Alex Jones Announces “Operation Free Advertising!”

by Scott Creighton

Fight the new world order by making Alex Jones even more wealthy!

In the face of all the panic that Alex Jones is busy helping to create, he and his new Stratfor Crew are running a brand new plan: Operation Paul Revere

Don’t get excited. AJ never gets his people to actually do anything except generate more publicity for him, which is great for his page views and thus his advertising rates, but doesn’t actually do anything for anyone else. That’s pretty much been AJ’s MO since he started his used car salesman pitch a decade or so ago by screeching that the “demonic” Putin had launched all his ICBMs at us on New Year’s Eve 1999.

His latest little scheme is pretty slick though when you think about pure publicity for rock bottom prices. He calls it an “operation” trying to make his fan base think they are actually doing something worthwhile while in fact all they are doing is making a couple thousand free commercials for fat little lyin Alex Jones.

Let’s look at how his Stratfor lawyers write up the “contract” for the “contest”

  • All work must be free of copyright issues. If requested by InfoWars, you must provide detailed information regarding the source, creator and background information of your work. If you utilize any 3rd party materials, such as music, you must provide license and/or consent forms to InfoWars upon request. Any news clips used must be short and clearly fair use.
  • Video title must include “Operation Paul Revere Contest”
  • Video description must include the website (——-) It is important to “liberty place”, i.e. product placement of and related Alex Jones awakening information tastefully into your production.
  • Slate at beginning stating your name and InfoWars Contest information
  • Cash Prize winners will agree to non-exclusive, unrestricted, royalty free use by and Free Speech Systems, LLC, in perpetuity in the known universe. All contest entrants authorize and Free Speech Systems, LLC, and its media platforms to air their submission in whole or in part in perpetuity.

“liberty place” Alex products in the film? Title and a slate dedicated to AJ and his website? And this is supposed to be Paul Revere?


Alex picks the winners based entirely on his own discretion. The top prize is a hundred grand, second ten grand, third 5. Everyone else gets bunk but Alex and his LLC get total rights to all of your work… for free… to use as they want in perpetuity throughout the known universe.

Hmmm… I wonder how much of a kickback Alex will expect on those “prizes”?

So get ready Infowarriors. Fight the globalists by making Alex more wealthy. Get too it. You can’t “liberty place” enough AJ products in your little infomercial video. Put his Walmart pyramid scheme in there as well. He’ll love that. He may just give you a call with a percentage offer. You never know.

With due respect to David Mitchell, there is the blind, the willfully blind, the soon to be retired… and then there’s the Infowarriors.

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  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or shudder…

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