Fox “News” Personality and Union Member Steven Crowder Knocks Down Union Members at Protest and Edits Video of Fight

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Steven Crowder Sucker Punched Demonstrator in Crowd Before he was Hit

UPDATE: Not only is Crowder a member of a union, but so are Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh

and so was this guy… in fact he was the president of a union… twice


So I guess benefiting from collective bargaining is good enough for wealthy celebrities but not good for average working Americans.

How hypocritical is that? All of these guys working their tails off to demonize unions in the U.S. so their friends on various boards and in Wall Street can make another buck, the whole time knowing they themselves enjoy a better standard of living because of the strength of collective bargaining. Even their neoliberal god was a card carrying union member. Hell, he was the president of a union.

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Egyptian Regime Change News

by Scott Creighton

1. William Engdahl went on RT and tried to push his “it’s the same thing as Iran” propaganda about what is happening in Egypt right now. He repeats the claim that the constitution is an “Islamist” construct which will crush liberal and secular progress in the country. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When asked about Morsi reversing his unconstitutional mandate protecting the constitutional assembly and the remaining house of parliament from the Mubarak supporting judiciary, Engdahl dismisses it just like the opposition does claiming it was all a “feign” by the clever Morsi to distract from the real issue, the constitution. Of course, he doesn’t actually READ the constitution or cite any quotes from it to prove his point. Then he has the nerve to claim that by putting it to the people for a vote, Morsi is circumventing the will of the people. Engdahl and Tarpley have been undermining the Egyptian revolution from day one, long before the election brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power. While they were claiming the Tahrir Sq uprising was the work of the State Department, Hillary Clinton was still going on for months standing firmly beside our dictator in that country Hosni Mubarak if that tells you anything.


2. The freely elected government of Egypt has given the judiciary an important role to play as overseers of the upcoming national referendum on the new constitution but just like the Syrian “opposition” did when the reforms put to the people by Assad were laid out, they are refusing to take part in them. Again, this is ALL about forcing regime change and stopping an anti-neoliberal constitution from being approved by the people. Truth be told, there are many Egyptian judges who don’t stand with the Mubarak supporting judiciary so the only thing the opposition can do now they know the constitution will be put to the people is to set up the narrative to discredit it in the future.

“The head of Egypt’s key association of judges says 90 percent of its members have voted not to oversee Saturday’s nationwide referendum on the country’s contentious draft constitution.

Ahmed el-Zind, the chairman of the Judges’ Club, announced the decision on Tuesday.

The move is unlikely to stop the referendum from taking place, but it casts further doubt on the legitimacy of the constitutional drafting process.” AP

3. Flashbacks to the violence in Venezuela. Opposition members camped out in tents in the center of Tahrir Sq. have been attacked by “masked gunmen” obviously designed to make it look like Morsi is attacking the opposition. This is a cheap stunt and obviously so. While the so-called “opposition” has killed at least 5 government supporters during the last two weeks, these attacks used bird shot… that’s right… bird shot… to injure the protesters. Clearly someone didn’t want to hurt them too much.

Masked gunmen attacked opposition protesters camped out at Cairo’s Tahrir Square early on Tuesday, firing birdshot at them and wounding nine people, security officials said. The attack stoked tensions just hours ahead of rival mass rallies in the Egyptian capital by supporters and opponents of the country’s Islamist president over a disputed draft constitution.” AP

Please read the following for information regarding this destabilization campaign in Egypt.

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Jason Ditz of AntiWar is at it Again – Supporting State Department Destabilization Propaganda

Egypt’s (Mubarak supporting) constitutional court puts off ruling on Assembly legitimacy surrounded by pro-Morsi protesters

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Glenn Greenwald Reviews the CIA’s Latest Movie Zero Dark Thirty – Can You Say “Limited Hangout”?

by Scott Creighton

Glenn Greenwald has a new article up about this horrendous piece of globalist propaganda called Zero Dark Thirty. It’s supposedly the “true story” of how the great ObamaGod got the “ebil” bin Laden via an assassination raid into Pakistan last year.

Glenn accurately points out that the film is complete propaganda. He can’t help but notice that. It was after all based on “intelligence” spoon fed to the government shill Kathryn Bigelow after she was granted an Oscar award for her other recent propaganda piece, the Hurt Locker.

“It was discovered that CIA and White House officials had met with its filmmakers and passed non-public information to them – at exactly the same time that DOJ officials were in federal court resisting transparency requests from media outlets and activist groups on the ground that it was all classified.” Glenn Greenwald

It’s clear that Operation Mockingbird hasn’t simply been revived, brought back from the dead in the wake of 9/11, it’s become the sole source of new material in Hollywood (they simply refused to make Cloud Atlas and snubbed Avatar by giving the academy award to Hurt Locker instead). The only thing Hollywood will fund these days is propaganda, pure and simple.

But Glenn misses the point (as he sometimes does when it comes to important fundamental stuff like this) by focusing his entire criticism of the film on the fact that it justifies torture to the exclusion of even the well-known facts surrounding the “official story” of the bin Laden raid.

and now for the rest of the story…

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Malala’s Daddy Hits Pay Dirt: For-Profit Education as a Means to Indoctrinate Pakistanis

by Scott Creighton

The Malala Yousafzai story has been a construct from the very beginning. It was never real, none of it. Malala was not some kid who just loved education so much she decided to be a politician in order to champion girl’s education rights.

She wanted to be a doctor but her overbearing pathological father wanted to use her to make himself the new “education czar” of Pakistan’s new for-profit school program courtesy of their former colonizers, the Great Britain.

At best he put her in harm’s way, directly in the sights of the most feared group in Pakistan. At worse he turned her life into one long endless lie for his own greed and ambition. That sets a fine example for the kids these days doesn’t it?

Now he’s been officially knighted by Gordon Brown and UNESCO and all he had to do was pimp out his daughter for the honor.

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Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale

by Scott Creighton


Republican Ex-Gov: I’d Agree To Higher Taxes On Rich


UPDATE: Ok. Now that I am done with the Malala psyop story, let me explain my stand on this. Yes, we need to increase the tax rate on the upper 1% at least to the level it was at during Reagan and Bush days. We also need a good sized transaction tax leveled on Wall Street trades. That would tend to slow down the computer trading I think and certainly help the economy, the real economy, not the artificial one dedicated to “growth’ as opposed to people.

Now, that said, take this into consideration: if we had another 2 trillion dollars in the tax base right now, right at this very moment, what would happen?

Do you think the congress and the dems/republicans would do one single thing differently? Do you think they would stop breathlessly screeching over the manufactured debt monster?

Would they suddenly put money back into REAL public education (not the for-profit model Obama and Bush seem to love) and libraries and parks and public services and infrastructure?

No. They wouldn’t.

That money would be appropriated by the military industrial complex, the intelligence industrial complex, the prison industrial complex or the for-profit education industrial complex. It wouldn’t help at all. The “fiscal cliff” would still loom on the horizon.

Because, and I want to make this very clear… ITS NOT ABOUT THE DEFICIT… ITS ALL ABOUT CHANGING THE SOCIAL PACT THE PEOPLE HAVE WITH THE GOVERNMENT… so more money being put into the system does nothing in fact until we change the kinds of people who decide what to do with it.

“Taxing the 1%” as a campaign is a distraction! It’s being set up to provide the fake left with another bullshit “victory” for Obama like the insurance company bailout bill (Affordable Care Act) was.

There will be a “compromise’ which will include a higher tax rate for the 1% and fake lefties all across the “interwebs” will use that as proof that Obama “stuck it too them” but just like the so-called banker reforms from a couple years ago, it will be full of loop-holes and designed backdoor escape hatches which the high priced tax attorneys for the mega-wealthy will use to keep from paying more this year. And as has already been exposed, part of the deal will be a roll-back of that higher rate next year leaving the new loop-holes of course.

I’m not saying the people behind this campaign understand this aspect of it. They probably have good intentions.

But the problem isn’t not having enough money in the system, the problem is the prioritization of what they do with what they have. Some feel good minor tax increase on the super wealthy isn’t going to fix that… and in fact, it will take energy away from the struggle that needs to be fought.

That’s all I’m saying.

——– original below line ——-

(This is a pretty good effort, but I will be writing later about how the “tax the rich” movement isn’t actually in our best interests. Yes, I know… I said it… )



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