Sandy Hook Shooting: Victims Killed with Rifle Found in Car – Who Put it There? The Guy Arrested in the Woods?

by Scott Creighton

This story has just gotten so out of hand. Now the coroner from the area has come out and said that the majority of the victims were shot by “a rifle” but the only rifle we know of in this story was found in the car out in the parking lot and the suspect was found dead with two handguns on him.

Officially the story is that the first 9/11 call came in less than a minute after the suspect supposedly broke the window and gained access to the building and the police teams were on the scene less than two minutes after that. The suspect was not out in the parking lot, he was found dead in one of the rooms in the school from a self inflicted gunshot wound with two hand guns on his person. The rifle, from the beginning, was ALWAYS reported to have been found in the car.

Well that means this 20 year old autistic kid with no record of violence busted in the school, shot 27 people multiple times, firing over 100 rounds, killing almost all of them while wearing a mask and a bullet proof vest, then ran out to the car, put the rifle in the car, then ran back to the school to sit down, take off his mask, and shoot himself in the head?

All in the time frame of less than 3 minutes?

And of course we are supposed to forget the guy they arrested out in the woods who was dressed exactly like the witnesses described the shooter.

“The 20 children and six adults killed in the Newtown school massacre were all shot multiple times, many with a rifle, Connecticut’s chief medical examiner said Saturday.” NBC News

“Lanza forced his way into the school around 9:40 a.m. Friday, police said, about 30 minutes after the school day began. The first 911 call was received by police one minute later.” Huffington Post

“NBC News hears word that Lanza actually had four handguns on him—not two as was initially reported. A rifle was found in the car he used to drive to the school.” Salon

Here is a brief early description of the police radio transcript and as you can see, the police were on scene in less than two minutes after the 911 call came in. Notice they also mention the “other shooter” heading toward the back of the building and the woods.

The first word of the horrifying Newtown school shooting went out over the town’s police radio at 9:36 this morning.

Two minutes later, a dispatcher reported the gunshots had stopped.

“Sandy Hook School. Caller is indicating she thinks there’s someone shooting in the building,” a Newtown dispatcher radioed in the town’s first report of the killings.

Less than a minute later, the dispatcher radioed:

“Units responding to the Sandy Hook School. The front glass has been broken in front of the school They are unsure why …

“All units, the individual I have on the phone said he is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire.”

Amid the confusing situation, officers can be heard reporting a possible second shooter headed for the rear of the school.

“The shooting appears to have stopped,” the dispatcher radioed at 9:38 a.m. “There is silence at this time. The school is in lockdown.”

Moments later, an officer apparently at the scene is heard saying: “They’re coming at me through this wood.”

“This is it,” said another. New York Post

And what about that guy they found out in the woods dressed like the shooter? Could he have ditched the gun in the car on the way out and been caught by the cops? Is that a more likely story than “super flash Adam Lanza” doing it all in 3 minutes or less?

The Telegraph described the man in the camouflage pants and Adam Lanza– (who was wearing black “fatigues”)  as being two separate people. This, of course, makes sense since Adam Lanza died in the school, and therefore couldn’t have been the man described in the video above.

“The gunman, wearing black fatigues and a military-style vest, was found dead in a classroom, but it was not clear whether he took his own life or was shot by police.

A second man wearing camouflage trousers was seen being handcuffed. One witness described him shouting: “I didn’t do it.”

Reuters, citing CBS News, along with several other news sources wrote that the man in the black camouflage pants had been found in the woods.

Another person was being held in police custody after he was detained in the woods near the school wearing camouflage pants, CBS reported”.

“2:25 p.m. CST — A FoxNews report said
witnesses said a handcuffed man, dressed in camouflage was led out of a nearby woods by officers who reported to the shooting. The individual is Lanza’s younger brother, according to the Associated Press.”
Deadline Live

“A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.” CBS

What story makes more sense? They are currently trying to fashion a motive for this event as we speak. Word is that the “forth” person involved in a dispute with the suspect the day before was home yesterday and is now in with the Feds getting the story told to him I mean, telling the Feds what happened.

This is remarkable. They are still writing the story a day after the event and it’s still this bad.

Clearly he had no motive. That aside, there is no way that kid broke into that school, unloaded 100+ rounds, killed all those kids and adults and then ran back to his car to stash the gun just to run back inside and kill himself (all while wearing a mask and body armor by the way)

It doesn’t make sense. The story changes from hour to hour. They are pushing every social media button they can to pass some kind of gun seizure process as fast as they can before the bullshit becomes obvious.

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46 Responses

  1. Moments later, an officer apparently at the scene is heard saying: “They’re coming at me through this wood.”

    What do you think he meant by ‘They’? Bullets? People? By ‘wood’, did he mean the forrested area? Or bullets exiting thru the side of the school building? Is the building constructed of wood?

    I am so frustrated by the lack of reporting regarding the person in the woods.

  2. The required (masked) patsy shot dead. Multiple shots into kids by only one rifle? or was it an automatic like maybe an uzi? Who enjoys shooting children close up in cold blood more than the IDF soldiers? Makes one think this attack could hve been done by a Mossad kill team in conjunction with the FBI or US Military. The eason for this massacre of course : Gun confiscation is a priority for the Jew/Israeli controlled American government. Local law enforcement has no control of this crime and lies are the way it will continue to be. Either lie to live or die for telling the truth.

  3. 223 casings were found at the scene as well. That AR-15 in the trunk was the gun used.

    “9:37 p.m.: A Sig Sauer and a Glock semi automatic handgun were used in the slaying and that .223 shell casings – a round used in a semi automatic military style rifle – were also found.”

  4. Full court press for disarming Amerika…

    Right before our eyes.


  5. Scott,

    Great job in pulling the rotten teeth out of the mouth of the Maimstream media…

    Keep up the great work.


  6. There are still a lot of confusion in this horrible shooting besides finding the rifle in the car. Plus, his mother was not a teacher as first reported and he had a near 100% kill for all the bullets shot. Now that is just impossible.

    It’s not the gun that killed, but probably the medication the young man was taking that made him do what he did. Who knows if any of us will get the truth.

    • The medication caused him to get kidnapped, killed, and blamed for a CIA black op?

    • medication can’t make him a better shot and medication can’t make a 20 year old kid who never killed anything capable of shooting 20 kids at point blank range. That is something of an acquired skill set if you know what I mean. The meds did not do this. Someone understood just how much time they had and executed the game plan quickly and with the efficiency of a black widow spider. That’s not meds GreenLeaf. That’s something far, far worse.


    “A picture of Adam Lanza slowly emerged Saturday, as acquaintances said his behavior included pressing up against walls to avoid others and clutching his briefcase. Investigators, meanwhile, said they hoped that “very good evidence” found at his home would shed light on what pushed him to kill 26 children and teachers as well as his mother.

    Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance said Saturday that investigators had found “very good evidence … that our investigators will be able to use in painting the complete picture, the ‘how’ and, more importantly, the ‘why this occurred.'”

    • And whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? At least with Holmes most articles say “allegedly”. This one just presents it as fact:

      “Lanza shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at the home they shared, then drove to the school in her car, forced his way inside and opened fire in two classrooms, authorities said. Within minutes, he killed 20 children, six adults and himself”

    • Oh, right, he’s dead, so that must mean he’s guilty and of course doesn’t need to be proven guilty!

      • What these criminals learned from the Holmes affair is that have to murder the patsy. Holmes is still speaking forthrightly in prison and the judge has had to tamp down on communications from the court case. Had Holmes been murdered he would not be alive to complicate and contradict their corrupt narrative.
        The poor kid.

        • I have said it before……… I really believe Holmes was supposed to be dead. That seems to be the modus operandi in these black op false flag events. However, the police showed up too quickly, and they team had to haul ass before they were able to cap Holmes. That explains why the court case is so anomalous, no one was prepared for it, and had to make it up as they went.

          • will the real holmes please stand up!

          • I think they expected the first cop to find him to kill him. He was left in an incoherent state, dead kids everywhere, and there he was dressed like a trooper with guns on him. When I first heard the news, that is the first thing that stood out to me: why didn’t they have to kill him? Turns out, he was so drugged up and passed out in the car, they didn’t have to. That and the extra gas mask at the end of the building that he could never have gotten to and the lack of security camera footage told me the rest of the story. The last thing they want when they put together these mass casualty events is any kind of investigation. The dead suspect ensures that.

      • yea ‘suicide’ means you’re guilty….

      • I can’t believe they found the gun in his car. The American people will buy anything sold to them. The American government is doing a great job of clearing the way to the NWO. WHEN THE DOLLAR DROPS TO NOTHING WE ARE DONE

  8. So, we’ve exchanged some words in the past about my friend Trey Atwater. I read most of your post and especially the ones about the shootings that have taken place and I have to admit that I’m very intrigued. I’ve been thinking, what IF this is the work of the government ? A lot of it makes sence if you stop and think about it. What is the best way to make people give up their rights willingly , i.e. gun rights ? What comes to mind is to commit crimes so horrendous , killing small children, and keep commiting these crimes so that the general public will give up their rights in hopes that the crimes will stop. Sounds like a “good” plan to unarm the American public because what’s more dangerous to a Government that’s power hungry and out of control, armed citizens that are pissed and tired of corruption. This once happened in the late 1700’s !

    • Except these stupid bastards continue to motivate Americans to buy more and more guns.
      Best Christmas present for Michael Bloomberg- send him a Christmas card telling him that his corrupt actions in the Newtown massacre motivated you to buy everyone in your family a gun- to protect themselves from the likes of Bloomberg.

      • Sales of guns skyrocketed after the Aurora shooting. They may get their Assault Rifle Ban re-enacted, but is that really worth it? I guess these kids are just some ants to them to burn with their magnifying glass.

      • I have put forth the proposition before that the “gun ban” thing is a reverse psychology psyop.

        In other-words, the elite perps don’t really want the guns taken away, what they want is a freaked out society, armed to the teeth, that they can then divide into camps for a civil war scenario, to let the population kill each other off. Of course it will be ‘controlled chaos’

        Think it through – every time something like this takes place, hundreds of thousands of people run out an buy more weapons and ammo. Do you really think that this is not part of the planning?

        Then the “ban guns” campaigns begin, and two sides form against themselves – the very nature of the Hegelian Dialectic, with the added ‘strategy of tension’.

        The next stage is of course, panic in the streets when the “austerity measures” smack down public assistance in 2013…and that is coming [FFWD] of course in warfare, which this is “Low Intensity Warfare” they call it; what “austerity” really means is “attrition”…to ‘starve the enemy’ out.

        The Powers The Be are much more terrified of Words, than they are of Guns…these words, such as on all of these ‘dissident’ sites. They fear unbound knowledge and critical thinking – not the brute stupidity of an armed, uncoordinated mass of confused people.

        Check out the ILLUMINATI Card Game…it is a simple exposition of exactly what I am putting forward here.


        • Great point hybridrogue1…. “They” will welcome a major armed confrontation… And judging by their preparations, they are willing to go all the way.

          Extrapolating the same logic on to the whole world, the current international policies are definitely all about inciting war and not preventing it. I am afraid the effect of this horrible shooting on people’s psyche will find its international counterpart in some horrible shape or form…. A new Osama Goldstein will emerge, etc….

          The ultimate evolutionary selection process of “if it works, repeat, if it doesn’t you are dead!” Suggests that they will keep repeating this cycle in perpetuity.

      • Excellent point hybridrogue1…. “They” will welcome a major armed confrontation… And judging by their preparations, they are willing to go all the way.

        Extrapolating the same logic on to the whole world, the current international policies are definitely all about inciting war and not preventing it. I am afraid the effect of this horrible shooting on people’s psyche will find its international counterpart in some horrible shape or form…. A new Osama Goldstein will emerge, etc….

        The ultimate evolutionary selection process of “if it works, repeat, if it doesn’t you are dead!” Suggests that they will keep repeating this cycle in perpetuity.

      • Comment went to spam.

  9. I’m in no way qualified to offer psychiatric statsictics on the subject but my understanding of those who suffer autism is that they seek extremely controlled and defined environments and are uncomfortable with anything that introduces chaos into their routine. While they can react very violently to people who upset their ‘comfort bubble’ they are certainly not predisposed to the kind of orchestrated violence seen in this case. They instantly rage rather than plan cold-blooded action.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Or, maybe he was misdiagnosed.

    Interesting to note how quick people were to raise the issue of autism in Holmes case though.

    • Yes, Gray… I have wondered about that also….you say exactly what I have experienced also.
      and you are right.. ‘they’ did try to profile Holmes as autistic… (at first) !

    • I think you are absolutely correct. Look, what they needed was someone to fit a profile they could spin up to sell this campaign in a certain way. A measure of credibility. I hate to say this, but looking at the connections between the perps of the past and their financial sector fathers/family members, it occurs to me that they often need to pick patsyies from within “the fold” so to speak, in order to maintain control of the narrative from the inside (surviving family members… angry questioning mothers are a pain to them, just look at what the Jersey Girls did)

      Look, what they have to do is keep surviving family members from drudging up conflicting pictures, stories, timelines.. whatever, so they need to have them “on board” from the start.

      People like you and jerseyg ask about the instant spin on the autism situation. I think there is a very good reason for that.

      When patsies are selected, my guess is a lot goes into the process. Look at this situation. you have a divorced woman separated from a GE finance VP who just so happens to have a history of guns and talking about the pending collapse as well as a tentative connection to a school which fits the model of the target market these guys wanted to hit. There also happened to be a perfect “perp” candidate at the home with one problem, he had been diagnosed as being autistic.

      The speed at which they jumped on the autism issue tells me they wanted to get out ahead of the narrative from the start. It was probably even planned prior to the event. Remember the news stories about al Qaeda being ready so fast on 9/11? How about the BBC story about the collapse of Building 7 while it still stood?

      I think they didn’t choose him because of the autism, I think they did it in spite of it and had a plan early on to deflect the criticism like yours from the beginning.

  10.! my thoughts exactly. A mass shooting is definitely not the m.o. of an autistic person. Quite the opposite in fact. They avoid people and crowds like the plague because they cannot handle all the over stimulating input they receive when in such situations.

    I was wondering their motive for making such a big point of his autism.

    Btw, he has not been formally announced as the shooter. OR that it was his mother found dead in the home. Something else odd to ponder? You betcha.

  11. This independent media vs mass media is so insensitive to the only fact that really matters to me; that 20 very innocent young children and 6 adults lost their lives this past Friday…A fact that will never change…

    • Is there really any question in your mind as to why we’re trying to get to the bottom of this? Justice for the victims is what we seek. That and preventing future events like this. We don’t need words to show how we feel about these events. It goes without saying by us just being here trying to understand what really happened. We would appreciate it if you didn’t try and grief us in the future.

    • I am not insensitive to this and as kiwasabi said, neither are the readers.

      Personally I have researched and written 7 or 8 articles since this story broke. We are talking hours and hours of work that frankly makes me sick to have to do. Sure, I would rather be writing about the new color revolution in Egypt or our destabilization campaign in Syria or Hillary’s little fake fall which will keep her from testifying about Benghazi. I would LOVE to be doing that.

      But when something like this happens my first responsibility is to uncover it for what it is. Now if I had found it to be exactly what they are saying it is, then I would gladly write about the tragedy of it all and the need for monitoring people on these drugs or whatever aspect needed to be covered.

      But the fact is, the story itself determines the investigation, not the other way around. And this story is fucked.

      Yes, I am moved like everyone else about the loss of these kids and the grief the families and friends and community members feel over all of this. But like I wrote in regard to the Aurora Massacre, if you don’t expose the mass casualty events now, when they happen, for what they are, then it’s not a matter of “if” they will happen again, it’s just a matter of when. And here we are.

      This is what journalism used to be. Not just regurgitating the propaganda of the current administration, but investigation for the sake of the community and that is what I do.

      Yes, these people, these kids, lost their lives and that will not change.

      But we are deep in the middle of a destabilization campaign right here at home and that fact will not change either. So, thank you for your comment, but I have to continue, we have to continue. That won’t change until they force us to quit.

      • Yes, we got this same crap about investigating 9/11 – as if dismissal of the official lies are in some way a dismissal of the tragedy and pain of the victims and their families.

        Those who do not recognize such ploys are to put one into an emotional unthinking mode are naïve.

        Naïveté is not innocence – it is bloody fucking stupidity.


        PS, Hey Jayjee

  12. Here’s an as good as any explanation as to what’s going on with these planned and staged events (Note the father of the alleged “lone” perpetrator):

    Pt. 1:

    Pt. 2:

    Make these go viral. The exposure may thwart the objective of the PTB.

  13. Are you guys for real!!! 20 little kids died here!! Black ops etc etc..Come on everyone…this is a tragedy…perhaps more than one shooter but black ops!! This is not about removing your guns. This is about loss of 20 beautiful innocent lives with out a real cause. Its not all about underhanded doings from your government. Just a nut case that had access to guns due to a law that allows anyone to purchase a weapon at any time. So perhaps you should all be thinking of the little ones and their poor families than creating bull about a complete tragic situation!!!

    • He didn’t purchase the guns. If you don’t want politicization of this case, then perhaps you should take it up with Bloomberg and Obama who took the very first opportunity, less than 24 hours after the event, to politicize it. You should talk to all those friends of yours who are out there right now calling for the removal of guns.

      you should tell NBC and CNN and the Times what you told me. But you won’t.

      You should look into them already talking about a national “buy back” plan where they will take billions of your tax dollars, buy people’s guns on demand, and then sell them to terrorists in Libya or Syria or Sudan or Mexico (fast and furious?)

      Oh yeah, I should just sit around and “think of the children” rather than being angry that someone out there WHO DID HAVE A MOTIVE planned and carried out this horrific crime and people just sit around on their hands wishing everyone one else gives up a right in order to make it all better.

      What is it going to take for you to give up the next right?

    • I would like to know what really motivates these emotional whiners?

      What’s at stake for you here Keri Mc? You want to boohoo about the kids cry in your pillow.

      You think Amerika should be disarmed go learn the history of countries that have disarmed their populations…Mexico, where the ‘federali’s’ terrorize motorists any time they please. Australia where the gangs are now the only ones with guns. How about Red China? Britain, that has the same plague of gangsters feeding on the citizenry.

      Despots ALWAYS disarm the population before the pogroms begin.

      That the maimstream media can sell the story that this skinny little kid, Adam Lanza could tote in two rifles, two semiauto pistols AND ammo, take out 26 people in a matter of minutes, while leaving the 223 that fired all the shots in the trunk of the mother’s car…well

      Sure, that works…if your brain is made of silly-putty.


  14. Scott,

    Check out what JerseyG just found on our thread at COTO:

    [Near bottom of thread]

    this time a reference to Sandy Hook…yes frickin’ REALLY.

    Who wants a stocking full of Coincidences for Christmas?

    Deadly coincidences…


  15. It’s three in the morning, and ABC’s World News Now is already on the full court press. No mention of multiple weapons or additional shooters, just the tearjerking smarminess that I expect will saturate this week’s programming.

    And I do mean “programming”.

    Scott – I’ve been ensconced with taking on the gun-grabbers; I can’t believe I missed out on most of this. I knew about the multiple shooter angle, but I hadn’t any idea just how flimsy the official narrative was.

    This makes the events of September 11, 2001 look like Masterpiece Theatre.

  16. […] liknande) ligger bakom. Scott Creighton har skrivit mycket om händelsen och har bra koll – Sandy Hook Shooting: Victims Killed with Rifle Found in Car – Who Put it There? The Guy Arrested i… – Sandy Hook Shooting: New Crime! “Perpetrating […]

  17. Yeah, all you “bleeding hearts” just need to stop. We’re looking for answers, ‘cos we want the truth.

    Truthfully, this has nothing to do with “gun control.” These actions are perpetuated specifically to divide the American people against one another. ‘Cos of all this, more Americans will purchase “assault weapons”, which will only infuriate the ones that don’t. Eventually, rioting will break out, due to unrelated circumstances and the Feds will allow local and state police to enforce the peace, which will not only cost many lives, but will “weed the herd” so to speak. When that happens and it becomes “manageable”, the Feds will enact Martial Law, which will only cause more uprising on both sides, but by then it won’t matter, we’ll have already slaughtered ourselves.

    Nobody, but “conspiracy theorists” ask the tough, hard questions, ‘cos we’re not cogs in the system. We’re not getting paid to “confuse” and “manipulate” you.

    Eventually, we’re all gonna have to to choose a side.

    Just my 2p.


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