American Gladio: Iphone Images of Holmes Don’t Jive with Witnesses and Photos

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: James Holmes’ Adult Friend Finder page was created on the same day the image on his cell phone was allegedly taken as well. July 5th 2012 just two weeks prior to the Aurora shooting. The image that is supposed to be Holmes wearing a black cap with some kind of black contacts also appears on his AFF profile dated July 5th. (following thanks to a Reddit page set up the day of the shooting)

adult friend finder

Another image taken from the AFF page appears to be something similar to the one shown to the court today depicting him with the bright red hair and a black cap wearing black contacts.


The fact that all of this was set up, on the same day these images were taken, ready to be used to prove his guilt right before the attack makes me really question the competency of his defense. How is it possible that he doesn’t see this unfolding as an obvious set-up? No one would go through the hassle of making sure he was protected with all that riot gear just to give up without a fight as if nothing happened. No one would go through the hassle of setting all those traps at his home just to warn law enforcement before they got there. No one would take the time to set up a casual sex website and then do nothing on it, with pictures that would eventually lead investigators to finger him as the killer. And then there is still no motive at all for all of this. It doesn’t add up folks and it looks more and more like someone else had control of that other Iphone with all the incriminating evidence neatly stored on it and waiting next to a drugged out Holmes in his car. Think people.

—– original ——-

The last stage of evidence provided by the prosecution in the James Holmes pre-trial hearing was reportedly 5 images taken from the second Iphone attributed to Holmes (one was found at his apartment while the other in the white car at the scene).  It has been made clear that these images along with the 5 security videos they claim he was seen in (a guy in a black cap and long sleeve shirt seen in the lobby… one person in the courtroom has already admitted they couldn’t make out who it was from their vantage point) will never be released to the public. These images and these videos constitute the only real evidence against Holmes if in fact they are real. The images seem like something taken straight from the Warren Commission Report in that they are exactly what the prosecution needs to connect Holmes with the murder weapons and thus the 12 murders.

But there seems to be a problem: the timing of when James Holmes supposedly dyed his hair.

“One of the more disturbing self-portraits was snapped on July 12. It shows his infamous orange-dyed hair flaring out from beneath a black skull cap. His eye color is darkened by black contact lenses, and he is grinning with his tongue sticking out.”

“A self-portrait taken on July 5 shows Holmes with orange-dyed hair and dressed in black combat gear with an assault-like rifle being carried from his shoulder.” Jason Sickles Yahoo News

These two statements directly contradict information we have concerning James’ appearance. But it doesn’t really matter. James’ lawyers would let the court get away with a magic bullet theory at this point. I wonder if they are going to try to claim James has the evil gene?

On July 10th 2012, James Holmes was photographed running a red-light in Aurora Co. The image is not a perfect portrait of Holmes but you can see if you compare the color of his hair to the bright red tree hanging from his rear view window, looks more brown than red or orange.

james holmes running red light

There is also an interview that was conducted with a man, Jackie Mitchel, who claims to have seen Holmes at a local bar near where they both lived and had a casual drink with him while talking about football and Peyton Manning playing with the Broncos this year. He claims they hung out and talked the Tuesday before the attack, July 17th 2012. The bar owner seems adamant that Holmes was not a regular at the bar but doesn’t completely rule out the possibility that Holmes was there that night. Mitchel says Holmes’ hair was not red or orange at that point. That it was still brown. He describes his smirk and his general demeanor as many have done since who knew James well. He said he was “booksmart” and that Holmes described some of the classes he was taking.



Considering the fact that James’ defense has put up no defense, it would be easy to assume that they also have not done any kind of forensic study of the phone and the images that were presented to court today. They called no witnesses, they offered up no closing arguments. In all likelihood, James’ representation is simply looking to plead this out as a guilty plea in exchange for a life sentence. This will probably never see the inside of a real courtroom. Thus the images are more for the gratification of the victims and their families than they are expected to hold up in a real court of law under careful scrutiny.

Also of interest are the videos of the person that is supposedly James Holmes in the lobby.

Again, we have already been told we will never see those videos. We live in the world of secret evidence.

But the defense missed a very valuable opportunity to call the prosecution’s case into question and that is: how does the prosecution juxtapose the officer’s testimony about a disheveled, out of touch with reality, barely able to stand, “out of it” James Holmes outside in the back of the theater when the videos and the testimony of the people who witnessed the attack first hand said he moved with purpose, calmly, almost professionally? How do these two characterizations of Holmes fit with each other? We are only talking a difference of a matter of minutes?

It is my opinion that the evidence should be taken from the prosecution by federal authorities and gone over with a fine tooth comb. Something very foul is taking place in the courtroom in Aurora. This “evidence” that is being presented is deeply flawed and even though they are trying their best to keep it from the public, it still reeks of a kangaroo court.

Personally I take Mr. Mitchel at his word. The location of the bar, the description of the way they were just hanging out having a beer talking football, his description of Holmes long before much came out about him.. it all adds up and he is vastly more believable that the bar owner who seemed to only want to keep his establishment from being associated with the Aurora Massacre.

What this and all the other manipulative efforts that have been tried in the past to convict Holmes in the court of public opinion shows is that this defense attorney and the judge in this case are allowing something malicious to take place on their watch. An investigation should begin immediately into this entire court proceeding. But of course, that wont happen.

We have devolved into a society that allows secret evidence and secret trials and murder by decree from the White House of U.S. citizens without due process, without appeal. Now it appears we also allow tainted evidence, fraudulent evidence, to be used in a court of law, while we collectively turn our heads and yawn.

I can only wonder what is next in the De-evolutionary process? The EVIL GENE? PRE-CRIME? Oh wait. They’re already doing those.

23 Responses

  1. Great write-up, Scott. Obviously the prosecution has NO case against Holmes aside from his weapons being used in the crime, and finding him wearing the same attire used by the shooter. Nobody can definitively say, “Yes, he was the one who strolled into the theater that night and shot 70+ people”.

    I don’t think those pictures are actually of James Holmes, but I could be wrong. The hair line looks different, and the shape of the face as well. I’d say the shape of the jaw almost definitely looks different in the Adultfriendfinder pictures. It looks much longer.

  2. When did his natural hair go from black to dark or medium brown? Remember.he had black wavy or almost curly hair…

    Kiwasbi, that man who had no memory… they say he is from New Mexico….. but did you look real close at him? He has a strange resemblance to the ‘made-up’ Holmes!

    • It’s not him, but I wouldn’t doubt they used someone else like him for the pictures.

      • One more thought… why the black contacts? Maybe because if that person who isnt Holmes in the pictures (but has a slight resemblance), had a different eye color — So those contacts hide that discrepancy.

        • you mean like the color discrepancy we noticed the first time we looked at the comparison photos?

          • Yeah. I think the first mug shot is probably him — it looks less like him than the next mug shot — but being strung out after being dosed can certainly make you look different. But the hair color still bothers me.

            I’d love to hear some comment (even 3rd hand) from his parents. They were at the last court appearance before the ones this week.

            At some point I have to resign to the fact we’ll never know.

    • I also thought it was strange that in the first mug shot, his eyebrows and facial hair seemed much lighter — who dyes that too? And the nicely dyed red hair, complete with highlights and lowlights, after the shooting, seems way more “professional” than the sun-in, bottle dyed orange in all the dating profile pictures — which (in my opinion) don’t resemble him too much. Only “just enough”… which would make me think its the same guy used for all of these “incriminating” photos.

      And from the little I know about jail, “haircuts” cost “jail money” (whatever you earned or had on your books). I doubt he “bought” a buzz cut. So who was in charge of giving him that crazy facial hair? It was definitely on purpose.

      To say his attorneys are incompetent is an understatement. Yet, at the same time, it clearly says on the public defender website that their sole purpose and goal is to avoid the death penalty for their clients. So I guess they do as little as possible to achieve that.

      Everything about this makes me sick.

  3. Uhh, look at this article:

    “The court room’s set-up kept members of the media from being able to see Holmes’ face as the photos were displayed, but victims and their families could watch him.

    Teves said that Holmes was, “absolutely smirking” when images of his weapons and the iPhone photos he took of himself were shown.”

    No one…in the media…actually saw these photos. Nobody describing these photos…has actually seen these photos. I am going to scream.

    • “A smirk is a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness. “”A constant smirk upon the face, and a whifling activity of the body, are strong indications of futility,” taken from the wikepedia

      so a smirk doesn’t mean he was proud or amused… it could easily mean he was offended by such photos…. and maybe he knows he is being set up in every avenue …

  4. Here is a youtube video of a news report that shows drawings of the photos that were shown in court. Someone who attended today’s hearing also said that Holmes smiled when he saw the photos of himself: /watch?v=LzOYshtzwlU

    I take issue with the person in the video who claims that Holmes knows fully well what is going on. No one can “act” dilated pupils. If Holmes wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crime, how does law enforcement explain the dilated pupils? Holmes pupils during the first hearing and even in the mugshots look a bit dilated, as well. To be honest, in one particular school photo, Holmes (in a suit and tie) appears to have dilated pupils, as well.

    Here is what a health article says about dilated pupils:

    “. . . Medications and illicit drugs that can dilate the pupils include cough and cold medications, decongestants, cocaine, and marijuana. In most cases, the dilation caused by these drugs is temporary, and the pupils return to normal as the effect wears off.

    “Poisoning from biological or chemical substances is another cause of dilated pupils. With drugs or poisoning, both pupils are usually equally dilated.

    “Certain neurological conditions and diseases of the brain, such as stroke or tumor, can also affect pupil size. These conditions may dilate only one pupil, or they may dilate the pupils to a different degree on each side, resulting in unequal pupil size . . .

    “Dilated pupils or pupils that are unequal in size can be a sign of serious conditions affecting the brain, including stroke, bleeding or tumor and often signal the presence of a medical emergency. Head trauma may also produce dilated or unequal pupils that accompany other brain injuries.”

    I would also add that diseases affecting the adrenal system could affect pupil dilation. The more adrenally exhausted one becomes, the less able the body is to constrict the pupils and keep them that way in response to stimuli.

  5. Did anyone else see the news articles and/or tweets reporting that video footage exists of Holmes in a gun store on July 1 and that his orange hair was evident in this video?

    If the person in the gun store video taken July 1 had orange hair, then that person can’t be James Holmes unless Jackie Mitchell is telling a tall tale or perhaps is red-green color blind. I’m pretty sure that Holmes would have been remembered by other bar patrons if his hair had been orange the night he chatted with Jackie…

    Furthermore, if Holmes’ hair was orange on July 1, he would have needed to touch up his dye job by July 20; that kind of color tends to fade rather quickly, as we saw during the early sketches from the hearings back in the summer.

    • It sounds like his hair was only red on July 19th and after. This was the only witness who seems to have seen him with red hair prior to the shooting:

    • As far as I’m aware, only one witness saw Holmes with red hair prior to the shooting. Search for, “Colorado Theater Shooter, Not A lone Gunmen?”. This was on July 19th, just hours before the crime.

    • if I remember correctly, this guy in the gun store originally said he had some type of piercings, and that it was “pink” hair. Not Holmes.

  6. Ok none of my comments are posting…

  7. and any women here know that he had to bleach his hair first before putting on that orange hair dye (read the instructions of manic panic- you can’t get bright color on hair as dark as james’), and going back and forth between dark brown and stripping that color to go back to the bleached/orange color over a few days or couple of weeks would of fried his hair, possibly causing it to break off… and from his mug shot his hair looked to be in good condition. ha.. i know it seems like not a big deal, but just putting it out there.

    • That is so true, ann……. I had forgotten all about the problems dark haired ladies have with changing their hair color……wouldn’t know why they would want to … dark hair is so vibrant.

  8. I feel at some point, someone else was/is playing the role of James Holmes.

  9. did you do a writeup on ‘naked guy’ arrested about an hour before ‘black hat’ guy pronounced dead? if so, what’s the title so i can read it. also, are you any good at cracking email?

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