Lupe Fiasco Kicked off Stage at Inauguration Party for Telling the Truth

by Scott Creighton

How ironic is it that while performing a song that is critical of Obamagod called Words I Never Said, the organizers basically gag Lupe Fiasco just like the brownshirts do in the video of the song?

Lupe Fiasco was tossed off a stage at an inauguration party last night because he refused to stop performing a song that was critical of Barack Obama. The video of his removal from the stage is all over the internet at this point. He dared to tell the truth about the glorious one and our fascist state was having none of it.

Videos of the event and his music video of the song are after the break.

“The Gaza strip was being bombed, Obama didn’t say shit”

At first they turned his mic off then the lights but he and his band kept going anyway. Then they sent some large guys up on stage to send him and his opinion on his merry way.

This is being covered everywhere from Politico to the Washington Post from HuffPuff to The Daily Caller. You can expect Drudge to be on the scene soon enough.. oh wait, it’s a rapper. Never mind.

The spin doctors are working overtime to get on top of the narrative. Expect Obama to pull some bullshit blackspoitation move trying to distance himself from this suppression of thought and speech. Obama’s propagandists will be out in front of this in minutes, claiming he didn’t approve of this action and that he loves Fiasco’s work. Obama will come out and do his posing thing reading names of Lupes songs off cue cards and then offer him a chance to do a show at the White House.

Either that or he will end up hanging himself without leaving a suicide note just like Aaron Swartz.

If Lupe accepts Obama’s heartfelt offer to play at the White House I hope he shows up with a couple dozen REAL liberal detractors of Obamagod’s brutal neoliberal foreign and domestic policies and maybe a could hundred Palestinian rights activists in tow. After all someone has to set up the gear.

Good for you Lupe!



This is the song he was performing. It’s more than a little ironic that this is what he was silenced for performing.



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9 Responses

  1. Lupe Fiasco with a couple of hundred Palestinian ‘rights’ activists at the WH…. what a scene that would make……
    Great song, Lupe Fiasco !

  2. MLK was totally against US Militarism
    and here we have Obama, the leader of the most aggressive US military ever, being inaugurated on MLK’s celebration day….
    Maybe that’s why Sunday was not a good day for Obama…. they wanted to make mockery of MLK’s day.

  3. We live in a fascist dictatorship…THE 4TH REICH OF THE RICH…The spirit of NAZIISM is alive and well in the Amerikan Zombie Sheeple…Look at ZERODARKTHIRTY…The zombies actually believe CIA MOCKINGBIRD lies! 911 was and Inside Job… Some people have woken up, but it is too late…Amerika one giant PRISON CAMP.

  4. That is an awesome song! Way to go Lupe! Too bad the poor guy is surrounded by zombies…

  5. Some nerve, Lupe!

    And there in DC, too—HQ of large men in suits, and brown shirts, and uniforms of all kinds.

    r ap

  6. Lupe was looping the same song over and over on stage. That’s partly why he was kicked off. His actions were meant to be an anti-OBAMA diatribe, kudus to Lupe for taking such unusual but need actions. Shows you how desperate the Obama planning folks are, they’ll associated obama with any and everybody. Do they think that every hip-hop head is in there corner like ass-likin Jay-Z and Be-BLOND&BLACK-nce. SHAME ON THEM!

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