#IdleNoMore: How to destroy a movement

(An good series of articles by Rob over at Conspiracy HQ talking about how a good, positive movement, the Idle No More movement, seems to have been hijacked from within and marginalized by using self-defeating rhetoric which draws a line between them and the population at large. Sound like something going on here in the states? I did an interview with Rob last night on his podcast series. Was a lot of fun. Will be posting a link to it this afternoon.)

by Rob Daven, Conspiracy HQ

… The Harper Government has been trying to turn public opinion against the movement and it seems like he has been able to do so.

… Terms like “The Lease Is Up!” have been thrown in the face of non-aboriginal Canadians, making the rest of us feel quite offended at such a statement.   Some families (my own included) have been here for 5 or 6 generations, so when do we “count” as native dwellers of this land?

It was almost like they entered on cue.   Just as the Canadian majority was starting to support the #IdleNoMore movement, the Chiefs moved in and totally destroyed most popular sentiment from the Canadian populace.

[read the rest, here]

3 Responses

  1. Scott, I woke up to Idle No More only a couple weeks ago and was blown away at what had been accomplished in only a few weeks of demonstrations. My thoughts were immediately that their efforts in Canada are not dissimilar to various movements in the US to restore a Constitutional Republic.

    Joining forces with them seems like a no-brainer, but of course the co-opting threat was always lurking. Regardless, the more sub-groups that join together and the harder it becomes for them to identify the bulls-eye…

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  3. It was quite clear (to me) a few weeks ago, that at the very least, some of the First Nation chiefs are definitely on the side of the federal government/crown. #IdleNoMore started as a grass roots movement that was taking a stand against both their chiefs and the crown/federal government, but has been co-opted by the chiefs who think they speak for all first nations people.

    It’s not hard to believe that the Chiefs of some first nations bands are cooperating with the crown, seeing as they’re are numerous reports over the last 40+ years of chiefs handing over native children to be sold into sex slavery, at times for Queen Lizzy & Prince Phillip themselves.

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