Sandy Hook Massacre: Both Long Guns Found in Trunk of Car

by Scott Creighton (H/T Above Top Secret)

techs remove TWO long guns from trunk

techs remove TWO long guns from trunk (click on image for larger view)

The video below is of the State Police press conference the night of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre. What the video insert on the right shows is the extended version of the video we have all seen that the MSM shows when trying to claim that the shotgun is the long weapon that was found inside the trunk of the vehicle but what the FULL version of that video ACTUALLY shows is BOTH the long weapons, the Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun and the Bushmaster .223 caliber– model XM15-E2S rifle, were pulled out of the trunk late in the evening. (video after break)

Remember, the state police went on record stating that “the weaponry collected by our investigators were found in close proximity of the deceased

What the press was showing was a live shot of the evidence collection team working with a member of the police force to clear and safety the weapons, then take them into evidence. The guys in the white Ty-vex suits are the evidence collection team and the guy in the brown is the deputy or police officer who is disarming the weapons, one after the other.

The first weapon he appears to disarm is the Bushmaster. That is when the helicopter is shooting down on the scene from behind the officer. It appears that he clears that weapon and places it on the right side of the trunk, out of the way. Later you see the first technician reach into the trunk on the right side and pull out a long rifle. Then the second tech reaches in and pulls out the one on the left side, where we clearly see the office place the second weapon, presumably the shotgun.

Technicians and police would not simply lay the Bushmaster down inside the trunk while waiting for the other weapon to be cleared. That would contaminate the collected evidence or other evidence yet to be collected. You also don’t see them laying the handguns down inside the car or taking them out.

This explains why the first reports clearly specified that there were only handguns found on the scene.

The fact that the MSM only show part of this video would indicate that they are intentionally misleading their viewers to think that ONLY the shotgun was found in the trunk.



Clearing other gun?


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  1. so a definite ‘lie’ by investigators and ‘hiding evidence’…
    proof that Sandy Hook has not caught the true shooter ! or they are protecting him….

  2. Scott,

    The frame at the top of the article is blank but for the stand-in icon,
    and the words “techs remove TWO long guns from trunk.

    Has this video been scrubbed from the web to your knowledge?


    • hybridrogue1, look at the first video…. “Connecticut Shooting in Newtown at Sandy Hook”
      the video you are looking for is included in this video.

  3. I’m really having trouble seeing the Bushmaster — at what time in which video is that?

  4. Scott, I just found this on Rumormillnews, perhaps it will be worth a look: ‘Sherrie Questioning All’ has started a new website dedicated to all the Sandy Hook anomalies:

  5. Did you hear about that MMA fighter who posted a link on Twitter to a video exposing the rifle in the car? She’s getting slammed, and so is her manager, who questioned the massacre in his response to the hordes of ignorant morons expressing fake ‘outrage’ at her comments.

    At an MMA site called Bloody Elbow, the moderators were gatekeeping and leading the moronic meathead armies in denial by claiming that it was the shotgun that was found in the car. I’ve seen this claim being made all over the Internet.

    And it was a complete lie. Awesome work, Scott.

  6. The worst massacre in a school in U. S. history was worse than Sandy Hook: Bath, Michigan. Forty-five people got killed and the bomber blew himself up. The record has not been broken since Chief Justice William Howard Taft, President Calvin Coolidge, Chiang Kai-Shek, Chinese Civil War, Turkish President Kemal Ataturk, Soviet Primer Joseph Stalin, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, King George V, the Prohibition, Irish politician Eamon De Valera, and Wyatt Earp.

    • I couldn’t understand what you meant by your last sentence there. Could you explain? Thanks.

      • Here is an explanation:
        Chief Justice William Howard Taft served from 1921-1930,
        President Calvin Coolidge served from 1923-1929,
        Chiang Kai-Shek involved in Chinese politics from 1927,
        Chinese Civil War lasted from 1927-1837
        Turkish President Kemal Ataturk served from 1923-1938,
        Soviet Primer Joseph Stalin served from 1924-1953,
        Prime Minster Stanley Baldwin served from 1924-1929,
        King George V served from 1910-1936,
        Irish politician Eamon De Valera served in the Irish Parliament from 1922-1959
        Wyatt Earp was alive in 1927.

        Also, since Fred Green was Governor of Michigan.

        • I appreciate your reply. I’m afraid I’m still failing to see the connection between the worst massacre in a school in he USA with the list of people… Are they just an elapsed time reference? Or, are you suggesting some other connection?

  7. As I said above, I don’t see 2 long guns in the videos posted here, and since nobody here pointed out where I should look specifically, I went to the AboveTopSecret thread and found this video that someone posted there, which does clearly show the guys in the Tyvek suits carrying two rifles away from the car at approx. 2:29-2:38 — I recommend using full screen mode:

    • If you look at the capture still in the article I underlined the timestamp for people to reference. It reads 2:36 I believe. Sorry I did not reply. Very limited access to computer.

      • Awesome work on this one, you can perfectly see the two guys both walking away with a long gun in their hand.

        • Not knowing crap about guns (Australian) I google image searched that saiga 12 shotgun and it does have a narrow barrel, at least at the end. Is it clear that the other guy grabs out a weapon too from the trunk? I can’t be sure. What am I missing?

          • Both techs pull a long gun out of the trunk of the car at the point in the video that I took the still from. Then they both walk away carrying one.

            Look, right at the point where the camera is hovering over the shoulder of the deputy, you can clearly see a long gun lying in the trunk which looks nothing like the gun we all see in him clearing the chamber of earlier.

            There are definitely two long guns in that trunk. How and when they got there is the question.

    N’, what’s up with the NBC cameraperson, why the drifting in n’ out,
    n’ refocusing?

  9. I’m glad to see you’re getting this information out there Scott. It’s awfully important in showing that the police have been lying about the particulars of the weapons involved. RIP to all the slain children.

  10. You can clearly see two long barrel guns being carried away from the car one each by two investigators at 02:35.

  11. I believe the white suit carrying in his left hand has a rifle due to the circumference of the barrel and the other white suit has the Saiga in his right. Is either gun legal to own in Connecticut?

  12. This video is I just found on youtube is pretty much a slam dunk that this whole thing was stages, holycrap, WTF, this is so freaky. This guys video is badass and we need to follow his use of titles and disinformation the disinformation campaign.

    He titles the video Dunking Sandy Hookd Conspiracies – Actors and then when you click and watch, bammmm slam dunk evidence of a coverup. Everyone needs to do this and create pages with dubunking titles but have nothing but slam dunk evidence of a real conspiracy. Let’s play there game.

    This guys title and video is right on track with what needs to be done so were not preaching to the choir, but putting facts in the faces of people searching to debunk.

    Here you go, enjoy!

  13. Sorry Chazski, but real people died at Sandy hook. These kinds of videos make everyone questioning the events look bad by association.

    • I don’t dought real people died, I think like the professor at FAU that it may have been some type of staged event that went live or something along the lines. It’s confusing but you can’t deny that video. Those are the same couple and they are actors from Florida and on seen at Sandy Hook.

      • You’re correct, the resemblance is startling. That said we’re just preaching to the choir here. What we really need is information like this very article to get out to the general public. They are the ones we need to convince that there is at least a cover up going on.
        I have researched this exhaustively and cannot find any evidence for a false flag operation other than the coincidental drill over in another town.
        We need to wake them up fast before they pass a bunch of crazy gun laws predicated on lies from Sandy Hook!

  14. What’s funny is most of us who dought the original story are willing to give in to the media’s story if they answered just some basic questions. What was the exact names and audio recordings of the 2nd, 3rd shooters taken in to custody during the event? Is Laura and Nick Phelps really Jennifer and Richard Sexton? Is Victoria Soto really captured in the Greenberg’s family albums? If someone can answer all three of these questions honestly you might change some beliefs, but I dought anybody can debunk all three???

  15. There is a better version of the tape shot from the helicopter. There are 2 guns being carried but only by one investigator. The man on top left it turns out was carrying the Saiga magazine. One of the weapons has a scope and a target stock meaning it’s most likely a rifle (carried in his right hand, the left hand is the Saiga shotgun.
    They tried a little sleight of hand but we still caught them. Seriously, why wait until after dark to search the car? So they could show the shotgun and hide the rifle. Nice try but FAIL guys……

  16. […] Note: Still frames were created from NBC broadcast video embedded on “American Everyman” by Scott Creighton (H/T Above Top […]

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