Russia Ousts Meddling US NGOs, Fake Protests Peter Out

(I guess they needed to get Chris Hedges to help sell that color revolution as well.)

from Land Destroyer Blog

Saturday, December 15 saw a disappointing show for Western-backed protesters in Moscow – with estimates of only a few hundred showing up. Led by faux-Communist Sergey Udaltsov and confirmed Western-funded opposition leaders Alexei Navalny, Ilya Yashin, and Boris Nemtsov, even the Western media had to admit the momentum they had hoped to incite is failing to materialize.

AFP’s “Year on, Russian opposition subdued but not defeated,” and Washington Post’s “Thousands protest against Putin, but opposition momentum has slowed,” despite unqualified attempts to embellish the size and strength of both the protest and the opposition in general, reflect the winding down of Western attempts to foment chaos across Russia. While the Washington Post cites Russian President Vladamir Putin’s “co-opting” of opposition issues, by actually addressing legitimate concerns regarding his government, there is also another dimension that is more muted.

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Chris Hedges’ Absurd Disinformation Regarding the New Color Revolution in Egypt

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A reader, Nancy, sent me an email showing me that Hedges’ publisher is linked to a billionaire named Patrick Lannan. It was this same billionaire who suddenly cancelled the showing of John Pilger’s documentary “The War You Didn’t See” which was rather critical of Obama’s foreign policy. Pilger wrote about that in this article:

The strange silencing of liberal America July 2011

I guess Mr. Hedges understands how far he can go with the Lannan Foundation of Santa Fe. Thanks Nancy.


definition of disgusting: Chris Hedges writing regime change propaganda on Egypt.

A reader, DB Schell, forwarded a link to a Common Dreams article written by a stalwart critic of our imperialist campaign, Chris Hedges, “Morsi: Egypt’s New Pharaoh

As I read the article I could not believe it. Hedges lies in almost every single paragraph in support of Hillary Clinton’s new color revolution in Egypt. It could have been penned by any of the neocon warmongers who are currently writing similar screeds about the “Islamist” constitution and Morsi himself.

To see Chris Hedges siding with the likes of other globalist turncoats like Amy Goodman is just too depressing, but I thought I would shed a little light on Chris’ disinfo effort.

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Sandy Hook Shooting: Anschutz’ Examiner Pushes COINTELPRO Sorcha Faal Disinfo

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Just so happens that Brian gave us a link to an Occupy Corporatism article showing there is no real connection between Peter Lanza and LIBOR either. In fact, the author shows that the origin of that story seems to be Anonymous, yet another COINTELPRO op.

“The originator of the unqualified information about Lanza and LIBOR appears to be a member of the CIA-controlled and NSA-sponsored nameless, faceless hacker group Anonymous. Again, there are no citations provided that back-up these allegations, but that is not the point when disinformation is being spread across the alternative media circuit” S. Posel, Occupy Corporatism

I guess that just goes to show you someone wants us distracted from our investigations into these events. I wonder why that is… hmmmm?


Hi folks. Just a quick note: it ain’t LIBOR, people. It’s a neoliberal destabilization campaign brought to you by people who want to see this country fundamentally changed.. people like the one who financed the Atlas Shrugged movie to promote a neoliberal agenda. Also;

People have been asking about the new theory being pushed out there about both fathers of the two suspected killers (James Holmes and Adam Lanza) being connected to pending LIBOR testimony.

This information is not accurate (on both counts as it turns out).

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