Alex Jones Does Damage Control Segment with his Stratfor/NSA Intern Molly Maroney

by Scott Creighton

This is just too f*cking stupid.

So, the “internets” are ablaze with current and former Alex Jones fans all a dither about the fact that someone figured out that one of AJ’s employees, Molly Maroney, is a former Stratfor/CIA/NSA employee. Uh… technically speaking  and considering that Planet InfoWars and all of AJ’s sites are simply fishing fronts for the NSA, ALL of AJ’s employees actually work indirectly for the NSA folks. Hate to be the one to tell you.. buuuuut… it’s true.

Anyway, AJ, feeling the heat, decided to rush out to a building somewhere with his Stratfor intern in tow and do what he does best, argue with inanimate objects on the side of the street in his phony “stand up for America” voice. Too funny. I half expect him to start promising people he can make it rain when he does that.

He goes on and on about how the federal government is bad and North Korea is bad… North Korea?

At one point he says “I’m not going to stand here idle while you…”  and he’s just standing there while he’s yelling it, idle, yelling at no one! hahahahahha



Then they cut to a couple people walking by who don’t even notice the ranting AJ on the other side of the street! It’s like he’s one of those homeless guys arguing with himself…. hahahahahaha

Then a security guy comes out and AJ turns into a fawning little slug… hahahahaha

Oh my God, that’s just funny. If people didn’t know AJ was a Cass Sunstein contractor before this, they have to be sure of it now.


22 Responses

  1. “They didn’t take our camera’s because we threatened with lawsuits”

    Yeah, sure Alex, that’s why they left YOU alone and bothered everyone else.

    Just like those “black bloc” agents in Quebec just happened to have the same clothing as the cops.

    What a fucking joke… the fact that he has a listening audience makes good fodder for those that want to depopulate the world.

  2. LOL

  3. Loves me the beginning! He is just yelling at those poor shrubs; What a maroon.
    The guy that came to speak with Nut-Job-Jones had a nice clean uniform with razor sharp creases. I am willing to bet he is not your average Joe.

  4. It amazes me that people still take this loud-mouth yahoo seriously. Jones is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the so-called “truth movement.” It’s people like him that manage to sabotage positive movements and turn them into feckless groups that end up getting nowhere. Whether he’s a paid shill or not is irrelevant, because I can’t forgive him for the amount of damage he’s done to not only the 9/11 truth movement but to other movements as well. Probably the most sinister of all is that he’s managed, along with neo liberal ghouls like Ron Paul, to convince a bunch of people (most of whom are, at heart, well-to-do people) to demand the slashing of their own throats by sacrificing their economic rights. Jones is a scumbag and he always will be.

  5. Couldn’t watch the whole thing – the man is a goner, but at this rate sometime in the future we’ll have a movie out about him ¨The life of AJ¨ or something dumber even.

  6. WP ate my comment – it was short . ) well, not that short

  7. Yeah right. And I’m the tooth fairy. Shut this website down and stop spreading the swill around.

    • Really? The tooth fairy? Goodness gracious…. You meet all kinds on the internet! You sound like a make-believe persona also…. 😦

  8. He says in the video ‘MOLLY’ several times. Points to the blond when the real molly is at 6:30 and with her back to us at 9:53

    He’s really in damage control for sure!

  9. who has seen the RON PAUL and ALEX JONES illuminati card.
    u can’t make that sh*t up.

  10. […] Alex Jones Does Damage Control Segment with his Stratfor/NSA Intern Molly Maroney ( […]

  11. If your going to make claims that Alex Jones staff works for the CIA or NSA please provide some evidence to back those claims.

    • They wouldn’t be called “Covert Ops” if their was proof of the conspiracy. I think his actions at the Austin Gun Rally, his continued assualt on William Cooper and his connections to mainstream media should be enough proof for anyone except the kool-aide drinking fans of Infowhores.

  12. I watched Alex Jones last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan. Watch it for yourself. Typical AJ Shill move just damages the cause by his over the top rants and raves. He gets a lot in though, but by avoiding questions and looking like a lunatic no one will really listen to what he has to say.

    I wish we had a rational voice who can debate gun control better than the medias now favorite pinatas AJ, Ted Nugent, and the NRA. What the anti-gun people in the media and Government really want is gun control like England or Canada, not just Assault rifles and background checks like they’re saying. They want to make it so freaking hard to get a gun you just say fuck it and give up. I hate how they have to play it off and act like they are so much smarter becuase they now this little secret that England and Canada have less homicides from firearms because of gun control. No shit, really? Wow we never new that, shocking.

    The problem is the statistics show that violent crimes do go up and homicides stay about the same, but less of both involve firearms. The media skew their facts in their favor and ignore some statistics and countries to make their points. It’s basically a sophisticated way of lying to you about the true facts to convince you that gun control is good. This is how they think: You see stupid Americans, less firearm homicides good, guns bad. I’m so educated I know what you don’t know about gun control becuase I looked at other countries.

    Well I decided to look myself and run the numbers myself using per capita statistics which is how you should always compare crime statistics. Also, I included Mexico, Switzerland, Canada, and England becuase they are the most relevant to our situation. The media avoids using per captia violent crime statisitcs and countries that contradict their narrative. I have to admit, violent crime is complicated and many factors such as curruption, incaceration time, laws, policing, gangs, repeat offenders, and culture pay a huge part. I heard somewhere that 98% of all firearm related homicides in America are done by gangs or repeat violent offenders. Also, I think AJ was saying something (I hate to quote him but) that less than 2% of all firearm related homicides are done by assault rifles.

    Here is what I gathered. The more guns per capita means more homicides by guns, the less guns per capita the less homicides by guns. But when you divide them together and factor in them together the percentage of homicides is about the same between countries except for Mexico, makes sense. Non-firearm homicides are about the same for all the countries except for Mexico. The kicker is that violent crimes per capita is where the statistics start to show Guns deter violence because in the US and Switzerland where more people are armed per capita the violent crime is way lower than the other countries that have strict gun control. Were talking over six times the amount of violent crime in England than in the US. Here are the statistics. Given the fact that I bet a lot of the violent crime is attempted murders and if they had easier access to guns the murders would be more successful and on par with the US.

    We would have to be absolutely crazy to give up our gun rights knowing this, especially knowing how soft we are on gun crime and how easily criminals can obtain guns illegally and use them against us. Hopefully someone in the media will present these facts like I did.

    Number of firearms per capita
    US 88,000 Firearms per 100,000 People
    Switzerland 45,700 Firearms per 100,000 People
    Canada 30,800 Firearms per 100,000 People
    Mexico 15,000 Firearms per 100,000 People
    England 6,200 Firearms per 100,000 People

    Number of firearms homicides per capita
    Mexico 3.66 Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    US 2.97 Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    Switzerland 0.56 Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    Canada 0.54 Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    England 0.12 Firearm homicides per 100,000 People

    Percentage of firearm homicides per number of firearms per capita Mexico 0.0244% firearm homicides per number of firearms per capita
    US 0.0034% firearm homicides per number of firearms per capita
    England 0.0019% firearm homicides per number of firearms per capita
    Canada 0.0018% firearm homicides per number of firearms per capita
    Switzerland 0.0012% firearm homicides per number of firearms per capita

    Overall homicides per capita
    Mexico 14.11 Overall homicides per 100,000 People
    US 4.55 Overall homicides per 100,000 People
    Canada 1.58 Overall homicides per 100,000 People
    England 1.45 Overall homicides per 100,000 People
    Switzerland 0.96 Overall homicides per 100,000 People

    Non-Firearm homicides per capita
    Mexico 10.45 Non-Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    US 1.58 Non-Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    England 1.33 Non-Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    Canada 1.04 Non-Firearm homicides per 100,000 People
    Switzerland 0.40 Non-Firearm homicides per 100,000 People

    Violent Crimes per capita
    England 2034 Overall Violent Crimes per 100,000 People
    Canada 935 Overall Violent Crimes per 100,000 People
    Mexico 615 Overall Violent Crimes per 100,000 People
    US 386 Overall Violent Crimes per 100,000 People
    Switzerland 37 Overall Violent Crimes per 100,000 People

    • Something to note as well Scott in relation to Canada. The “0.54 Firearm homicides per 100,000 People” is an “official” number from Statistics Canada. Basically during the last census they asked if there were fire arms in the home.

      Thankfully, us Canuck’s don’t trust our government so most people said “No”. Then as they implemented the gun registry (and later removed it) they claimed that 80% of all fire-arms had been registered.

      Their own official numbers put it at between 8 to 10 million firearms in Canada.

      That number is way off. I’d venture their is closer to 20 million because I know collectors with over 500 weapons that never registered shit, and I Know that was a popular sentiment between collectors.

      The media likes to claim that we “don’t have guns north of the border” but I will put money on the table that Canuck’s are just as well armed as the Americans, we are just way more quiet about it.


  14. Here’s a rather amusing but very long article by one apparent charlatan (Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz) accusing another (our very own Alex Jones) of working directly with Homeland Security in undermining his (Dr. Horowitz’) commercial efforts to get rich off of his OxySilver. He claims that Jones and the FDA somehow undermined him and gave favor to producers of something called Silver Sol during the H1N1 flu false flag pandemic. I couldn’t get through the whole thing – I started to lose it when he picked apart an (obviously fake) electron micrograph supposedly showing electrons as distinct little dots frozen in time as resolvable “particles”. It had already been getting too ridiculous when he was talking about companies intentionally engineering “cancer causing frequencies” into their compounds to support depopulation and getting FDA favor for it. It’s an amusing piece demonstrating how one fraud accuses another though – sometimes frauds and criminals accidentally leak out legitimate info about each other when their arguing about who stole who’s clever scam (like two card cheats arguing in front of their victims about who stole who’s slight of hand tactic because they forgot people were watching). Have a look if you can stomach it.

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