Webster Ambush: Spengler Not Hit By Police – Won’t Release Info on Guns

by Scott Creighton

According to new reports, William Spengler was not hit by the officer returning fire on the sniper position, he died from a “self inflicted” wound. They also apparently know where the weapons came from but are not releasing that information. Also, I still haven’t been able to determine if the “typed” note left behind on Spengler was signed.

State police say an autopsy shows the gunman who lured two New York firefighters to their deaths died of a self-inflicted shot to the head and wasn’t hit by return fire from a police officer

.. Investigators aren’t yet releasing how the ex-convict got the weapons. He was barred from possessing them. AP

7 Responses

  1. ¨He was barred from possessing them¨? THEY, gave them guns to him , which means… we are rapidly becoming a socialist, communist, egalitarian state, hell bent on re-distribution of our wealth – guns!

  2. Well, one thing is known: William Spengler was convicted of a felony (murder) which by federal law, simply means that he could not just go down to a gun store and purchase said firearms. Nor was it legal for him to own them, or have in his possession from that point on.

    So… the ultimate question is how did he acquired them?

    Take a look at this:

    To break it down, if that link doesn’t work =
    One Dawn Nguyen had apparently, and possibly purchased those firearms legally….. as what is known as “straw buyer” tactic, very similar to the Fast and Furious debacle that many of us are aware of.

    Apparently those firearms were said to be “lost” for all intents and purposes. How convenient ‘eh?

    So, I ask you…. who really is Dawn Nguyen? Take a good look again, at that picture at the link, and go from there. Name is named, go from there.

    Possible setup, methinks.

    • Haven’t seen you in a while. Good find on that article. Do you think Dawn Nguyen would be in on it? She was possibly told to say that she bought these guns for Spengler? By the look on her face I’d say she’s guilty.

      • Good to see you again too, my sleuther friend!

        While I’m not sure DN is “in on it” to the extent that she could have been working with the feds on this, I’m just fielding that as a possible theory.

        I agree with you, the look on her face is very telling. Regardless of the depth of her participation, it goes to show that placing a ban on (insert deadly weapon name here) has little to no effect at stopping criminals from illegally acquiring and using them.

        Perhaps that is ultimately the point, if you catch my drift.

      • If the point is to show that potential shooters will get a gun with or without the law, then what’s the goal?

        • remove the guns, not make it harder to get them. That’s the point

        • Well Biden did such a great job on The Patriot Act, let’s see what he comes up with for the Somebody Think of The Children Act.

          Oh yeah, and looks like at least SOME of the media see this talk about gun control as an obvious distraction from the “Fiscal Cliff”. Taxes are about to skyrocket for the poor…so, everybody, LOOK OVER HERE at these children the government murdered. Now cry and forget about how poor of a job we’re doing.

          “His words, after five days of extensive news coverage and national debate, were intensely focused on gun violence. He addressed no other topics. Yet judging by the questions that followed his address, most of the members of the Washington press corps had other things on their minds.

          “I’d like to ask you about the other serious issue consuming this town right now, the fiscal cliff,” was the first question, from The Associated Press’s correspondent, Ben Feller.”


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