Sandy Hook Shooting: Obama’s Gun Grabbing Task Force Stuffed With Neoliberal Corporatist Hacks

by Scott Creighton

Think about this: Clintons come to power in Jan of 1993. By February of that same year, the Waco Siege had begun. On April 19th it ended in horror. 20 kids died. Joe Biden ends up being asked by the Clintons to write a gun grabbing law. On July 20th the Aurora massacre takes place. This past Friday, 20 kids were killed at the Sandy Hook elementary school and again Joe Biden is being asked to create more gun grabbing legislation.

He has been told he wants concrete results by Jan. 2013 exactly 20 years since the Clintons took office.

Joe Biden to head up the gun laws task force? Wasn’t it Joe Biden that helped right a similar bill for Clinton in 1994?

“Biden helped author the 1994 crime bill, which included an assault weapons ban.” Washington Post

Take a look at this gang of neoliberal corporatists that they tossed into this “task force”

“On Monday, Obama directed Biden and several key Cabinet members, including Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, to formulate a multifaceted set of proposals. Those Cabinet members will participate in Biden’s task force.” Washington Post

And didn’t Holder punch his “big club” ticket by helping to cover-up what happened in Waco? Oh yeah, he did.

Here’s a list of the kids who died a HORRIBLE death in Waco. Eric Holder did loads to help bring their killers to justice:

  1. Chanel Andrade, 1, American
  2. Cyrus Koresh, 8, American
  3. Star Koresh, 6, American
  4. Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2, American
  5. Dayland Gent, 3, American
  6. Page Gent, 1, American
  7. Lisa Martin, 13, American
  8. Sheila Martin, Jr., 15, American
  9. Crystal Martinez, 3, American
  10. Isaiah Martinez, 4, American
  11. Joseph Martinez, 8, American
  12. Abigail Martinez, 11, American
  13. Audrey Martinez, 13, American
  14. Mayanah Schneider, 2, American
  15. Startle Summers, 1, American
  16. Rachel Sylvia, 12, American
  17. Hollywood Sylvia, 1, American
  18. Serenity Jones, 4, American
  19. Chica Jones, 2, American
  20. Little One Jones, 2, American

Yeah, that’s right… 20 of ’em. that can’t be right…

And for Christ’s sake, Holder headed up a program sending thousands of illegal unregistered weapons to a Mexican drug gang.That same gang then laundered their drug profits through U.S. banks. And this is the guy who wants to ban guns to protect kids? Yeah right.

In an afterthought, the Washington Post article tosses this little tidbit of info into the article deep down on the second page:

In Connecticut on Wednesday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D), the state’s former attorney general, said in an interview that the evidence is indicating a motive but that the investigation is in progress. He declined to discuss preliminary findings.

“Motive is an issue in the investigation,” said Blumenthal, but he said he did not know whether investigators “will make findings or reach conclusions that are reliable.”

There is a complexity and difficulty to the investigation resulting from the unique circumstances,” said Blumenthal, who is in Connecticut attending funerals. “As to making public facts, there may be sensitivity to the grieving of families and the need to be respectful.” Washington Post

Let me see if I got that right:

  • evidence is saying there is a motive
  • but it’s a secret
  • discovering a motive is import
  • but he doesn’t know if they will reach conclusions
  • of if those conclusions will be reliable.
  • the complexity of the case makes it hard
  • because it’s a psychological operation conducted by assets and not the dead patsy
  • they can’t tell you the motive because it might hurt the feelings of the families

When you wish to talk about Orwellian doublespeak, that’s it folks. Right there. And it’s just tossed out there by the Washington Post without them even so much as blinking or blushing.

If I as a “conspiracy theorist” writer tried to get away with bullshit like that, there would be no readers here and I would have to get a job writing for Alex Jones.

I’m stunned at how “in your face” all of this is. stunned.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Obama Wants Media to Keep This Horrific Act on the Front Page til Gun Grab is Passed

by Scott Creighton

I was reading about Obama’s new gun grabbing task force when this last little tidbit, tucked away in the back of the article, leaped off the page at me.

“Obama said his task force’s proposals would make up part of his State of the Union address, and he expressed hope that the searing images from last week’s shooting in Connecticut would last in the public conscious and help advance his eventual proposals.

“I would hope that our memories aren’t so short that what we saw in Newtown isn’t lingering with us — that we don’t remain passionate about it, only a month later,” he said.” NBC “news”

Clearly he is suggesting that the media keep the images of those little victims in the public eye till he gets what he wants, gun control legislation. A tacit confession that he is using the dead kids to grab guns on behalf of people like billionaire Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg.

“New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), a leading advocate for gun-control legislation, said that he was “very encouraged” by Obama’s remarks and that the Biden task force must move quickly.” Washington Post

Yeah, he wants them to hurry up before the country falls to a third world status and people have to start working for 35 cents an hour like our brothers south of the border. Not a good thing to have a bunch of pissed off and armed slaves running around while you primp and preen in your $20,000 suits.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Bloomberg will be on that task force. Other leading gun grabbers are already lining up at the White House.

“On Tuesday, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s senior adviser, met with gun-control advocates in the Roosevelt Room of the White House to reaffirm the president’s commitment to taking action on gun violence.” Washington Post

Sandy Hook Shooting: Two Shooters Chased into the Woods (video)

Sandy Hook Shooting: Robbie Parker Performance

by Scott Creighton

What can I say about this? I studied acting in college and worked as a live theater actor for some years afterward. This guy is acting. Why?

The Huffington Post :

“Fighting back tears and struggling to catch his breath, the father of a 6-year-old gunned down in the school shooting in Connecticut told the world Saturday about a little girl who loved to draw and was always smiling, and he also reserved surprising words of sympathy for the gunman.” HuffPuff

Some are saying it wasn’t the father, that they had some actor step in for the father. If that’s the case, they Photoshopped images of him with the little victim.

Connecticut School Shooting-Parent

His performance in the following video is pretty hard to watch. Not because of the artificial emotions he tried to conjure but because he’s laughing and joking as he “takes the stage” and even asks if he should just read it right off the card. The script.

This is well beyond odd.


Killary Fall Down Go Boom and Will Miss Congressional Testimony on Benghazi

by Scott Creighton

A touching mother and child moment with Killary “bombs away” Clinton

A month ago Killary had to go “out of town” and couldn’t spare the time to go to congress to tell them how four of her employees got killed by a group of terrorists she had used to destabilize Libya.

But she promised she would appear before congress and answer the people’s questions regarding the matter.

Last week Killary got to read an “independent” report on the Benghazi psyop  which  claimed “leadership and management” deficiencies at the state department were to blame for Amb. Chris Stevens and 3 other employees deaths and then she 1. got sick and 2. fell down and bumped her little head.

Now she “can’t” testify before congress tomorrow on what happened.

Darn the luck, huh?

For me, the Taliban is on the inside of the building.”

former State Department security chief for Libya Oct. 10th 2012

“I take responsibility” Clinton on Benghazi psyop Oct. 15th 2012

“We are on your side” Clinton to terrorist militia member Oct. 18th 2011

“Systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department … resulted in a special mission security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place,” Reuters

Even more interesting… did Killary’s contractors leave the front door open for the assailants in the psyop?

“The report faulted as “misplaced” the mission’s dependence for security support on the “armed but poorly skilled” Libyan February 17 Martyrs’ Brigade militia members and unarmed guards hired by State Department contractor Blue Mountain Libya.

No Blue Mountain guards were outside the compound immediately before the attack to provide early warning, which was their responsibility. The report raised the possibility that Blue Mountain guards left the “pedestrian gate open after initially seeing the attackers and fleeing the vicinity. They had left the gate unlatched before.” Reuters

So everyone took off before the attackers even showed up? Hmmm/

No wonder Killary bumped her little head. She damn sure doesn’t want any part of an investigation into this.

Killary takes time to hang with the terrorists but won’t testify to congress? She’s got her priorities straight, doesn’t she?

Sandy Hook Shooting: “Fear of Being Committed” Motive Claim is Baseless

by Scott Creighton


Someone should tell this guy that Tom Cruise is gay. Is that “duckface”?

Fox “News” ran with a story that attempted to solve the missing motive puzzle that has developed in the Sandy Hook shooting event.

The story was told to them by Joshua Flashman, “retired”? marine (he’s 25), muscle head and wannbe actor.

And, oh yeah, he claims to be a supporter of 2nd amendment rights, but wait to you see how he supports those rights. He thinks cops and “retired” Marines get to have guns and everyone else can only after going through some kind of “screening’ and training in their states. Everybody else is a “scumbag” who don’t have any 2nd amendment rights.

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