American Gladio: PROOF = 2 Iphones, 2 Gas Masks, 1 Oswald Type Backyard Photo Spread

by Scott Creighton

Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it.


Official undoctored photo shows James Holmes holding up his Glock in one hand, his AR-15 in another and one of his two gas masks in his other hand! PROOF that James Holmes did it! Look no further. End of story. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

Again, the second gas mask and Iphone are huge. Not only two Iphones attributed to James Holmes but now there are TWO GAS MASKS they claim he brought with him as well and apparently the other one wasn’t recovered inside the car. So how do the police and prosecution deal with it in the James Holmes show trial? They claim they were both brought by Holmes and no one else seems to notice. No one else seems to care. The defense isn’t even calling any witnesses in this little show trial of theirs. They also presented no closing argument.

When officers searched Holmes’ car in the parking lot, they found “road stars” — the spikes thrown on the ground to stop vehicles. They also found a used tear gas can, a Glock with a holster, 2 cases for long guns, an iPhone and a carryall bag.

An Aurora police detective testified that police they found four gas masks, although only two belonged to Holmes.” Denver Post

So where pray-tell did they find the other gas mask that Holmes is credited with bringing to the party? We know they now claim Holmes was wearing one. So where was the other if it wasn’t in the car? I’ll tell you where it was…

…. it was 60 yards away from James Holmes in a place he couldn’t have put it. It was right on the “Sable side” corner of the back of the building under what appears to  have been a security camera they claim didn’t exist. It was right where a cop radioed in that a witness saw a guy in a gas mask running away from the scene. That’s where it was.


click on image for larger view

click on image for larger view

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The second Iphone is also turning out to be a doosie. They have reportedly shown pictures to the audience in the show trial of James Holmes taken on that Iphone. Get a load of the incriminating pics he took prior to unleashing his wrath on the people at the movie theater. If it sounds a bit like Lee Harvey Oswald’s doctored photo, yeah, you can easily make that connection.

In other photos introduced Wednesday, an Aurora police detective showed images Holmes took of himself the night of the shootings.

In one, marked 6:22 p.m., he was wearing black contact lenses. His hair was dyed red under a black cap, and he stuck out his tongue at the camera.

In another image, he is seen smiling with the muzzle of a Glock handgun in the frame.

Prosecutors told the court they introduced the self photos because they help show Holmes’ “identity, deliberation and extreme indifference.”

An image Holmes took of himself on July 5 shows him posing with an assault rifle and “a majority of the tactical, ballistic gear” he had with him when he was apprehended, the detective testified.

Another photo shows all of the gear used in the attack — the guns, the body armor, helmet and gas mask — arrayed neatly on Holmes’ bed.” Denver Post

Don’t worry that you won’t ever get too see those incriminating photos of Holmes. They got that covered for you. Here’s an artist’s interpretation of the pictures (I’m not making this part up. Honest)

artist rendering

How nifty. How neat. How thoughtful of James Holmes to take all those incriminating photos of himself to be shown at his show trial and put the guns and ballistic gear in his possession and even include a picture of him wearing the black cap seen in the security videos which makes it impossible to identify him with 100% certainty. How nice of James to take those photos and leave them on his SECOND IPHONE, the one recovered at the scene in the car where he was found drugged out of his mind.

lee fake


22 Responses

  1. In addition to these photos seeming ridiculously staged (why all the photos just to give yourself up), two things stick out to me:

    1. ” on July 5, he took a photo of himself that featured his red/orange hair”

    How can they say that? Two days before the attack, he was seen at a bar with brown hair. And, the photo of him running the red light on July 10 or 11, he still has brown hair.

    2. “Fyles also mentioned the experiences of Corbin Dates, who was at the theater during the July 20 attack. He recalled seeing a male sitting in a front-row seat; he wore what Dates thought was a bandana or cap from which reddish hair could be seen sticking out. ”

    Corbin Dates said NOTHING about red hair. How can he let himself be misquoted like that by a cop on the stand as well as Dateline NBC?

    • It’s possible that was Dates’ statement to the police, but you think he’d have made that statement to the media as well.

    • thought there was a report neighbor seen him with brown hair couple of days before shooting too… did they say WHEN those dating profiles were posted? or maybe when he just updated the pics with him in the orange hair. man.. GOD BLESS that crazy Jonathan Lee Riches for digging up that red light photo tells us more than anything.

    • Oh media! Do you guys remember the pictures from the dating site account that allegedly belonged to Holmes? I found a link here:
      If you look at the very red picture it seems that a person has dark eyes (black contacts???), a cap and a wisp of hair protruding under the cap. Could it be that the pictures on the phone were taken at the same time as that one and protruding hair be a devil-horn resembling curl? And as of dates on the pictures, that can be manipulated, we know that.

  2. Well we can add taking incriminating photos to the countless other things Jimmy did leading up to the shooting. What a farce.

    • Because nobody else on the internet has pictures of themselves posing with guns. Seriously, they have ZERO incriminating evidence, so they gotta show this garbage instead?

  3. I think the police may have gotten Corbin Dates to change his story. I don’t trust them at all.

    It’s ridiculous that they claim 2 of the gas masks belonged to Holmes. Just because they don’t want to acknowledge that someone else was accompanying him!

    • Or maybe the media and police changed Corbin’s story… it was tried a few days after the event and got squashed…… now they are doing it in court.. with no one to correct them.

  4. No one is going to comment on that amazing photo I found? Come on now. That’s proof positive! so what if he has three hands and they’re in black and white. some people are like that.

  5. They’re saying that police accidentally picked up one of the masks attributed to Holmes. I bet they’re going to say he took it to the corner of the theater and dropped it there!

    • sounds like a new magic bullet theory. the magic mask theory. it started off next to the car, flew 30 yards, turned left 30 degs, moved 20 more yards, waited in the air for 1.5 seconds, then turned left and then right and then left again before ending up on a gurney wheeled by paramedics to the corner of the building where it dropped out by itself and ended up on the ground in pristine condition. seems plausible to me.

    • Yes! I saw that on a reporter’s twitter feed and those were my thoughts exactly: this is the story they’re floating to explain how the gas mask got so far away from Holmes’ car. They didn’t even bother to explain why Holmes might have brought two gas masks.

      I guess we’re to believe that the police officer, upon noticing that he was carrying EVIDENCE, didn’t turn around and return the mask to the general location where he found it but instead dropped it at the corner and took off. If law enforcement knew that an officer had mistakenly walked off with Holmes’ gas mask, why did they leave the mask where it was and take photos/examine it in its dropped-off location rather than simply tag and bag it for further inspection at a lab or something?

      Alternatively, perhaps we are to believe that the officer picked up the gas mask, realized his mistake, and immediately put it back on the ground where he found it. This still would not explain why he found the gas mask so far from Holmes’ car unless Holmes had hurled an extra mask across the parking lot just for kicks and giggles!

  6. Ok, I’m gonna get nit-picky on ya. What is happening in the Colorado courtroom this week is not a trial as far as I know. It is a hearing to present (some of the) evidence. The judge decides, based upon that evidence, if it is enough evidence to justify the accused being bound over for trial. To my knowledge, there would not be closing arguments in a hearing such as would be made in an actual trial. The attorney’s sum up their cases for the judge telling him/her why the accused should or should not be held for trial. I’m sure Scott or someone else will be most happy to correct me if I am wrong, and I am open to that. I don’t claim to be any kind of legal expert.

    • actually, if you wish to get technical, these type hearing usually take about 2 or three hours. they are not grand showcases featuring emotion based testimony of cops who drove victims to the hospital. They are simply designed to list the direct evidence that connects the suspect to the case. Also, the defense does get a chance to make a final statement and present witnesses, which were both offered to the defense in this case and both were refused.

      I’m not the only one wondering about why this proceeding is happening like this. Many “legitimate” journalists have been asking the same question and many have come to an almost exact conclusion that I have. They understand that there is probably going to be a plea deal in which Holmes’ attorneys plead him out guilty across the board in exchange for his life. They speculate that this is all being done to bring some closure to the families of victims in allowing them to see some of the evidence and see some kind of official proceedings before a deal is reached.

      So, there will be no trial. It is very unusual for a case like this. And yes, it is by THEIR definition as well as mine… a SHOW TRIAL. I just think it’s being put on for different reasons.


  7. This thing is eatimg my comments so I’ll try without the web link…
    Do you guys remember the pics from the dating site account that allegedly belonged to Holmes? Search for James Holmes really red picture…
    Look at that really red picture – the guy has dark eyes (black contacts???), a cap and a wisp of red hair. Could it be that the court pictures were taken at the same time and that hair is a devil-horn shaped curl? Oh media…

  8. God this is as bad as the ridiculous show trials that the Bolshevik’s conducted during the “Russian Revolution”. Most of those put to death were over simply accusations that proved politically and criminally motivated.
    The apathy of the majority of Americans is going to end up with millions being exterminated. Yuri Bezemov was 100% correct in 1983 when he predicted what would happen in the US.

  9. Anne,

    Thank you so much for being someone from the maintstream media willing to at least read these posts and comments from another point of view. I stumbled upon this website being a sceptic of the Aurora event, mainly becuase of the UN vote that was going on the same week of this massacre. I’m a pro 2nd amendment person so I really look at facts rather than what the mainstream media gives you and it makes me sceptical.

    The mainstream media reporters aren’t well informed and I don’t blame them, they suck. They compare countries by homicides by firearms and don’t dig deeper into the facts. Just like they report on these massacres, they don’t dig deeper like a real journalist should do. They should compare countries per caita homicides by firearms and most importantly violent crime per capita. The U.S .population is a lot more than the countries they compare it to and the U.S. violent crime per capita is far less than the countries they compare the U.S. to.

    Anyways, the problem is that there really is a shadow Govenrment. Please explain the Georgia Guidestones and the weird murals and stuff at the Denver International Airport. Please expain those two to us here, I dare you. If you really dig deep into the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia, you will see huge problems with the story that ultimately lead to a false flag type event. Australia dramatically changed it’s gun laws after that event. Which is fine if that’s what their constitution allows, but the U.S. is different. The U.S. has a different history, different rights, and the rights are there to protect against tyranny A.K.A. a shadow Government like I talked about above.

    A shadow Government is the only ones that really benefit from these events and gun control. That is why I and the people here question the events at Aurora and Sandy Hook because they can lead to gun control like Australia and a lot of people and the media think it’s good not knowing anything about a shadow Government that built the things that I discussed above with your taxpayer money. I suggest you look at, NDAA, FISA, and the creepy huge NSA spy building being built in Utah.

    Happy awakening : )

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