Syrian Crisis Actors Bring You “Bakery Airstrike Show” – Biggest Wag the Dog Production Yet

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I guess this is cover spin for U.S. backed Syrian terrorists using chemical weapons themselves.

PressTV has reported (more details via Fars News) that chemical weapons have been used by militants fighting Syrian government forces in Daraya, near Damascus. PressTV also reported that threats have been made against Syria’s ethnic minorities that their water supplies will be poisoned by militants – this on the heels of the UN itself warning of (and preemptively spinning) impending sectarian-driven genocide.” Land Destroyer


The regime change coalition in Syria is spending your money (that Obama and Hillary Clinton gave them) on what appears to be blockbuster level Crisis Actors productions.

Two (that’s right, TWO!) new shaky cam/ fuzzy cam videos are out there to motivate us on Christmas day to think of the neoliberals in Syria who just want to see Hillary’s corporations given a fair shake. (Don’t forget this shaky/Fuzzy classic “Assad Uses Chemical Weapons” wow, that Assad guy must be one dumb guy to use both chemical weapons and fighter jets on his own people just at a time when those two things are JUST the justification NATO needs to attack. What a coincidence, huh?)

Just look at the production value. They took a busted up building in the street and some bodies from the morgue and presto! Regime Change Street Theater! Don’t look at it like a war… look at it, like a pageant.

At first we have the two “opposition” cameramen running and standing and still for some unexplained reason, unable to keep the camera from shaking, constantly yelling “God is Great! God is Great! God is Great!” (you see Muslims have to do that all day… that’s how you know they’re Muslims)

Then you see the building and large pieces of debris lying in the street. It looks like they have taken some bodies from somewhere and laid them around in what looks like a partial wall collapse of the building. Some of the Crisis Actors are pretending to pull at arms and legs for some reason as if that is what first responders do.

In one cute touch, a woman rides on the back of some guy out of the building. It’s VERY funny. Yeah, I always see guys giving little old ladies piggy back rides in all the disaster scenes I have seen.

One guy (the lead I guess) jumps right in front of the camera yelling “blah blah BASHAR! Blah blah BASHAR!” which the voice over actor playing the role of the “news guy” translates for us as “One man screams at the camera – Look at all the bodies. They were only coming for bread. Where are the Arabs. Where is the world”

Now, I don’t claim to be a language expert, but what does “Bashar” translate to you think? “Bodies”? “Bread”? “World”? All of the above apparently…

The next scene you see (the “news guy” admits they can’t confirm any of this shit as being real) is supposedly the “makeshift” hospital. I wonder why they never take these guys to a real hospital? Oh, I know why! Cus they’re CRISIS ACTORS pretending to be hurt, that’s why!

The news guy does mention that the injured don’t appear “too” injured. What he doesn’t mention is that all of the “injured” just happen to be fighting age men who look more like terrorists than injured civilians.

This just HAPPENS to take place on the day a U.N. envoy arrived in Syria to meet with Bashar al-Assad (there’s that Bashar word again). I guess Assad couldn’t wait a day before bombing a little building with about 6 loaves of bread in it. Ruthless, huh?



In this in focus version, you can see the full run of the 2nd cameraman’s video.

  • You can see there is no smoke coming from the damaged building.
  • No dust blown up from the “bombing” on cars nearby.
  • You hear this nifty siren wailing, but there is no official ambulance on the scene and no emergency responders anywhere to be seen.
  • Everyone is running in and out of the scene, pointing this way one time, another way the next.
  • They are all fighting age males, some carrying weapons.
  • All of the guys are armed to the teeth except for a few who seem to be the “real actors” who have lines and really reach for the stars with their emoting.
  • There is one guy in a yellow sweater filming with a small camera who seems  to always point at guys in camo carrying guns and “directs” them to start tugging on one victim’s leg or the other.
  • And then someone runs by the camera in a panic who just ran by in a panic going the other way about three times before.
  • And of course, no smoke and three or four loaves of bread.



In comparison to the bullshit they have produced in the past, this is definitely a step up. But, as you can see, there are certainly production value issues. You can’t really blame them they are doing the best with the talent they have. After all, which really talented artist wants to use their gifts and hard earned skills to bring about another NATO bombing of civilians for the sake of international bankers and multinational corporations?

Before you go there, I said “talented”… which means George Clooney and Angelina Jolie don’t qualify. Neither do these guys

But there you have it. Yet another Masterpiece Street Theater Moment brought to you by your friends at the Syrian outreach project of Crisis Actors Studios.


8 Responses

  1. Why so many pink neck scarfs or head gear? Is that a uniform color?
    so many people just walking back and forth….
    does look like someone might be hurt or dead….. but who actually hurt them?

    • well, considering the fact that there is no dust on the ground or nearby vehicles, I would say they got some bodies from a local morgue. Could by Jordan, Turkey or Miami for all we know. But one thing it wasn’t: an air to ground missile from a jet fighter. That much is pretty solid.

      • Yeah, the scene looks like a set-up for a film.
        Could some of those people walking by be just regular everyday people? Some look like they are rather baffled by ‘what is going on’.

  2. I don’t own no guns, but I expect a group of these to show up railing at my house some day, saying my name showed up on the list—‘Baby Killer!’, or some such.

    Neighbors ‘ll be throwing their garbage over the fence, slicing my tires, sending their dogs and cats around to do their business—whatever it takes to get me out of here.

    I’m stayin’. Last night’s mass told me to not be afraid.

    r ap

  3. apparently theres no bakery in the area:

    ‘In this context, sources in the Syrian opposition abroad iterated to “al-Ahed” news website what “al-Haqiqa” website – managed by Syrian opposer Nizar Nayouf – had mentioned about the huge ruse the armed terrorists plotted in Halfaya, indicating that, “the area does not even have a bakery.”

  4. you guys are all bunch of idiots…

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