Sandy Hook Shootings: Hypocrisy Thy Name is Liberal

US drones traumatizing tribal children

US drone strike kills 3 in North Waziristan

UK judges block action over US drone attacks in Pakistan

Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill One Terrorist for Every 50 Deaths


drone kids


Half a million children starved to neoliberalize Iraq. Was it worth it? “We think it was worth it” Clinton state department secretary.


In This Changed World: NYPD’s Ministry of Justice to Seek Out “Apolitical Speech” as Pre-crime Indicator

by Scott Creighton

apolitical: The state or quality of being apolitical can be the apathy and/or the antipathy towards all political affiliations

In the wake of the deadly Sandy Hook mass casualty event, it’s not only your guns the fascists want: they want to be able to watch your internet speech and “intervene” before the next school shooting, so says former CIA clandestine operations chief and current head of NYC’s Orwellian “intelligence” division.

That’s pre-crime folks.

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Indianapolis Explosion: Gambling Debts, Natural Gas and Stupidity… a Bad Combination for Everyone

by Scott Creighton (H/T JB)

Six weeks ago on a Saturday night, the quiet middle class neighborhood of Richmond Hills in Indianapolis was rocked by an explosion that killed two people and damaged 46 homes. The residence at the epicenter of the blast was not occupied. The mother and her boyfriend were out gambling at a local casino and the daughter was staying with friends. Even the cat was safe and sound being boarded for the weekend.

A reader alerted me to a local news story about the case this morning. There have been three arrests made in connection with the explosion; the divorced mother, her boyfriend and his brother. If crystal meth had it’s own suburbia poster-boys competition, this trio would be serious contenders.

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