Cameron Promises to “close down the ungoverned spaces” in Endless War on Terror

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: AP Jan. 22 2013

“American planes transported French troops and equipment to Mali, a U.S. military spokesman said Tuesday, as Malian and French forces pushed into the Islamist-held north.”


Blonde haired, Blue eyed, English speaking “Islamists’ taking hostages in Algeria giving blonde haired, blue eyed, English speaking David Cameron the opportunity to invade and re-colonize the nation under the auspices of the mythical “endless war on terror” (Global Free Market Wars). It’s all about “closing down the ungoverned spaces” as Cameron honestly puts it. And as it just so happens, all the witnesses hostages are “accidentally” killed in the attack. What a coincidence, huh?

It takes a really good education to miss all of this” Chomsky

After KONY2012 failed due to their closeted pitchman being a meth addict and running naked in San Diego for all too see his little bits on the side of the road, the powers that be in the U.S. created the nearly as disastrous Innocence of the Muslims Psyop to serve the exact same ends: create a pretext for President Obama to put away his phony Peace Prize and launch a continent-wide aggressive, illegal, immoral military campaign on countless little countries (35 to be exact) in order to recolonize them and make them bend to the will of the IMF/World Bank and the various other masters of the universe.

What does “ungoverned spaces” mean? It means places that currently reside peacefully under governments that don’t serve the interests of the Bank for International Settlements cabal. It means places where they can’t pawn off credit default swaps to crash the economy. It means places where their technocrats don’t run the country yet. It means places that are still run by all those unstable democratic elections.

It’s not that they don’t have a government, they just don’t have a government that bows to our interests like we do. Therefore, they are ungoverned spaces. That’s what it means.

I guess we are supposed to forget back in May of 2012 President Godking held a little meeting at the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs (used to be CFR til Obama ran for office and they figured it wouldn’t look good for his wife to be a member of that) in which he laid out THEIR plan to bring the India model of GM foods domination to the whole of Africa. Gotta be billions in profits per year locked up in that little plan not to mention exploiting the natural resources and slave labor just lying around all over the place in the cradle of civilization. I didn’t forget though and neither should you.

Not to be outdone, British Prime Minister David Cameron has stamped his imperial seal of imperialist approval on yet another false flag effort in the downtrodden cradle.

Word is out that blonde, blue eyed, English speaking ‘Islamists’ were the ones behind the recent “terrorist” hijacking of an oil refinery in Algeria. According to the few surviving witnesses (funny how they ended up killing all the witnesses ain’t it?) the terrorists spoke with English accents, even the ones who looked like they came from places we have already used terrorists to destabilize.

Mali it seems goes to the French; Algeria to the English. We already got Libya, Sudan (“South” Sudan that is) and Somalia.

Makes one wonder how the great Obamagod and his buddies in NATO will divide up the rest of the “ungoverned spaces” of Africa (and the Americas, Europe and Asia for that matter).

When you look at the project in totality, you can’t help but see the old imperialist strategy taking shape once again and at the direct expense of the indigenous peoples living in those countries.

Like the BP employees they sacrificed to their false flag op, these globalist shills don’t give a rats ass about anyone, much less poor, impoverished Africans.

You think Bush or Cheney or Romney could POSSIBLY get away with planning to invade 35 African nations on such a ridiculous premise as the Innocence of the Muslims psyop?

But Obama can.

I wonder what the difference is. Hmmmm…..


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5 Responses

  1. I’m home alone right now and got no TV or radio on cause both ours still got an on/off button or a cord with a plug can be pulled and I still got blue eyes and some ungoverned space left in my mind they want to get to when they get done in Africa but I want to hang on to long as I can so I don’t go to no movies anymore either for the same reason and I’m going to quit going to the doctor even if I am sick but I’m not even a little bit bored.

    r ap

    • Roy, you can’t quit going to the doctor……. and that space in your head will always be yours….stop worrying….
      I know it is cold in your area…. cold enough to freeze tomatoes solid on the vine…..:) guess it is good to be inside…. but just think, soon it will be spring!! LOL
      Your radio has music on it…. old classics…..
      and the Ice Age movies are fun to watch… that old Scrat has chased his beloved nut through the ages and he always loses it…
      I did not know that squirrels rub their scent on nuts before they bury them…. they do that in order to find them when they get hungry. So when they are running across the ground and sniffing around…… they are hunting for their ‘smell’ of a buried treasure.
      Sid is my favorite character….. he’s the sloth that dances and discovers fire….

  2. The real New World Order makes its final push…

    How much longer until they’ve won?

    And how long will that victory last?

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