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  1. They’re also probably laughing at the small SS cost of living increase… and then the added cost to the medicare premium… not to mention the food cost going up….
    and they laugh….

  2. If you look close, the press secret-airy here, is making em laugh, It was him who generated the meme!

  3. Do you know the actual context of this presidential laugh-fest??

    • In fact I do: Gibbs, went and spilt his coffee over an intern in the morning. The intern was picked as a high level asset in an upcoming eventv , but Gibbs was not aware and berated the intern.
      When Gibbs finally joined the circle everybody had to laugh and Pete Souza made the shot.

  4. I wish any one of those in that picture would have to, like, change a wiper blade in sub-zero weather, with snow, and big wind—following directions drawn up by a Chinaman on a piece of paper the size of a pack of cigarettes.

    Maybe we’d get some of our jobs back.

    Anyway, I like the picture—“And then I pretended to cry!” Perfect fit.

    r ap

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