American Gladio: Compulsory Gun Buyback Plan to be Aided by Bill Clinton

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: They demonized the NRA spokesman for suggesting we have armed cops in schools to protect against mass shooting events like the one at Sandy Hook, they called him “crazy”. Funny… do you know who first suggested such a thing back in 1998? A guy by the name of Bill Clinton:

Two weeks ago, President Clinton announced a program called Cops in Schools, aimed at making it easier for school districts to get money to hire police officers in hopes of preventing the types of shootings that have resulted in the deaths of students and teachers in half a dozen schools in the last three years. New York Times Nov. 1998

Do you know who also shares that “crazy” idea and think it’s a better way to protect our kids than rounding up assault rifles? The majority of the American people:

Americans are most likely to say that an increased police presence at schools, increased government spending on mental health screening and treatment, and decreased depiction of gun violence in entertainment venues would be effective in preventing mass shootings at schools. Americans rate the potential effectiveness of a ban on assault and semi-automatic guns as fourth on a list of six actions Gallup asked about. Gallop poll results

Hmmm… here’ a republican “strategist” who claims the exact opposite of this poll… I guess the facts just don’t matter when billionaires like Bloomberg want your guns.

Frank Luntz, a top Republican strategist and pollster, said Wednesday that the National Rifle Association’s recent calls for armed guards to be stationed at every school in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. massacre suggested the organization isn’t listening to public opinion on the issue.

The public wants guns out of the schools, not in the schools, and they’re not asking for a security official or someone else,Luntz said on CBS’s “This Morning,” responding to a proposal first floated by top NRA lobbyist Wayne LaPierre during a press conference last week. Huffington Post


In the wake of the Port Arthur Massacre, in which the motive remains a “state secret”, the Aussies put together a compulsory gun buyback plan in which Australians were forced to sell their weapons to the state for around $200 bucks a pop.

Whenever you have a program like this new American Gladio operation, there are always ways to benefit from the action for those who design them. Obviously the billionaires and the financial elites wish to disarm the American public prior to the designed collapse of the economy when they finish turning this country into the largest free trade zone in the world.

A couple weeks ago I talked to a reader here and I said that what they would probably do is institute a mandatory gun buyback plan because in a plan like that, there are many levels of graft that they will build into it.In this case we are talking about 50 million guns at around $500 bucks a pop. I could be wrong but that looks like around $25 billion.

The compulsory buyback program is now in the mill with people like Bill Clinton promising to do his best too see it through. (remember, it was Clinton’s Secretary of State who claimed that killing a half million Iraqi children was “worth it”)

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Man With Autism Has Best Christmas Ever

by Scott Creighton

While so many are out there currently demonizing people like Adam Lanza, insinuating without evidence that they are on SSRIs and thus capable of carrying out mass casualty events like the one in Sandy Hook, I figured I would show you yet another video of someone roughly Adam’s age who also suffers from autism. Mark likes video games but his family couldn’t afford a new X-Box 360 so his extended family chipped in and got him one complete with games (Grand Theft Auto? hee hee) and even a new flat screen TV to hook it up too.

It’s just a quiet little moment of family life but in terms of the real debate going on out there, it sheds light, a positive bright light, on a condition that is currently being wildly misstated.

Here is Mark’s best Christmas ever.


American Gladio: No. It’s Not “Big Pharma” Folks

by Scott Creighton

Funny isn’t it how these alternative sites (Prison Planet, What Really Happened and Ryan Dawson’s site) are pushing the exact same misinformation started by a paper owned by Philip Anschutz in the wake of the Aurora Massacre.

Many of the so-called “alternative media” prophets are pushing the “big pharma is too blame” meme on the recent spate of mass casualty events taking place across the country. Though we are far too medicated as a society and we should not be prescribing most of the medications we are too our children, the fact is, this line of propaganda (and it is propaganda) is beyond counter productive to our efforts. By blaming medications and thus the medicated suspects (i.e. “patsies”) what these alternative news voices are saying is the official narrative is accurate. It’s the LIHOP explanation for the American Gladio project which is clearly underway at this point.

It is toothless, pointless and fails to take into account multiple bits of relevant information which are out there which I believe prove many of these patsies did not even take part in these shootings much less “go off” because of SSRIs.

This line of distraction is also not fully supported by the facts. In the case of Adam Lanza, the police specifically stated that they did not find evidence of any medications in the home. In the case of William Spengler, what they call “evidence” is shaky hearsay evidence at best. The reports that James Holmes took medications either comes from the “unconfirmed” report that he was hooked on Vicodin or the guilt by association conclusion that since he was seeing a councilor, he must therefore have been on medication. But I have yet to see concrete proof that Holmes was on anything.

There is no information that Wade Michael Page was on any kind of medications at all before he went off shooting up the joint at the Sikh Temple. All we know about him is the fact that he was a psychological operations specialist for the army before apparently infiltrating the Hammerskins for the FBI and that many witnesses reported more than one gunman.

But SSRIs? Nope. Not a one.

So where is this line of disinfo coming from and who does it serve?

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