’ve ever faced is a computer. Put yourself in his shoes. People don’t join the military to get rich and famous, and certainly not for a blood lust. It’s because they believe in something knowing they might face death. He wasn’t sparking his sales either, he called out ventura for saying they deserved to lose a few guys right after his buddy died with his family present and ventura sued his widow. “Imperialist military machine?” Good one, just because our country is powerful and efficient doesn’t mean we’re trying to take over everyone. Our country helps others in need and takes care of fuckin business when there is injustice and innocent people being killed. Yeah he was superior because he trained for 3 years to protect undeserving people like you from savages that would do inexplicable things to people like us. Do you really think troops just say “hey guys let’s go kill some fuckin people, where we going next!?” I just find it hard to believe you would want to bash this guy man. He did not like killing people, but he did it to protect. Want to get God involved? Ever read the old testament? Our God is a god of war and many times has sent warriors to kill many people who were evil. Not all people are equal because of their actions and some don’t deserve life if they pose as a threat to innocent people. Simple as that. I agree that he died how he lived though, although in a different context. He lived in the constant presence of danger trying to help who he could and he died trying to help someone who was mentally unstable. He was a hero to many of us and I can’t say the same about you. Love or hate, he has made a better impact in the world than you have, ole Scotty boy

  47. I can’t believe what I am reading? You you make me sick. Are you American? I bet one way or another you are living under the protection that America and those soldiers like Chris have giving you. You are a piece of garbage. How dare you say these things. I long for the day when when the America that I reneger returns. The day that people like you would be spit on for or, cross my figures for something even worse, for saying things lime that about my country and the soldiers that protect it.

    • You know, even Chris himself said he went back to Iraq 4 more times after his first deployment in order to protect the other soldiers who were over there. Not us. So I’m just curious.. what exactly are those soldiers fighting and dying to protect me from?

      • You’re entitled to your own opinion, right?

        I’d like to think that these and the other posters have worse to say about Henry the K:

        Henry Kissinger — ‘Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.’

  48. You ignorant assholes are unbelievable! You sit behind your key boards and run down the name of an American hero. A man who saved countless other young American lives. I understand that not everyone supports reasoning behind these conflicts but as American citizens we should all be supporting the men and women who are serving in our military. If that is so much to ask and all you can do is speculate and whine about our government and military then why not leave? Ohhh right, because the freedoms and liberty we have here is something you want and need. Not to mention you’d problem still vomit this same dribble and nonsense about wherever you live.

  49. The men and woman of our military deserve better than this from fellow Americans. You should be ashamed.

    -Petty Officer Brian Williams

  50. How do we really know he was the “most successful sniper” in war history?. He’s the only one telling the story and bragging about it in books, etc. . The other veterans, properly upset at killing other human beings, know enough to keep their mouths shut about what they did. Chris Kyle loved to kill people, and bragged about it in his book, and in interviews, saying he did not kill enough. He calls the people who were protecting their homes in their sovereign country as “evil.” Was Kyle still looking for “weapons of mass destruction”, even well after the truth came out.. He didn’t discriminate in killing people either. He also shot and killed American citizens. They call those stories lies. They must be lies, for how can American movie goers bear the thought that he was a killer of Americans too – the desperate people of Hurricane Katrina, to name some. The media has to make his stories about Katrina and gas stations lies in order to pawn this guy off as a hero, and not a murderer. , but I don’t believe they are lies. I believe that anyone who loves shooting and killing people as much as Kyle did, is not going to stop when he gets back home. Maybe Navy Seals were not used during Hurricane Katrine, but Craft International was used, and there were plenty of rumours about people being shot down there, and Kyle verified those rumours.
    I don’t know whether Kyle entered the army a psychopath, or was made a psychopath in the army, but there is little doubt he was a psychopath. In the seventies, testimony was given by the CIA about engaging in mind control tactics on Americans, on college campuses in the army and on Americans in other walks of life, with the use of drugs and other techniques of mind control. I know. I read 600 pages of their testimony before Congress. The CIA was asked by Congress, “Do you have the ability to makewhat is known as a “Manchurian Candidate.” This question was asked by Congress in the 1970’s to a CIA official.. The CIA answered, “Back in the fifties we did not have the ability to make a Manchurian Candidate,”, an answer that clearly suggests that they did have that ability when they testified. In WWII soldiers would come home from the war and suffered depression, nightmares, fears, etc. In these wars, soldiers come home and want to keep on killing – they want to reenact their their killing sprees and the atrocities committed in places like Fallujah. They come home and kill their families and it has been happening so repeatedly, the reputations of veterans as psychos has grown notorious. So many of these vets say that they “enjoyed” their tours in Iraq. Some more discerning veterans say that they enjoyed the killing so much that it was starting to worry them. But what kind of man enlists today, other than the potential candidates for Manchuria. And what do you have to do in order to make a Manchurian candidate. Well, for one, they strap them in front of television sets

    Chris Kyle started Craft International, LTD in Texas, which is another Blackwater. He started it with the help of Kyle Bass, a hedge fund guy. They have the death’s head logo.. Kyle was bankrupting the company, and they were trying to get him out, and in the nick of time he died. Craft International was seen at Boston Marathon. And Kyle himself said that he (and his company) were in Louisiana shooting the “looters” who were desperate to find food. The authorities “denied” that Navy Seals were used in Louisiana. They are telling the truth. Navy Seals were not used. The men from Craft International were used. The hedge fund guy was probably watering at the mouth to get in on the real estate made available by shooting or getting rid of the blacks down in New Orleans. At the time of Hurricane Katrina, there were rumours about these shootings. Kyle verified the rumours, and I don’t care how many authorities now deny it. Big mouth Kyle told the truth. After nearly bankrupting Craft International; opening his big mouth about Hurricane Katrina, that guy had to go. That guy is deader than a doornail.

  51. Wow guys. Thanks for the stroll thru crazy town. I was hoping for a good article but damn…You’re research is horrible. And the jump to conclusion responses of you’re dimwitted readers conjure many images of tinfoil hat wearing fatties in their parent’s basements.
    Come on people…There is something more to it hear. You know that. I know you can feel it.

    Follow the truth. …No matter where it leads.

    Fuck this piece of shit article. Follow Kyle’s last words and his wife’s statements.

  52. Died like his “victims”? Those people were not victims they were the enemies. If he didn’t kill them they would of kill our men and women fighting to our country safe.

  53. I’m really going to enjoy hearing about how youve developed some excruciatingly slow and painful form of terminal cancer…only problem is, we won’t hear about it cause you’re a piece of shit nobody and a typical socialist hippie fuck head who sits around sipping from the cup of freedom that heroes like Chris kyle fills for you every day. Enjoy your cancer shitbag.

    • did you just put a Santeria curse on me? are you a witch-doctor or something? “I CURSE You! I CURSE you with da cancer!”

    • “sipping from the cup of freedom”

      Do you mind if I use that sometime, cus that is just really inane. Wouldn’t it have been better if you accused me of sitting around eating bon-bons WHILE “sipping from the cup of freedom”?

      Hey, is that cup of freedom a sippy cup? Cus you have to be an infant to believe in it, right?

      Here I am, sipping from my sippy cup of freedom:

    • Is there a carcinogenic juice in the cup of freedom? Maybe you shouldn’t sip from it Scott. Don’t drink the koolaid! It’s full of ethidium bromide!

  54. … He was lookin’ for a soul to steal. He just got back from Georgia, and he was no longer willin’ ta deal. Turns out he wasn’t really the fiddler he claimed to be, so the Devil jumped upon a Saguaro stump and said “Boy, let me tell ya how it’s gonna be”.

  55. […] Czapka rzekomo pochodzi od “Craft International, firmy szkolącej najemników zorganizowanej przez byłego oficera former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. […]

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