Aaron Swartz was Murdered – He Faced 3 Months in Jail Not 35 Years!

by Scott Creighton

Aaron Swartz did not take his own life. He was murdered in order to save the state the embarrassment of losing their trumped up trial against him. He faced a maximum of 6 months in jail, reduced to 3 for good behavior as is the law, not 35 years as the complicit press will tell you. He was killed so that a movement he helped lead would be crippled right before another SOPA / PIPA internet crushing bill is about to take shape. He was killed because he refused a deal and would have stoked the imagination of the opposition by winning in court. Unfortunately, far too few “alternative” activists out there are willing to make this statement. Activists who owe this young man a great deal as they enjoy a free and open internet which is about to close down forever.

Aaron Swartz was murdered and I am sure he won’t be the last. Perhaps the most obvious lesson here is too the “hacktivist” community at large: when we bust you and drum up charges against you, you turn and serve “the greater good” or… you get “Swartzed”.

Swartz was a leading and effective activist standing opposed to the neo-liberalization of America and the people investigating his death are Billioniare Bloomberg’s “mini-CIA”. Get the picture? I guess he’s lucky he wasn’t renditioned to Djibouti like other dissidents as is the custom under Obama.

When I first read the story of Aaron Swartz I have to say I was not all that impressed with the guy. He seemed like just another “tech-geek miracle” made by the Intelligence Department Industrial Complex like so many before him. I based that on what I saw happen to Reddit first-hand when they sold themselves to Conde Nast and began a program of running down important articles on Reddit and totally erasing some as soon as they were posted.

And I am also aware that the shareware and open-software world which Aaron was involved in, is full of Trojans and trackers and cognitive infiltrators doing all they can to put all kinds of interesting software on your computer that does all kinds of malicious stuff.

Top all of that off with his involvement in the “hacktivist’ community which is replete with hackers who have been busted and now serve “the greater good” through the FBI and the NSA and you have basically a resume of deception for Mr. Swartz. Wired magazine raves about him, which is reason enough to be suspicious of anyone. If a globalist rag like that raved about my mother I would have to start watching her closely as well. Very closely.

But after seeing a couple of his videos and reading a bit more about him I’m starting to think he may have at least had some good intentions about him. He seems to have the right idea. When he talks about stopping SOPA and PIPA he doesn’t talk about what HE did, he talks about what WE did. He rightly says that institutions like GOOGLE jumped on the publicity bandwagon once they knew the game was up as did many lawmakers. And that is true. He says what is important too remember is that we as a community stopped one of the most sought after freedom crushing bills by simply coming together and saying no and in that he is absolutely correct.

The narrative is now that he killed himself due to this pending federal case but is simply bullshit.

From what I can tell of the guy, he was looking forward to beating it on behalf of himself and the cause and it looks like there are many who are much more educated on the case than I am who say it was a weak case at best and he was bound to win it.

In fact, the husband of the over-reaching prosecutor who brought the case against him on behalf of Eric Holder’s Justice Department claims that they had offered him a 6 month deal meaning he would have been sentenced to 6 months in jail and probably served half of that.

Swartz was so confident in his ability to beat the charges, that he refused that deal about 2 months ago, preferring to go to trial.

Fact is, he made a mistake. He chose to live in New York City where Billionaire Mayor For Life is in charge of the police department and has his own “mini-CIA” in the NYPD Intelligence Division. And we all know what the CIA does too prominent activists and leaders in other countries when they stand opposed to our “national interests”, don’t we?

You can expect the investigation into the scene in his home to be, shall we say, less than meticulous. In fact, best bet as too his murders may have actually been the Intelligence Division guys assigned to the investigation. But that’s just a guess. Damn sure makes more sense than “suicide”

By all accounts this was a good guy. He was about to poke another stick in the eye of the ruling class and their Vichy politicians once again. The “Justice” Department couldn’t back down or that would have ceded more ground to the “extremists” and provided us with more fuel yet again. They couldn’t take him to trial, like Gadhafi before him, because that would have exposed them as weak and over-reaching to make a political point.

By offering him a 6 month (3 month really) deal on a case which is being hailed as a 35 year sentence in the complicit media outlets, they were BEGGING to be let off the hook. But Aaron Swartz didn’t bite. He had them where he wanted them and he knew it.

He also probably knew that suicide would not only be a coward’s way out for him, but would damage the cause he seemed to care deeply about.

Judging from what little I know about him and what little I have seen and heard him say, Aaron Swartz was not a coward. And no matter how many times the Vichy prestitutes wave that “suicide note” in front of you, remember, he wrote that in 2007… basically as a joke.

Swartz died without leaving a note. He died leaving a hole in the cause that he cared deeply for. And he knew in his heart that up until the judge rang down the gavel to start the trial, he could always have taken the 3 month plea deal (which by then would have been even better!) and not faced 35 years in prison.

He also died on the very same day that monolitic and massive Verizon announced it’s own “6 strikes rule” which would effectively sensor Verizon’s customers by almost completely removing them from the internet if some “copyright holder’ filed a “complaint” against them.

Swarts would surely have had a field day with that.

Effectively what has happened is a voice for the people was silenced. He was taken out of the game and the alternative “activist” community is sitting back scared saying very little or next to nothing which is not only a crying shame, it’s an insult to the man who seems to have given his life for one of our most basic freedoms.

He won’t be the last.

One thing that I really liked about this guy in the little I know about him is his opinion on knowledge and that it belongs to all of us. He said, and I paraphrase “Access to knowledge must not be measured by access to money” and that is why he hacked into the JSTOR files and released those academic journals for all the people for free. That was his major crime against humanity that the Obama Justice Department wanted to prosecute him for and that is ultimately why he died.

I wish to put this bluntly: Aaron Swartz was murdered. All the circumstantial evidence points to it. In the land of the Bloomberg Gestapo, there will be no real investigation, there will be no hard evidence to support that claim. But I feel that is the case and I am sorry and almost ashamed that the alternative community that owes at least partly their current measure of freedom of speech to Aaron, have not come out in droves to protest what has happened.

Aaron’s father said the government killed his son. He has a different take on how, but in reality, he is absolutely correct.

He just doesn’t know how correct.

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19 Responses

  1. I have a strong feeling you are correct. He joins Wellstone in refusing to join the corrupt cabal. Same ending.

  2. Our idiot newspaper tried to say it was 50 years. I hate newspapers.

  3. aangrifan has a blog post out titled “JEWISH HERO AARON SWARTZ; EXPOSING ELITE CHILD ABUSE”

    But someone recently told me he is disinfo–is anyone able to confirm or deny this?

  4. /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    guardian.co.uk, Thursday 17 January 2013 — Aaron Swartz: US attorney says she only sought six-month jail term

    The US attorney accused of hounding internet activist Aaron Swartz to his death has responded by saying that her office’s actions were “appropriate”, and that she had only been seeking a six-month sentence in “a low-security setting” rather than the 30 years’ jail that his actions might have attracted.

    Obviously, he was murdered by the American state mafia. They are getting bolder now. Former citizens are learning to become hostages.

  5. Reblogged this on Kent's space and commented:
    Another take on Aaron Schwartz.

  6. what is your source for the 2007 date for the suicide note?

  7. never mind, duh.

  8. […] hasn’t been talked about was Aaron was only really facing 3 months behind bars, not the media’s attempt to say “35 […]

  9. C’mon, you don’t really think this guy is dead, do you? He obviously faked his “suicide”, and got the jewish saynim medical examiner to put his stamp of approval on it. he is likely relaxing in a beach chair somewhere in Tel Aviv, plotting the next Mossad mass murder in the US a la 9-11.

  10. The longer Aaron Swartz’s state-sanctioned murder is LIED ABOUT, the louder his blood cries out for justice. While I have no doubt that ALL those involved in killing Aaron will get what’s coming to them, the rest of us still need to keep his memory alive and keep rubbing it in the faces of those who hated what he stood, fought and died for.

    Thank you, American Everyman, for unequivocally stating the truth — that Aaron was murdered. Shame on those who knowingly lied about his death, and equally shame on those who know the truth but have chosen not to speak it openly.

  11. […] “Aaron Swartz was Murdered – He Faced 3 Months in Jail Not 35 … […]

  12. Aaron Swartz was absolutely murdered in my best opinion and from the point of view I see things from after my experiences. This is especially true over the last 9 months but also from over a lifetime. I am still a living example that Swartz was indeed murdered. I did not necessarily agree with Swartz on everything but backed his efforts in general and the concept of a control free internet! Like Aaron, I was gang-stalked for years and it escalated recently beginning in January of this year. After being raided by Brazilian authorities and later chased around a bar by two goons, I was refused help by two US embassies and stalked through several cities and countries. The gang-stalking (see gangstalkingwiki.com) was a distinct effort to drive me to suicide.

    The reasons things escalated is because I was recently becoming more and more vocal about events that led up to the intentional crash of the dot com bubble in early 2000, and later, the events of 9-11 and the political family who was most responsible for both the crash of the dot com bubble and the intentional sabotage of the mortgage industry that led to the collapse of the worldwide economy. This is the same family preparing to seize and take control of the White House once again. I could care less now but just want the money robbed from me over a lifetime so I can retire peacefully and treat my chronic pain which i was denied doing in the States during a very obvious attempt to interfere with my civil rights!

    I was an advocate for free speech and tenant’s rights and property rights while the Gestapo just recently forced me out of my residence in NYC. Many years of planning have gone into gang-stalking me since I was a child and one of the youngest phone phreaks at the time. My escapades led me to uncover many of the secrets of Wall Street and just how the thieves use the internet and the media to rob the wealth of the world and put it into the hands of the top 2%.

    I fear for my life because “the powers that me” tried their dardest to get me arrested and / or drive me to suicide since this past January. I treat everyday like it is my last and while i feel safe for the time being, I do believe this nonsense is going to start over again if someone with a bit of power does not help me get a new identity and into a safe place where I can be comfortable for the rest of my days on earth. The sad part is that since back in the late 90s, I never wanted to take on these powers but just wanted to take my righteously earned money and peacefully retire with a nice girl somewhere quiet and peaceful. Instead, they robbed me blind to the tune of nearly $20M over a lifetime and destroyed every relationship I entered into. They forced me into become a leading voice for the personal freedoms being stolen from Americans! They cornered me like a rat and forced me to take a stand instead of letting me live a quiet and peaceful life. Now, they know they created a Frankenstein that has come back to haunt them and it puts my life in danger everyday.

    So was Aaron Swartz murdered? Absolutely. The same can be said for Abbie Hoffman and a host of other people who were infamous or just nobodies like myself ut who got in the way of the wrong bunch of thugs. The murders will continue until the American people wake up and stop treating certain political families like they are Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and all sorts of Monarchs. The looting of the world economy will continue until we take away the license given to hedge funds to rob the little people and stash their take in offshore accounts. Take back our Constitution and take the power out of the hands of drug cartels. Take the power from the political families who do the cartels’ trafficking and also continue the insane war on drugs to line their pockets with their illicit gains and from their prisons for profit. Stop the lunacy and throw all the bums out! Bookmark this page since by this time next year, I may be dead, hospitalized against my will or falsely arrested and charged for crimes created by Oligarchy and their army of hit men who have already slandered my good name to just about everyone I have known over a lifetime and even convinced my family that I was insane and had them participate in the witch hunt launched against me.

    Please stay tuned on my public Facebook page. Facebook.com/ProudToBeGuilty

  13. it seems clear to me that he was murdered. who was the medical examiner. what was the ME’s name. where are the autopsy reports. why didn’t his parents get am independent autopsy. he was not suicidal his live in girlfriend says. he had no inclinaton to commit suicide. why would he have committed suicide? ridiculous how can those murderers think they can fool so many people for so long. i know he didn’t do it. i know he was killed.

    • he wasn’t going to kill himself over 90 days in jail, even if he did lose. But he wasn’t going to lose. MIT didn’t even want to prosecute.

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