Man With Autism Has Best Christmas Ever

by Scott Creighton

While so many are out there currently demonizing people like Adam Lanza, insinuating without evidence that they are on SSRIs and thus capable of carrying out mass casualty events like the one in Sandy Hook, I figured I would show you yet another video of someone roughly Adam’s age who also suffers from autism. Mark likes video games but his family couldn’t afford a new X-Box 360 so his extended family chipped in and got him one complete with games (Grand Theft Auto? hee hee) and even a new flat screen TV to hook it up too.

It’s just a quiet little moment of family life but in terms of the real debate going on out there, it sheds light, a positive bright light, on a condition that is currently being wildly misstated.

Here is Mark’s best Christmas ever.


One Response

  1. awwwww….. a tv and xbox !

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