Webster Ambush: Spengler Not Hit By Police – Won’t Release Info on Guns

by Scott Creighton

According to new reports, William Spengler was not hit by the officer returning fire on the sniper position, he died from a “self inflicted” wound. They also apparently know where the weapons came from but are not releasing that information. Also, I still haven’t been able to determine if the “typed” note left behind on Spengler was signed.

State police say an autopsy shows the gunman who lured two New York firefighters to their deaths died of a self-inflicted shot to the head and wasn’t hit by return fire from a police officer

.. Investigators aren’t yet releasing how the ex-convict got the weapons. He was barred from possessing them. AP

American Gladio


Army’s New Capstone: Overcoming the moral challenges to shape the environment for our national interests in the homeland and abroad

by Scott Creighton

policyThe U.S. Army has a new strategic vision which seems to center around the Special Operations Command (or SOCOM for short) doing “shape and prevent” operations for the benefit of our “national interests”. For those of you who don’t know, SOCOM runs the military’s “unconventional warfare” programs among other things. That’s not really a remarkable statement of purpose. If you read Gen. Smedley Butler’s 1935 work War is a Racket, then you will understand this has been our foreign policy for a very long time.

What’s interesting is who they say they are going to be primarily gearing up to fight… and where… and why.

You can read the new Army Capstone Concept (ACC) paper here. It’s a PDF.

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