Oh. Sorcha Faal Backs Up “Dr.” Garrow Story. Then it MUST be true!

by Scott Creighton

Below I put together some more reasons for a reader to reject the latest disinfo from “Dr.” Jim Garrow and his partner in the Pink Pagoda Girls BUSINESS far-right psycho and Uncle Tom’s Condo writer Erik Rush.(that’s right folks, Rush is Garrow’s partner in the human trafficking business)

Then a reader sent me a link to an article from Sorcha Faal, known disinfo agent extraordinaire, in which he backs up the fake doctor’s claims.

Well, if Sorcha Faal says it’s credible, then it must be true, right?

Faal calls Garrow one of the world’s “foremost philanthropists” for running a business smuggling little girls out of China for profit to the highest bidder. Funny, that isn’t the definition of that word that I remember.

The shocking claim made about Obama in this MFA report was confirmed this past week by one of the world’s foremost philanthropists, and 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Jim Garrow, who on 21 January wrote on his Facebook page:

“I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed.”  Sorcha Faal

Below is a list of just a few of the reasons you should be very wary of “Dr.” Garrow’s bullshit:

1. Garrow is a consistent liar. He wasn’t the runner up to the Nobel Peace Prize and the other nominees won’t be announced for 50 years or so. The Chinese guy whom Garrow claims nominated him, is a secret.

“There were 205 nominations for the 2009 award, which included civil rights activists in China and Afghanistan and African politicians. Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba,[6][7] Afghanistan’s Sima Samar,[6] Chinese dissident Hu Jia and Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai had been speculated to be favorites for the award.” BBC

2. Garrow pretends that his operation is a legit charity, but in fact, as he says himself, it’s a business backed by forged documents he gets from hoods at a bar. He pockets cash for taking those kids, without proper paperwork, out of the country and selling them to whomever he sells them too. This much he readily admits himself.

“At this point, there were no documents to accompany the baby and her new parents back to the United States. Those I would discover in one of the best libraries in the world for doing such research—the local beer house, where expats hang out. It was in one of those pubs that I met my “librarians,” who even went so far as to share copies of the documents from their own Chinese adoption process. Paperwork aside, I also learned valuable information about the entire process and what pitfalls to hopefully avoid. I had moved at God’s bidding into the adoption business, and I planned to run that business as efficiently as I did my schools. God bless the fool with a big heart.” Jim Garrow

3. If you take a look at the guy he runs that business with Garrow, Eric Rush, you get a MUCH BETTER understanding of what Garrow is all about. from the Pink Pagada Girls website:

Erik Rush
Vice-President Administration and
Strategic Alliances
Pink Pagoda Girls
Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur who has published three books of sociopolitical commentary. A 2007 New York Book Festival winner, Erik also has an extensive background in media production and marketing.

Erik Rush is a far right psycho who has been blaming Obama for trying to bring on the End Times and hand over the country, too the Chinese of all things. Eric claims that Obama is a communist if you can believe that.

Rush is a complete disinfo psychopath… and he is Garrow’s partner in the “humanitarian business’ Pink Pagoda Girls.


“Erik Rush: ‘Supernatural Evil’ and ‘Mind-Control’ Behind Rise of the Left”
“Erik Rush: Obama Bringing About the Apocalypse”
“Erik Rush: Obama May Cancel 2014 Election to Help Bring ‘This Nation Under the Heel of Communism’
“Erik Rush Warns We Will All Soon ‘Bow to Communist Overlords’

4. Garrow and Erik the Red are trying to raise ONE BILLION DOLLARS to help them “save” more little girls in China. That’s right, ONE BILLION DOLLARS

Our goal is to raise one billion dollars to rescue one million girls over the next ten years. This may seem to be aiming fairly high, but given the resources available and what we have achieved to date, we have faith that this goal can be met! ” Pink Pagoda Girls

So here we have a couple of guys, who profit from “saving’ little girls in China with forged documents, who hate the Chinese and spread any and every lie they can about them including ridiculous stories about mini-Great Walls of dead girls whacked by the Buddhist monks.

I’m sure there are other things out there. I will keep looking a bit, but the guy and the story is so stupid, clearly designed to create tension and fear and feed his and Erik’s BILLION DOLLAR JONES, it just ain’t worth it.

5 Responses

  1. Hey Scott, I’m not sure if you ever saw this two-part series of articles, but I would highly recommend you check them out. They are VERY relevant to what you were talking about above:

  2. Several more things:

    1. Thank you for exposing this scumbag doctor and Erik Rush. I will be sure to avoid both names in the future…

    2. It seems to me that the deeper this country plunges into fascism, the more the same crowd (the far right, the “libertarians”, etc.) keeping hysterically calling Obama, and pretty much all government officials, “communists”.

    3. This shit is getting even more dangerous, because now these days anybody that dares to even think of the good that can come out of central planning, social welfare, and collective action is now a “statist”. Interestingly enough, nobody makes any mention of the preponderance of corporatists, or if they do they lump them in with the dreaded statists…

    Am I the only one who thinks the real mental illness is what I just described? Maybe I’ve just gone off the walls…

  3. I’m posting under a nom d’ordinateur here, just because Mr. Garrow is, um, a little litigous when the mood fits him right.

    I knew Mr. Garrow from a church I attended in Guelph – Calvary Baptist, when it was on Waterloo Ave. He ran a company which franchised out internet service providers in the mid-90s (before Rogers and Bell had established their oligarchy up here in Canada in that market). I remember him driving some very nice cars and talking about just how well business had gone after church one Sunday. The idea of the business was that it was supposed to have been a source-level “clean” internet provider service which filtered out pornography and the such, and (apparently) that idea sold very well in the Christian circles I knew at the time. I remember a few people who were talking with him in that discussion would, had they had the funds, certainly invested in it because he wove a charming web of the future of the business. Anyway, shortly after that he disappeared from the church and I heard rumblings about some unhappy partners. I didn’t think much about it at the time; you know, it’s a church. People come and people go, businesses fail and sometimes you leave angry creditors behind and I guess you have to separate yourself, etc. I figured it was just a business that turned sour when the internet business changed later that decade, right?

    So it turns out he had sold a lot of franchises (taking $10,000 down payments) which never actually quite made it into the hands of the purchasers. Then he shut down the company and simply disappeared for a while.

    Two years ago, in a home church meeting with the church that my wife and I now go to I met this guy who looked kinda vaguely familiar. He was talking about this Pink Pagoda deal and all the great things he was doing in China. I didn’t think much of it – thought it was just a little too grandiose and overstated to be believable, in terms of the work they were doing. It was slick, though. It wasn’t “no fing way that’s true” stuff, but just overblown enough that a cynic like myself said just once or twice, “that doesn’t sound quite right. I’ll have to look into that.” And I never saw him again so it didn’t really mean a whole lot to me.

    And then last week, I forget what I was doing, but I remembered the “Pink Pagoda” guy who kept trying to give away these books and get people interested. Whatever happened to him? Then the face clicked in: it was the guy from Calvary Baptist, the guy who led the internet service that left a lot of angry people in its wake. He was older, greyer and had the air of a well-travelled philanthropist now as opposed to the ahead-of-the-curve tech-savvy businessman he fashioned himself to be in the mid-90s. And then I realized why I had never seen him since: HE recognized ME at first (and obviously expected me to recognize him, whereas I actually hadn’t – not at first, anyway). I guess he wasn’t really expecting anybody from a Fellowship Baptist church in Guelph from 15 years prior to show up at a small home Bible study of a Mennonite-ish church in Kitchener. But he has never appeared since in that home church again, since he saw me. You may conclude from that what you will.

    The Guelph Mercury (the almost-daily rag) did an article about him a couple of years ago: http://www.guelphmercury.com/living-story/2679344-the-life-of-guelph-s-jim-garrow-he-s-garnered-wide-interest-praise-and-criticism-for-his-pink-pago/ . They did a great job exposing the grandiosity of his claims and calling basically all of them into question: his failed businesses, his false claims and name-dropping, etc. The article was supposed to be a puff piece on a “great citizen” of the town, but the reporter did a great job questioning him and following up on it. (They seldom do this – in fact, I can remember several articles from that paper which were pure fabrication – so he must have tipped his hand just enough to call a lot of his claims into question.) His “doctorate” claim is hilarious; the fact that he actually uses the abbreviation PhD on his website ought to be enough to get him locked up for life.

    Anyway, I doubt that he’s actually “human trafficking”. He targets a certain community – concerned and passionate Christians – and creates a product which they will pour money into in the belief that they are doing a great social good, answering a great evil (pornography, before; child poverty and forced abortions now) with probably no intention of actually delivering any of his promises. He’s grandiose, glib, lies liberally as the need suits him (and covers his tracks pretty well, honestly) and has no concern for the damage he leaves behind. I think most people can identify the psychiatric profile that fits, even if they’re not professionals. I would expect that he’ll gather in a lot of money from this venture and then disappear, again, at the end of the day.

  4. Ok, so I am not sure if this Garrow is legit or not. That said, the so called evidence that your blog has supplied is hardly evidence. For example you site that no one will know the other Nobel nominees for another 50 years. Then how is it you know that he wasn’t nominated? It seems to be more opinion based and conjecture than anything. You really haven’t proven anything about this guy. No offense. I mean I love when whack jobs are exposed but I just prefer my outings to have teeth to them.

    • I don’t think anyone is questioning whether Garrow was nominated, but then, anyone can be nominated. It’s not something that’s done by the Nobel committee. It’s not a big deal. But his claim that he was a runner-up is ridiculous because they don’t even announce any list of nominees for 50 years, and there is no runner-up category. So how can he claim this? His PhD comes from a Christian school and it’s an honorary one. People with honorary degrees don’t use the title Dr. I spent 18 years in China as a journalist for leading international publications (www.pjmooney.com) and I read his book, which is full of mistakes about the country, and amazing claims. Pure fiction. I couldn’t find his language schools or the Pink Pagoda Foundation. He’s not saved a single girl–I’m fairly confident of that.

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