Chris Hedges’ Absurd Disinformation Regarding the New Color Revolution in Egypt

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A reader, Nancy, sent me an email showing me that Hedges’ publisher is linked to a billionaire named Patrick Lannan. It was this same billionaire who suddenly cancelled the showing of John Pilger’s documentary “The War You Didn’t See” which was rather critical of Obama’s foreign policy. Pilger wrote about that in this article:

The strange silencing of liberal America July 2011

I guess Mr. Hedges understands how far he can go with the Lannan Foundation of Santa Fe. Thanks Nancy.


definition of disgusting: Chris Hedges writing regime change propaganda on Egypt.

A reader, DB Schell, forwarded a link to a Common Dreams article written by a stalwart critic of our imperialist campaign, Chris Hedges, “Morsi: Egypt’s New Pharaoh

As I read the article I could not believe it. Hedges lies in almost every single paragraph in support of Hillary Clinton’s new color revolution in Egypt. It could have been penned by any of the neocon warmongers who are currently writing similar screeds about the “Islamist” constitution and Morsi himself.

To see Chris Hedges siding with the likes of other globalist turncoats like Amy Goodman is just too depressing, but I thought I would shed a little light on Chris’ disinfo effort.

First of all, Chris Hedges posts this long disinfo screed without once linking to the English translation of the so-called “Islamist” constitution which is at the heart of this conflict.Most of his argument is that the Muslim Brotherhood is pushing some kind of dictatorial constitution and when you look at it, and actually take the time to read it, you will find that is absolutely not the case. In fact, the constitution is strongly ANTI-NEOLIBERAL and that is actually the reason the pro-Mubarak faction in Egypt must stop it from becoming law.

He also fails to mention ONCE that the judges who are behind the new “uprising” are linked to and very supportive of Hosni Mubarak, the dictator who was finally overthrown last year after Hillary Clinton tried her best to stand by him til the bitter end.

Hedges attempts to discredit the legal process of writing the constitution, the Constitutional Assembly, and while doing so, supports the Mubarak backing supreme court justices:

“For example, when it appeared that the Supreme Constitutional Court would dissolve the panel—stacked with party members—that was drafting the new constitution, the Brotherhood locked the judges out of the court building…The remaining Islamists, in defiance of the judges, held an all-night session Nov. 29 and officially approved the 63-page document” Chris Hedges

“Islamists” Chris?

First of all, the constitutional assembly is not “stacked with party members” but again, you wouldn’t know that reading Chris’ propaganda because he fails to provide you with links. I will fix that: out of 100 seats in the constitutional assembly, the Muslim Brotherhood occupy 16 of them. Hardly what Hedges refers too several times as an assembly “stacked” with Brotherhood members:

“An agreement to form a more balanced assembly was reached on 7 June 2012. 39 seats would be filled by members of parliament, six by judges, nine by law experts, one each by a member of the armed forces, the police and the justice ministry, 13 seats by unions, and 21 by public figures. Five seats would be filled by the Al-Azhar University, one of Sunni Islam’s most important institutions, and four by the Coptic Orthodox Church”  BBC

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party ended up having only 16 seats in the assembly while opposition parties had 22 seats. There were 61 independents.

Standings in the 2012 Egyptian Constituent Assembly
Affiliation Members
2012 Election
As of
9 June 2012
Freedom and Justice Party 16
Al-Nour Party 8
New Wafd Party 5
Egyptian Social Democratic Party 2
Free Egyptians Party 2
Building and Development Party 1
Al-Wasat Party 1
Reform and Development Party 1
Socialist Popular Alliance Party 1
Dignity Party 1
Independents 61
Total members 100
Total seats 100

Also neglected in the Hedges propaganda is the fact that its the judiciary who is behaving in an unconstitutional manner by dissolving the lower house of elected Egyptian officials and attempting to block the writing of the new anti-neoliberal constitution:

“Morsi supporters counter that the edicts were necessary to prevent the courts, which already dissolved the elected lower house of parliament, from further holding up moves to stability by disbanding the assembly writing the new constitution, as judges were considering doing. Like parliament was, the assembly is dominated by Islamists. Morsi accuses Mubarak loyalists in the judiciary of seeking to thwart the revolution’s goals and barred the judiciary from disbanding the constitutional assembly or parliament’s upper house.NPR

Hedges also fails to mention the fact that Morsi lifted the unconstitutional powers he used to protect the constitution till the election. He lifted those authorities over a week ago. Never mentioned once is Hedges’ neocon screed.

“One reason the constitution is expected to pass, apart from voting fraud…” Chris Hedges

Uh, yeah. The state department’s mouthpieces are all running around claiming election fraud, but there are no signs of that short of “activists say” “journalism” which apparently is good enough for Chris Hedges these days.

The constitution passes with 56.5% of the vote because it is strongly pro-worker, pro-nationalist, anti-privatization… as I said, it is strongly ANTI-NEOLIBERAL and all you have to do to understand that, is read it.

“The Brotherhood does not shrink from the use of deadly force. The violent street clashes between thousands of pro- and anti-government demonstrators outside the presidential palace last week left 10 dead and about 700 wounded. Some anti-government protesters said they were beaten in a makeshift detention and torture center that the Brotherhood set up close to the palace. Morsi showed no remorse.” Chris Hedges

Here Hedges goes above and beyond any sliver of credibility he had and that gives you an indication of who’s interests he is now serving.

He tries to imply without really saying it or again posting links, that it’s the anti-Morsi protesters who have been slain. But the reality is, the vast number of people being killed in these actions are the government supporters.

Opponents of Morsi shooting At Muslim Brotherhood Supporters (Raw footage)

Protesters in Egypt Plan to Turn into Yet Another Terrorist Regime Change Operation

National Salvation Front in Egypt is a CIA/Saudi Construct – Like it was in Libya and Syria

The draft constitution is filled with disturbingly vague language about democratic rights, civil liberties, the duties of women and the role of the press.” Chris Hedges

Later Hedges quotes two short incomplete lines from the constitution, so I know he is reading it. But again, to prove his point here, he fails to link to the translation.

Read part of the new constitution below and tell me how “vague” it is.

Excerpts from the New Egyptian Constitution:

No political party shall be formed that discriminates on the basis of gender, origin or religion.”

“The State shall ensure safety, security and equal opportunities for all citizens without discrimination.”

“Dignity is the right of every human being, safeguarded by the State.”

“All citizens are equal before the law. They have equal public rights and duties without discrimination.”

“Individual freedom is a natural right, safeguarded and inviolable.”

“Any person arrested, detained or whose freedom is restricted in any way, shall be treated in a manner preserving human dignity. No physical or moral harm shall be inflicted upon that person.”

“The private life of citizens is inviolable. Postal correspondence, wires, electronic correspondence, telephone calls and other means of communication shall have their own sanctity and secrecy and may not be confiscated or monitored except by a causal judicial warrant.”

“Private homes are inviolable. With the exception of cases of immediate danger and distress, they may not be entered, searched or monitored, except in cases defined by law, and by a causal judicial warrant which specifies place, timing and purpose. Those in a home shall be alerted before the home is entered or searched.”

“Freedom of belief is an inviolable right.”

“The State shall guarantee the freedom to practice religious rites and to establish places of worship for the divine religions, as regulated by law.”

“The right to private assembly is guaranteed without the need for prior notice. Security personnel shall not attend or intercept such private meetings.”

Chapter Two: Executive Authority

Section 1: The President

Article 132
The President is the Head of State and chief of the executive authority. He looks after the interests of the people, safeguards the independence and territorial integrity of the motherland, and observes the separation between powers.

He carries out his responsibilities in the manner prescribed in the Constitution.

Article 133
The President of the Republic shall be elected for a period of four calendar years, commencing on the day the term of his predecessor ends. The President may be reelected only once.

The process of the presidential election begins at least 90 days before the end of the presidential term. The result is to be announced at least 10 days before the end of term.

The President of the Republic may not hold any partisan position for the duration of the presidency.

Article 137
Before assuming the presidential position, the President of the Republic shall take the following oath before the House of Representatives and the Shura Council: “I swear by Almighty God to loyally uphold the republican system, to respect the Constitution and the law, to fully look after the interests of the people and to safeguard the independence and territorial integrity of the motherland.”

Chapter Three: The Judicial Authority

Section 1: General Provisions

Article 168
The Judicial Authority shall be independent, vested in the courts of justice, which shall issue their judgments in accordance with the law. It’s powers are defined by law. Interference in the affairs of the judiciary is a crime that is not forfeited by the passing of time.

Article 6
The political system is based on the principles of democracy and shura (counsel), citizenship (under which all citizens are equal in rights and duties), multi-party pluralism, peaceful transfer of power, separation of powers and the balance between them, the rule of law, and respect for human rights and freedoms; all as elaborated in the Constitution.

Article 74
Sovereignty of the law shall be the basis of rule in the State.

The independence and immunity of the judiciary are two basic guarantees to safeguard rights and freedoms.

Article 76
Penalty shall be personalized. There shall be no crime or penalty except in accordance with the law of the Constitution. No penalty shall be inflicted except by a judicial sentence. Penalty shall be inflicted only for acts committed after a law has come into force.

Article 86
Prior to the start of his or her tenure, a Member shall take the following oath before his or her Council: “I swear by Almighty God to loyally uphold the republican system, to respect the Constitution and the law, to fully look after the interests of the people, and to safeguard the independence and territorial integrity of the motherland.”

In short, Chris Hedges has taken a stand on this new developing destabilization campaign in Egypt on the side of Hillary Clinton and the neoliberals who can’t allow this constitution to stand.

Morsi has recently supported Gaza by bringing people together and forging a cease fire agreement that Hillary Clinton had to rush over and try to take credit for. He also recently stated that there are foreign actors financing the regime change terrorists in Syria.

All of this and Morsi plans to prosecute Hosni Mubarak for the murders committed by his special police during the protests last year. The judges don’t want that and neither does Hillary Clinton.

And all of that is never mentioned once by Chris Hedges in his disgusting propaganda piece which looks like it could have been written for him by William Kristol, Robert Kagan or Daniel Pipes.

*                           *                         *

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6 Responses

  1. SHEESH! I just don’t get how such a person as Mr. Hedges can write such dribble and publish it? Seriously. I have heard him speak, read his books, etc…. and when I read this latest piece, I put my hand down the back of my pants, scratched real hard and wondered WTF?

    Mr. Loman, thanks for all you do.

    Peace: J2

    • Excuse me, Cellardoorguy, but when you described your scratching action,a picture of Sid, the adorable ground sloth in the Ice Age movies, popped in my head ! Thanks for the laugh !
      And I agree with you…how could Hedges change ? But he has… RIP Mr. Hedges…

  2. I always read Chris Hedges’ stuff re: US corporatism, but with foreign affairs I’ve never given him much credence.

    His Balkans views (very anti-Serb anti-Milosovich) are beyond absurd.

    • I completely agree. While Hedge’s work on corporatism can be valuable at times, his foreign policy views are completely out of whack.

      Also, remember this little incident?

      He constantly demonizes the true leftists for being “Marxists” or “too radical” without a shred of evidence. He also supported Occupy long after it was clear it was going nowhere.

      Worst of all, he is a complete dupe when it comes to “humanitarian intervention” and all that bullshit. When it came to Yugoslavia, Libya, and (probably) Syria, he was like a mouthpiece for Clinton/Obama, demonizing Milosevic, Gaddafi, and Assad at every opportunity. He actually supported the fucking NATO bombing of Yugoslavia!

      If that doesn’t stamp the words “fake dissident” on his forehead, I don’t know what does…

  3. Hey! How can we get a constitution like this one? Imagine having to treat someone with respect even if you believe they’ve committed a serious crime.

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