The Prego Debutante and the Invisible Occupy Mole: Terrorist Story Indemnifies Feds After Spying Scandal

by Scott Creighton

Yet another rich “terrorist” has been busted. (yawn)

This one is so obvious, you can’t help but laugh.

Morgan Gliedman is a wealthy little debutante born into a privileged upper West Side lifestyle. She also happens to be 9 months pregnant with the baby of the REAL evil “terrrrurrurururist”, a guy who reportedly is an organizer for the Occupy Movement. Of course, the Occupy people claim they never heard of him. That’s not to say he wasn’t a plant from day one. After all, after the recent disclosure, we know the Feds have been spying on the Occupy Movement since before the beginning and had plants inside the operation from the get go.

Oh wait… did I just write that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security recently got a rash of crap from various newspapers for infiltrating, brutally cracking down on and illegally spying on the Occupy Movement for the benefit of the very banks the Occupiers were protesting against? And wasn’t the New York City Police Department engaged in that coordinated attack on peaceful protesters for the benefit of Wall Street. Oh yeah… it’s called Occupy WALL STREET.

And now one of them gets busted with “high explosives”, high capacity clips and a shotgun?

Wow. What a coincidence that is.

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What a Shock: Obama Gives In – Bush Tax Cuts “extended permanently”

by Scott Creighton


The mythological “fiscal cliff”, the new Red Menace, the Islamo-fascist terrorist hiding under your bed, has done it’s work. Obama has been “forced” to cave in and is reportedly working a deal out that conspiracy theorists like me said was going to be the end result all along. And the “liberal” pundits just can’t seem to understand why.

The discouraging thing about the “fiscal cliff” negotiations is not that they have gone into the eleventh hour, or that they may go into the new year, or even that they won’t resolve the long-term budget deficit. It’s that President Obama has retreated on his hard line on taxes. In the months before the election, and in the weeks after his victory, Obama had a clear position: The Bush tax cuts for income over $250,000 were ending. He would not sign any extension, and if Republicans refused to extend tax cuts for income below that level, he would hold them responsible for it until they did.

Now, by all accounts, Obama is prepared to extend the Bush tax cuts up to $400,000 a year. Or maybe more. As of Friday, Obama had told Republicans they could have the tax cuts extended on income up to $400,000 if they would accept the estate tax rising from its Bush-set rates. As of last night, Democrats were conceding the estate tax plus the higher exemption on tax rates, which had risen to $450,000. And Republicans still hadn’t agreed to it! Why would they, when Democrats keep hurling money at them? By midnight, Republicans might be getting the Saturday Night Live version of Obama’s offer (“a 1% raise on the top two Americans — just two people”). Jonathan Chait

Oh gee! I wonder why our CHANGE president who has done nothing but pack his cabinet with corporate CEOs and billionaires since day one would possibly fold up his affected populous stand and give in to the billionaires and corporate CEOs that he hangs out with and vacations with and rubs elbows with on a daily basis? I just don’t understand it all…


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Rita Katz Creates Another “scary Muslims” Threat – Bounty for U.S. Ambassador Gerald Feierstein

by Scott Creighton

(Well, I guess I’ll get shut down for this one. Ah screw it, it’s been a good run)

When I tell you, “you can’t make this shit up”, I think that is clearly an understatement in this case.

Follow along:

ritaJewish Rita Katz, a woman with a long history of hatred of Muslim people, has another “scary Muslim” recording (for people with a working knowledge of the fraudulent Global War on Terror, that should be enough right there to send the bovine excrement meter off the charts) and she is literally selling it to the media (subscription to her “intelligence service” costs media outlets $2,500 a year) and the American people through her for profit organization called the SITE “Intelligence” Group. The recording is supposedly of a “scary Muslim” offering up a bounty on Jewish U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein.

Rita Katz got her start as a paid FBI “informant” setting up various patsies to be arrested on “terrorism” charges. Then she went into business for herself serving as a contractor with SITE. Her “intelligence group” (her and one other Jewish guy) sold a fake bin Laden recording back in 2007 and then complained when they gave the “evidence” to the government and someone released it before she could cash in. In the 30 minute video, the actual video image of bin Laden only moved for about 3 minutes, the rest of the 27 minutes it stayed frozen. That’s the Grecian Formula bin Laden video by the way. The video has been subject to abject ridicule from every aspect of American culture so much so, they forced it to be pulled off the web. Here’s a still comparison of the 2004 bin Laden and Rita Katz’ 2007 version.

obl comparison

“bin Laden’s beard appears to have been dyed, a popular practice among Arab leaders,” Rita Katz

She also went on 60 Minutes news show back in 2003 and falsely claimed that Mar-Jac Poultry was laundering money for terrorists. They sued her lying ass.

She wrote a book in 2003 giving herself credit for being a brave warrior fighting against the Muslim hordes that were rampaging through America after 9/11. She basically took credit for every fake FBI sting operation that had been staged in the wake of 9/11 and to be honest, I’m surprised she hasn’t attempted to take credit for the staged bin Laden execution or writing the propaganda piece “Zero Dark Thirty”

Basically, everything she does is a damn lie designed to make people hate Muslims as much as she does and to put large sums of tax-payers money in her greedy little pockets.

The new story is bullshit and if you look at what is happening in current events right now (like Obama stepping up drone strikes in Yemen as we speak including a report from this past week where a drone strike “mistakenly’ killed 11 civilians 3 of whom were children, on their way home from market), you can clearly see why this new threat was fabricated by a “group’ which is paid hard cash to make up crap like this.

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