Sandy Hook Shooting: Autistic Gunman Killed 26 in 2 minutes? Mother Killed At Home? Father in Financial Services?

by Scott Creighton

uhhhh….. WTF?!

According to the official story, Adam Lanza was an autistic 20 year old when he busted into the Sandy Hook elementary school and started opening fire on kids and teachers alike.

The first incarnations of the story were WAY off from what I can gather. Now it seems his father wasn’t killed at the house, but his mother was. Nancy Lanza was supposedly shot at home and then for some unknown reason, Adam the autistic kid, took his mother’s car to the school and killed 27 people, mostly children.

As odd as that is, the story gets more strange (unbelievable) from there: the following is from the Atlantic Wire magazine

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Sandy Hook Shooting: Mass Casualty Events Vs Taser Related Deaths

by Scott Creighton

From 2009- 2012 there have been 133 people killed in mass shooting events during that same time period, there have been 181 people killed by Tasers

And you want to ban what?

The trend at this given moment is to embellish the numbers of people killed in mass casualty events over the past few years. One guy, George Zornick writing for the Nation magazine, claims there have been 16 this year in an article proudly featuring the president wiping away his fictional crocodile tears, so you can guess what his overall agenda is. In order to get to that number though he includes what appears to be drive bys and occasions where several shooters were going after someone specifically, like a drug hit or something like that. The ONLY thing he doesn’t include are instances where multiple police officers unload their service revolvers on suspects.

The Mother Jones study is a lot more selective and accurate when it comes to keeping track of these kinds of mass casualty events over the past 30 years. They came to the conclusion that there have been 61 during that time.

Well, I was looking around the internet and I started to wonder just how many people have been killed each year by Taser related incidents and much to my surprise, the numbers are rather staggering:

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Sandy Hook Shooting – Look At the Numbers Folks: Something Isn’t Right

by Scott Creighton

Where do you start with something like this?

According to a recent study put out by Mother Jones (A Guide to Mass Shootings in America) and contrary to some of the outlandish numbers you may have heard today, the fact is there have only been around 61 mass shooting events in the United States over the past 30 years. That’s an average of 2 per year.

On the way over here I heard one of the authors of that study on NPR and he mentioned the fact that there had been 7 this year already including this atrocity at the Sandy Hook elementary school.

Five have occurred since July 20th, the Aurora Massacre. Five.

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Assad Standing Firm – Utterly Depraved U.S. Policy Not Withstanding

by Scott Creighton

Contrary to the regime change spin spouted by the Jack-Ass neoliberal in libertarian clothing Adam Kokesh, Bashar al-Assad is not planning to go anywhere, much less the litany of future regime change candidates that Adam listed off in his “19 Lies for Hillary Clinton” segment last week.

After Russia recently refuted the NATO backed propaganda that one of their ministers suggested that Assad was on his way out, even the White House is now having to admit that it doesn’t look like Assad is looking for the exits.

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U.S. Sec. of Defense Sends Missiles and Troops in Support of the 9/11 Terrorists

by Scott Creighton

Syrian Rebels Tied to Al Qaeda Play Key Role in War NYT Dec 8 2012

Leon Panetta and the administration of “CHANGE” are working overtime to terrorize the legitimate leader of Syria and the general population of the country.

At least 24 civilians, including a large number of children, were killed in two separate car bombings southwest of Damascus on Thursday” HT Dec 13th 2012

Panetta announced that he is sending two Patriot Missile batteries and 400 U.S. troops to Turkey in support of the terrorists Hillary Clinton and the CIA have been running in their destabilization campaign in neighboring Syria.

Head of new U.S.-backed Syrian coalition endorses al Qaida-linked rebel faction McClatchy Dec 13 2012

That’s called terrorism folks. So it’s no surprise that the secretary of defense is now asking our troops to saddle up next to al Qaeda. Birds of a feather as they say..

Militants torch another Shia mosque in Syria Dec 14 2012 RT

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