Google on ‘Immoral’ Tax Evasion: ‘It’s Called Capitalism’

(If you notice, there are ongoing protests in France, England, and Italy right now. People are actively opposing the direction their country is going in, so of course the governments will have to come out and ‘investigate’ the Google boondoggle. But here in America, with President Peace Prize and the cowed left, they not only don’t investigate Google’s theft, but Obama actually offers the Treasury secretary job to the CEO who did it.)

‘Hypocritical assertion of its corporate motto, ‘Don’t Be Evil'”

from Common Dreams

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has defended his company’s ‘immoral’ tax policies, saying of the internet giant’s evasions to get out of paying billions of dollars: “It’s called capitalism.”

News reports this week revealed that Google avoided paying at least $2 billion in taxes in 2011 by siphoning off $10 billion in profits to a Bermuda shell company. The figure is almost double the amount the company was hiding offshore three years ago, official company documents show.

When asked about Google’s tax evasions by Bloomberg News last night, Schmidt said: ‘It’s called capitalism. We are proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this.’…

… And while governments in France, Britain, Italy and Australia are probing Google’s tax avoidance, in the US there has been no such probe. Instead, Google’s Schmidt was reportedly asked by President Obama to serve as either Treasury or Commerce Secretary in his second Administration. Apparently Schmidt said no.

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Hannity Raves About “The ugly and twisted and dark soul of liberalism,” While Defending Crowder For Punching Demonstrator

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: GOP official in Virginia calls union members “terrorists”

Shawn Kenney, who formerly served as the communications director for the state GOP and is now the chairman of the Fluvanna Co. Board of Supervisors, posted an entry on his blog titled, “We Don’t Negotiate With (Union) Terrorists.” The post features a video of a brief fight that occurred outside the Michigan state capitol. Before the video, Kenney writes: “…and these people are terrorists.” Think Progress

I wonder if that means Ronald Reagan was a terrorist as well.


Crowder now admits to coming out of the tent and “pushing’ demonstrators. From the video Fox finally aired, the unedited one, it’s clear from his stance and his left arm being extended, that he hit that man. The other video from which the stills of the demonstrator swinging on Crowder, the one shot from the other angle, still hasn’t surfaced. But that one probably shows Crowder ducking under the other camera and hitting the protester. No wonder Steven didn’t file a complaint with the police.


The “course we are currently on”. The course I have been  warning about for years. The standard operating procedure when they neoliberalize a country, any country, is to demonize and remove the “leftists” and it has already begun in earnest here in America.

“Hannity, of course, was not only completely supportive of Crowder’s version of events, he seemed downright eager to use it to inflame hostility toward liberals. Again. Hannity said the incident represents “The ugly and twisted and dark soul of liberalism,” accused the left of “becoming increasingly vicious and violent” and said the “thugs” need to be “restrained” and “arrested.” He said, “Law and order has to prevail. If it doesn’t, this violence is going to spread, there will be blood in the streets and at some point, some people may, in fact, die. Now that’s the course we are currently on.”” Newshound

Of course he seemed eager to use it to demonize the left. He’s smart enough to pick a side, the side that isn’t getting rounded up by our death squads in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and others. The side that wasn’t rounded up in other countries we neoliberalized like Iran under the Shah, Nicaragua, Chile, Russia, Indonesia and India just to name a few.

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Fiscal Cliff = Economic Terrorism says U.S. Senator

by Scott Creighton

We’ve seen this before: the economic powers that be went to congress and the MSM back in late 2008 and threatened Armageddon if we didn’t give them what they wanted: our money. They effectively held the economy of the United States hostage and threatened to pull the trigger if they weren’t paid $780 billion in cash. Turns out, the fed gave them far more than that in secret backdoor loans, but the story is still the same; we were subjected to economic terrorism in which our leaders, the same leaders who boasted they will never give into terrorist threats, caved in immediately and went on a PR campaign pushing the TARP bailout package like their lives depended on it.

Now we have the same thing happening. The “fiscal cliff” boogeyman is the same as the “Ruskies” of old or the “turrurrrurrists’ of today. It’s terrorism pure and simple.

When you threaten people with the fear of death, starvation and chaos in order to advance a change in either the political  (like we did to Libya and currently are doing to Syria and Iran) or economic structure of a nation, that is defined as “Terrorism” and that is exactly what is being done to us right now.

Who says so? Some conspiracy theorist whack-job wing-nutter?

No. A seated U.S. senator from Iowa said that.

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Clackamas Shooting: An Obvious Destabilization Event

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Witnesses said they saw the gunman wearing a bullet proof vest but now the police chief says that is not true. Hmmm… did the shooter forget to put his vest on the patsy as he left?  As in the Aurora Massacre case, where are the security camera recordings of this event?


When I first heard of the Clackamas Town Center shooting, before the suspect’s name was released, before the details of his death were made public, I thought of the best way to stage a mass casualty event: have your asset attack a large group of people in a frightening way, move quickly to a unpopulated area where the patsy is already staged and put the gear on or around the incapacitated patsy then blend in with the crowd or exit stage left in a waiting vehicle.

Turns out, that is exactly what happened with both James Holmes and this new guy, Jacob Tyler Roberts. And it’s happened before in several other countries when certain elements wished to enact strict gun control legislation. How about that Illinois Circuit court ruling that came out just hours before this event which upheld the constitutional right of citizens to carry weapons outside their homes? Coincidence?

When you see a pattern developing, you have to pay attention to it folks.

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