Flashback: Naomi Wolf – The End of America

by Scott Creighton

There comes a point where democracy can no longer heal democracy“… Yeah. We’re there

An important lecture given by Naomi Wolf in October of 2007 in which she lays out the 10 step process by which open societies transform into closed or fascist ones.

It’s a good speech except for in the beginning she talks about the need to create a mythical enemy both foreign and domestic and she chooses Stalin’s warnings to the Soviet people about “capitalist sleeper cells” operating in the Soviet Union and Soviet block countries. She wrongly claims that it was a “myth” but the fact is, Stalin was absolutely correct; it was called Operation Gladio and it started just before the end of Germany’s part in WWII.

Still, all in all, a good lecture on how fascism is installed in various countries since the end of the last world war especially if you consider some very recent developments.

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Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy

New documents prove what was once dismissed as paranoid fantasy: totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent (a.k.a. “fascism”)

by Naomi Wolf, Guardian

It was more sophisticated than we had imagined: new documents show that the violent crackdown on Occupy last fall – so mystifying at the time – was not just coordinated at the level of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and local police. The crackdown, which involved, as you may recall, violent arrests, group disruption, canister missiles to the skulls of protesters, people held in handcuffs so tight they were injured, people held in bondage till they were forced to wet or soil themselves –was coordinated with the big banks themselves.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, in a groundbreaking scoop that should once more shame major US media outlets (why are nonprofits now some of the only entities in America left breaking major civil liberties news?), filed this request. The document – reproduced here in an easily searchable format – shows a terrifying network of coordinated DHS, FBI, police, regional fusion center, and private-sector activity so completely merged into one another that the monstrous whole is, in fact, one entity: in some cases, bearing a single name, the Domestic Security Alliance Council. And it reveals this merged entity to have one centrally planned, locally executed mission. The documents, in short, show the cops and DHS working for and with banks to target, arrest, and politically disable peaceful American citizens.

The documents, released after long delay in the week between Christmas and New Year, show a nationwide meta-plot unfolding in city after city in an Orwellian world: six American universities are sites where campus police funneled information about students involved with OWS to the FBI, with the administrations’ knowledge (p51); banks sat down with FBI officials to pool information about OWS protesters harvested by private security; plans to crush Occupy events, planned for a month down the road, were made by the FBI – and offered to the representatives of the same organizations that the protests would target; and even threats of the assassination of OWS leaders by sniper fire – by whom? Where? – now remain redacted and undisclosed to those American citizens in danger, contrary to standard FBI practice to inform the person concerned when there is a threat against a political leader (p61).

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2012 in review for American Everyman

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. (why they got to be “monkeys”?)

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 900,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 16 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe! (and about 899,990 more visitors than Dollywood has ever seen)

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Steven Fry on U.S. Prison Population:No Society in History has Imprisoned More of it’s Own Population

Here are a few facts mentioned by Steven during this show and posted by the Youtube member:

I’ll start with a fact everyone(well nearly everyone) knows.

1. Three “strikes” and you get life in jail. Even for trivial crimes, Leandro Andrade is serving 2 consecutive life sentences for shoplifting 9 video tapes with a value of $153
2a. 1% of Americans are in jail(2.3million)
2b On a per capita bases this equates to twice as many in South Africans, more than 3 times Iran and 6 times China’s prison population.
3. No society in history has imprisoned as many people as America.
4. 1 in 30 men aged 20 – 34 in in prison.
5.1 in 9 black males are in prison.
6. There are more 17 year old black males in prison than in college.
7. 5% of the world are American…25% of all prisoners are American.
8. America prohibits importing goods made through forced labor or prisoners…
…American prisons produce 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet proof vests,
9. 93% of domestically used paints, 36% of home appliances, 21% of office furniture, which allows America to compete with factories in Mexico.
10. You get solitary confinement if you refuse to work!

11. Thus America has successfully reinvented the slave trade


Regime Change ALERT: Bolivia nationalises Iberdrola electricity companies

(Which will it be? Bolivia did 9/11 or Iraq WMDs to Syria and then to Bolivia?)

from Reuters

Bolivia nationalised two electricity distribution companies owned by Spanish utility Iberdrola on Saturday, the latest move by leftist President Evo Morales to assert control over the country’s resources.

Iberdrola will be compensated according to a valuation to be drawn up by an independent arbiter, Morales said, adding that the measure was aimed at enhancing rural energy services.

“We considered this measure necessary to ensure equitable energy tariffs … and to see to it that the quality of electricity service is uniform in rural as well as urban areas,” Morales said.

President Morales has nationalised oil, telecommunications, mining and electrical generation companies.

In June, Morales took control of global commodities giant Glencore’s tin and zinc mine in Bolivia and more nationalisations of mining companies could be ahead in the Andean country.

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Review of: Untold History of the United States: Episode 3, The Bomb

by Scott Creighton

There is a great deal missing from this history lesson, most notably the motivation to enter into the second world war (financial) and the fact that we provoked the Japanese into attacking and ignored intelligence of the pending attack so that the people would be finally made ready to get involved. They also don’t mention the fact that Pearl Harbor really had nothing to do with the war in Europe, but we immediately attacked Germany in retaliation. But it does tell a good part of the history in regard to our “terror bombing” campaigns in Europe and Japan as well as the fact that the dropping of the atomic bombs had little to nothing to do with the surrender of the Japanese, which is rightly attributed in this episode to the fact that the Soviets mounted an invasion of Manchuria on Aug 9th 1945, an attack and an involvement in the war that the Japanese were terrified of.

It also clearly lays out the fact that 6 of the 7 5 star generals opposed the use of these weapons and shows how the Japanese were ready to surrender as early as May of ’45 and the only stipulation they demanded was the retention of the Emperor. That supposedly was the one reason we did not accept surrender and yet in the end, we did anyway.

Again, rightly, this show depicts the real war after Germany was more about post-war Soviet influence than anything else. Our fascists couldn’t allow the communist/socialist influence to spread. We see from this and the understanding of things like Operation Gladio, that after Germany’s surrender in WWII we have been fighting another war, a war of terror, for the benefit of various interests.

Someone once said that Truman was simply following orders back then. It hadn’t been his decision to drop the bomb as much as it was not to intervene in a plan that had already been set in motion. That he was like a little boy on a toboggan, hanging on for the ride.

Reminds me of Obama now.

Over all it’s a good yet brief history lesson leaving some critical information out, but covering some of the other, less heroic, less “greatest generation” propaganda.


‘US has become an Orwellian state’ – Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick

(Hmmm… it’s news worthy when a star like Oliver Stone says it, but “conspiracy theory’ when regular people have been writing it for 5 years or more…. hmmmmm.)