Sandy Hook Shootings: No Motive for Your Psyop? Try “the EVIL Gene”

by Scott Creighton (H/T Stan)

‘Physician, heal thyself’

After various failed attempts to lie to the general public about a possible motive for the Sandy Hook massacre, it looks like they are going to try another approach: junk science and “The EVIL Gene

I got an idea: let’s toss James Holmes in a lake. If he swims to the side and survives he’s guilty and he gets burned at the stake otherwise he’s still guilty and we save some matches.

When a reader here tipped me off to this Daily Mail story I thought it had to be a joke. No joke.

At a time when forensic science is being called into question for running “problematic” investigations which could have led to tens of thousands of wrongful convictions, that whacky medical examiner from Newtown has a great idea: he has asked for a ground breaking study to find “the evil gene” to answer that nagging question about motive (you know, the fact that Adam Lanza, James Holmes and William Spengler didn’t have any motive for the spate of 2nd amendment nixing crimes attributed to them).

Scientists have been asked to study the DNA of Newtown school killer Adam Lanza to see if has an ‘evil’ gene that led him to carry out the massacre.

The study, which will look at any abnormalities or mutations in his individual DNA, is believed to be the first of its kind ever carried out on a mass murderer…

… The study of the killer’s DNA has been ordered by Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver who carried out the post mortems on all the victims.

He has contacted geneticists at University of Connecticut’s to conduct the study. Daily Mail

So now Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver is officially looking for the “evil gene”. Keep in mind this is the same M.E. whose department lost it’s accreditation under his watch and who resigned in a huff earlier this year because the state had to cut back on some funding including his $300,000 a year paycheck.

“Carver has chafed at budget cuts imposed by the Malloy administration as well as a planned reorganization that would restrict his autonomy. His department also had its national accreditation downgraded by one agency and dropped by another, problems that Carver said would be rectified.

Carver, who is paid $299,783 as medical examiner…” CT Post

300 grand to go out there and tell the press he’s now looking for the “evil gene” with a straight face? I guess that would be worth it to some people.

“oh. No motive? uh… did he have the evil gene? Yes? Well. There you go”

To put all of this into a current events context, just the other week a story broke about FBI and state labs doing sloppy work to get convictions all across the country. Horribly sloppy work.

“The FBI’s crime lab was at one point reputed to be one of the most elite, well-run labs in the world. Not so much anymore. For the last year, the agency has been embroiled in a huge and growing scandal in which its crime lab technicians have been found to have vastly overstated the value and conclusiveness of forensic evidence in criminal cases. The breadth and seriousness of the problem have only come to light in the last year or so, although there have been warning signs going back to the 1990s. The number of convictions affected is in the thousands, possibly the tens of thousands.” Radly Balko

Of course at first they wanted to keep all of this as quiet as possible knowing full well that many others would have been affected by these poorly run tests. Keeping innocent people locked away for crimes they didn’t commit but it’s ok because the “Justice” Department did the bare minimum of what the law demanded as far as warning others about the mistakes.

But then again, the Justice Department isn’t about justice anymore is it? Not anymore than the Ministry of Truth was about the truth.

How is it that our courts have for decades now allowed the use of bad science to put citizens in prison — or even to send them to their deaths? Why is it that junk science can so easily slip into the courtroom during a criminal trial, but when said science is later called into question — or even shown to be complete nonsense — it can be so difficult, sometimes impossible, for the people convicted by that science to get a new trial? Should the objective of a prosecutor be to seek justice, or to win convictions? Do crime labs exist to objectively test and analyze forensic evidence, or are they part of the prosecution’s “team?”

How have we structured the incentives at crime labs, in prosecutors’ offices, and at the Justice Department? Are prosecutors rewarded for seeking justice, or for racking up convictions? Radley Balko

Junk science, bad science, nonsense… there are a lot of somewhat recent examples to choose from: the Magic Bullet Theory, Building 7, Bruce Ivins, electronic voting machines with their secret codes, H1N1, Anthropomorphic Global Warming, GM foods are perfectly safe, the list goes on and on.

And now we can soon add yet another to that collection: the EVIL gene.

Perhaps if they really wanted to run some targeted sampling for their studies they could start with a control group of mass murderers and war criminals. They could start with George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Leeden, Condi Rice, George W. Bush, George P. Shultz, David Rockefeller, Tony Blair, Benjamin Netanyahu, anyone named Rothschild, Barack Obama, anyone named Clinton, Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Jamie Dimon, anyone who works for Goldman Sachs, anyone who ever worked for Goldman Sachs, anyone anywhere near the International Bank for Settlements, the IMF, the World Bank, all of the 16 banks involved with LIBOR, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano… (here’s a hint: if they own a copy of Atlas Shrugged and think it’s actually well written, save yourself some time… they are the EVIL gene)…

… and you can toss in anyone who helps cover up the real assassins from Aurora, Newtown and Webster for that matter.

While we are on that evidence line, I guess they could take a little sample from the illustrious Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver. Check and out his home library while you’re at it.

Evil gene? ‘Physician, heal thyself’

40 Responses

  1. This case is pure exploitation from start to finish, I don’t trust anything comming out of this case – nada.

    • Prosecuting people for posting “disinformation’ on social media sites, gun grabbing, nullification of the 2nd amendment, psychological screening for pre-crime intervention, and now “the evil gene” just in case there aren’t even blog entries to justify the psychological intervention.

      they’re getting a lot out of this one aren’t they?

  2. When I heard this on a radio news report, I wondered whether it is a ploy to bring about some sort of massive-scale DNA databank: They’ll find an “evil” gene, mass hysteria will ensue (Could my neighbor have it? My child? My mail carrier?), and everyone will be forced (well, most of the sheeple will do it willingly) to submit their DNA to a national databank for “analysis.” This process will be used to screen for all types of things–or maybe people will be forced to submit DNA for analysis before receiving gun permit approval. Or a driver license. Or a professional certification. I can see it all now . . .

    I recommend that readers research a field called “epigenetics.” Epigenetics basically posits that any one of us can have genes for anything and everything, but it takes environmental actors to activate the genes. In other words, to use an analogy, if a cancer gene is a car, then an environmental factor is the key that starts the car. The environmental factor could be pollution, “medication,” other drugs, social factors, etc. To simply possess a gene in our genetic makeup means diddly squat. It’s the myriad other factors in our environment that cause genes to express themselves. For a really accessible read on the subject, I recommend anything by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

    I’m not saying that I think Adam Lanza did or did not commit crimes; rather, I’m saying that the “evil gene” argument is nonsensical and reliant upon most people’s ignorance on the topic of genetic expression.

    • ¨most of the sheeple will do it willingly¨ yes, because now they are adding this procedure to become common, normalcy so to say – also from now on nobody will ask to see proof for anything anymore and this has been the case since 911 but definitely since they dumped OBL in to the vast sea. People will be smiling when tragedy hits just like the brave parents from Sandy Hook seen on TV.
      Yes, the Mayans were right.

  3. While maybe the result of desperation and/or incompetence, this talk of “bad genes” certainly plays into the hands of the fascists who are coming out of the woodwork since these psyops began. I can see someone like a politician of national stature proposing a pre-crime database, calculated from your personal DNA and recorded family history. Also Scott, it’s interesting that the first name on your list of mass murderers and war criminals, is G.H.W. Bush son of Prescott Bush, who was an international banker, Bonesman, and senator from Connecticut, with extensive connections to racial politics and eugenics also some interesting congruities here for those into a more esoteric analysis

  4. Tony,

    I really do not intend to drag the conversation to this subject, but, on and off, I notice your posts which puts all of the ills of the whole wide world at the feet of the Jews, or Israel, or Zionists… A la Michael Rivero…

    Just want to point out that it would be fairly naive to think that a small percentage of the total of 13.3 million Jews can steer history in such a direct way just because they hold some papers in the form of money, deeds, bonds, etc. without the consent of , hmmmm, let’s say the Pope? It would be fair to assume that the rest of the world could easily do away with all 13.3 million of them, or at least rob them blind off their wealth if they were not also benefiting or profiting from these super dark games through a sickeningly symbiotic relationship.

    Or do you believe they hold some other, more potent power of the supernatural kind?

    The relatively small percentage of conniving Jews (as opposed to the clueless and duped millions of them) are merely a part of a grand chess game that is played throughout the ages, and they belong in the same category as the conniving catholics, conniving Protestants and conniving _______ (fill in the blank).

    Are you suggesting that the jews will have everyone’s DNA and develop the means to eliminate everyone who does not possess the Hebrew gene? That would probably leave a couple million people on a very lonely planet.

    Or am I misinterpreting your cryptic list of links? I might even have an inaccurate recollection of your previous posts? I apologize in advance if that is the case.

    • In the context of my last sentence of my above comment:

      Scott, is this site searchable?

      • If you are logged in, there is a little magnifying glass up in the top right-hand corner if you scroll all the way up and I believe that is searchable for this site.

        I just looked back over this guy… I had to edit part of some off topic rant he posted a while back (he’s only been around since the 7th of this month) and I found another slur (the “k” word) tucked into one of his posts that I previously missed.

        And then of course, I just read his “ovens” line in the middle of his latest offering…

        you know what they say about 3 strikes?

        • ‘Tony’ is also a commenter who calls himself Davy and sometimes anonymous. He has been hitting a number of sites lately that are on my blogroll with the same repetitive things and linking our blogs to try and and manufacture an association between us and his rantings. It’s distracting and caused infighting in the comments.

          He and a number of others were the reason after all these years I felt the need to enable the comment moderation at my place. I think that was part of their plan and it worked.

        • Thanks for the reply. Seems like the search is only for the main articles and does not cover the posts… Oh well.

          I totally understand how you might want to keep your site clean by avoiding hate speech, or any other subject, tone, language, etc that you might find objectionable. And I respect that.

          Personally, I much prefer engaging these characters in a discussion that would help me and everyone else define their angle, prejudices and true intentions.

          Some of it is for selfish reasons. In the sense that, I cherish the opportunity to confront, as well as educate myself in the way people think, in the comfort and safety provided to me by the anonymity this site affords me. (Although, I am well aware that if anyone really wanted to know who I am, they can find out anyway)

          Another major motivation for engaging them is my wish to expose them for what they are. I also wish that people would use any word, the n-word the k-word or the x-y-z-word as freely as they would like to. Imagine a world where white people who actually prefer (or want) to call African Americans “n—–s” would do so freely… We would have a much easier time guessing what they are feeling and thinking. The political correctness imposed by the society provides the prejudiced a perfect formula to disguise their true colors.

          Sorry I went off on a tangent, because, having said all that, in the case of Mr. Clifton, he is so blunt and lazy with his comments, I agree with Kenny’s interpretation that he is trying to “…manufacture an association between us and his rantings.”… Muddying the waters, poisoning the well… Not to mention annoying the crap out of people.

          • yeah, when they come right out and claim Christ says put ’em in ovens, that’s pretty much the limit of their potential here if you know what I mean. The “k” word I let him get away with and the rant I had to remove before, but, come on.. “ovens” ? I don’t care what he is at that point, he’s gone and that’s that.

          • as clifton he is associated with veterans today.

        • My comment got caught in filter…

          Disclaimer: In my first attempt, I had spelled out the n-word (in quotation marks, and definitely in the right context, but, yes, I am afraid I did use the n-word)

          I changed in my second attempt, thinking that word would be red flag perhaps… But no luck.

          Scott, provided that you do not find the comment inappropriate, I would love it if you can scoop out the second version.

    • Ninety five percent of modern day Jews are of Ashkenazi origin of the Khazars. Read Arthur Koestler’s ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ – They have usurped the ‘identity’ of the true race called biblical Israel by stealth and deception.
      It was not so long ago every Christian knew that Jews killed their Messiah. The new Catholic ecumenical brainwashing is an attempt to transfer that deicide onto the Romans and to help unite all other religious beliefs.
      The seed of the serpent remains in the descendants of Cain….. the Edomite/Canaanite/Jews who are neither Judean by geographical ancestry nor are they of the genetic tribe of Judah.
      Biblical Israel consists of twelve tribes of which Judah is but one.
      Every interpretation of the invented word Jew to signify more than a specific reference to just one single tribe of Judah is invariably designed to mislead.

      • I am pretty much with you all the way in regards to the true make up of the people who call themselves “Jews” in the modern era.

        Manufactured (and often modified) official and selective history is common to most peoples of the world, but through the blurry connections and blurry borders they have attained, the flexibility that Jews enjoy in bending historical facts to suit their agenda is paralleled only by the Catholic Church, a.k.a. Rome)

        These two are very much intertwined like two copulating serpents, and they feed off each other in varying degrees as they have set out to steer the human civilization with an increasingly intricate manufactured reality…

        Since it’s an area of interest of mine, I would like to discuss further, but I am worried we would be derailing the topic of the actual article above because of some douchebag, sinister comment this Clifton guy posted… And that would certainly make him successful in the exact thing he came here to accomplish.

  5. Gene is evil? The one on The Match Game? Nice jingle, huh?

  6. […] Scott Creighton – Sandy Hook Shootings: No Motive for Your Psyop? Try “the EVIL Gene” […]

  7. I posted this latest piece as a reply in the Webster thread, but it really belongs in a Sandy Hook thread. Big stuff here.

    It appears to me that the crime syndicate who executed this op utilized local dirtbags. Rodia for example. And whoever else George Uzar Sr. sacrificed for the task. After all, he made a plea deal and is on the streets as we speak. So, a dark maroon van is not so out of the ordinary for low lifes.

    Also remember it was reported to have had its back windows shot out.

    We have photos of the substitute teachers green 4 door sedan with bullet holes in it, and it was parked far away from the entrance in the second row.

    So there was a shoot out in the parking lot, as the scanner feed reveals.

    And how about this dirtbag….

    BATF raids gun store where Nancy Lanza “bought her guns”.

    The raid comes less than a week after 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle in Newtown.

    On Saturday, a South Windsor man — who had received a suspended prison sentence and two years probation in May for stealing a dozen rifles and shotguns from Riverview Sales — tried to steal a sniper rifle from the same store, police said.

    Jordan Marsh, 26, pleaded guilty May 10 to a single count of stealing a firearm and received a suspended prison sentence and two years of probation. He initially faced 12 counts of stealing a firearm and other larceny charges.

    According to East Windsor police, on Saturday, Marsh grabbed a Bushmaster .50-caliber rifle from Riverview Sales valued at $5,000 and ran from the store. When store employees confronted Marsh, he pulled a knife, then fled on foot. Police officers eventually caught and arrested him.

    … “I selected the business to steal the rifles because it was so easy to walk out of the business with a rifle and ammunition and not be stopped or questioned,” Marsh wrote in a statement, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.


    Come on now. Jordan Marsh must be in big trouble with the local syndicate and was blackmailed into this. He just escaped prison time, and yet he goes back to the same store in broad daylight, grabs a 30 pound 50 cal sniper rifle and runs out, Then pulls a knife on the 2 employees who chase and confront him in the parking lot. And then is easily caught.

    Oh, and by the way. The GLP member GREADYGENIUS who did the lion’s share of the legwork making the connections between Rodia and UZAR and possibly the Lanzas?

    He just came onto his NEW LEADS thread this morning and renamed it “REMOVED”, stating the following.

    “Sorry everyone. I got a cease and desist email regarding this thread. I find the things the email said in it shocking. I would post it but it says on it that there could be fines/prison for retransmitting it. I am 100% certain this was a cover up now. Thanks for all of the contributions to this thread. Please continue the search for the truth, I have been shut down for now.”

    When pressed by Sonicdreamer, Gready wrote the following..

    “Dreamer I’m sorry I didn’t say more. The email was just from my ISP, TW. It stated there was an ongoing investigation in a matter I recently gave “information” about and I needed to delete this on behalf of my ISP for legal purpose. Then it states in a disclaimer there are legal grounds got prosecution if its “transcribed”..

    “Dreamer, the email referred to this thread. It did not say to delete the thread but it said to remove my information. I guess that would be the legal way to view it atleast. I removed the information I shared, I hope it was relevant to everyone while it lasted.”

    Next, SHR (long time mod) stepped up and insisted it was not GLP mods who shut him down, and GREADY acknowledged again that it was his ISP, yet he had to ask SHR to unban his IP address so he doesn’t have to keep posting from his phone.

    So GLP apparently banned his IP address all of a sudden?

    NOTE, Gready referenced and reprinted the conversation the owner of THIS SITE had with Rodia and this leads me to believe that Rodia and his handlers are taking direct action now.

  8. I havn’t read much of the comments here, so I don’t know if this has been mentioned, yet it must have probably – so, most likely they are searching the neanderthal gene. As Lanza was caucasian. There is also the pharaonic gene but I don’t know those have ever been empirically tested against each other. But if Lanza had both, then he would still be caucasian.

  9. American Everyman made the big time.

    This thread has been linked to in the Abeldanger “coffee house” chatroom.

    Also linked in the Abeldanger chatroom is Aangirfan’s latest article displaying the staggering revelations regarding the custodian of Sandy Hook elementary who reportedly confronted the shooter and ran through the hallways warning everyone.

    • Where are the claims that Kevin Anzellotti was the one who ran through the hallways, warning teachers? On his facebook somebody said he was on vacation. And when I Google Kevin Anzellotti + Sandy Hook no media hits come up. Can we please stop with the “it was all a drill” garbage? Yes I know it’s comforting to think nobody actually died that day. But they did.

  10. I never said anything about it being a drill and no one dying? Nor did I even remotely imply it. Why do you make statements like this?

    If you don’t already know that Kevin the custodian was the one reported to have done that, then you are really not up to speed, and I have been noticing this more after reading your comments.

    You do have an awful lot of comments for someone who really isn’t well read into this issue.

    Field McConnell has it covered at the deeper layers, for those who are actually interested.

    • The link you posted called it a simulation and an exercise. I do not appreciate your insults. I asked you to back up the claim about the janitor, but instead of doing so you said I am not well read on the subject. By the way, haven’t seen you around for the Holmes case whatsoever, I wonder why that is.

  11. Jackson Laboratories is most likely the connecion with this “evil gene” nonsense from Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver.

    CT taxpayers or on the hook for $291 million plus bond interest, with Jackson guaranteeing 300 jobs within a decade. At over 1 million per job, no one would say that this is a good deal for taxpayers. Made worse by the fact that CT just saw the biggest tax increase in its history and still faces a deficit.

    What does Jackson Laboratories do? “The emerging science of genetic research” of course.

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