9/11 Heroes Win $875 Million for Healthcare……. AAAAND IT’S GONE

by Scott Creighton

aaaaand its goneNews is out that the sickened 9/11 first responders who won a revision to the $2.7 billion dollar Victim Compensation Fund nearly two years ago (Jan. 02 2011 James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act) which promised to pay out $875 million dollars in the first 5 years to compensate for expenses these heroes incurred due to health problems related to their efforts after 9/11, have received nothing, the big goose egg, zippo so far. Nothing. These people continue to get sicker, payout what little they have for what help they can afford, and die as a result of the false flag attack on this country that took place on Sept. 11th 2001.

For two years that money has been doing something for someone but nothing for the men and women who earned it… while they continue to suffer needlessly.

Why is that you say?

Well, that is simple: because Obama’s Attorney General choose an insurance company thug lawyer to be the one in charge of dispensing the settlements and according to her, it’s the fault of those pesky sick people who just can’t seem to fill out those forms correctly. Sound like something you have heard from your insurance company before?

The Great ObamaGod finally finally does something to help the people made sick by the demolition of the Twin Towers ……


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Morsi Aide: Businessmen and For-Profit Media Firms Behind Opposition

by Scott Creighton

Muhammad Rifaa al-Tahtawi, Morsi’s chief of staff, told CNN that it’s a small group of well placed businessmen and media moguls who are behind the political disruption taking place in Egypt right now. It’s these wealthy elites who are against the ratification of the new Egyptian constitution. This statement, according to CNN (and I have written about this as well) comes just days after the so-called “opposition” rejected Morsi’s agreement to meet with them and their further calls for violence to stop the constitutional referendum.

Considering the populist nature of the new constitution, this is not unexpected. For those out there still trying to “pass” as alternative while claiming Morsi is the “new pharaoh” in Egypt… suck on it. You were wrong.

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Shawshank Revisited

by Scott Creighton

there is a harsh truth to face

prison graphWhen we allow for-profit prison corporations, Wall Street traded entities, to  lobby state and federal lawmakers for harsher sentences and even to insert minimum occupancy clauses in their contracts, and then allow them to open their correctional institution up to other for-profit enterprises, how is that unlike what the fascists did with the work camps in Germany? We pay them a little something? We pay them a little something so they can buy incredibly marketed up goods at what amounts to the new “company store”. We pay them a little something so the for-profit prison they are condemned to can back charge the inmates for medicine and other things they are already charging the state for so they can make even more profit. We pay them something now so that people like you won’t be completely disgusted with the new friendly face we are putting on modern day slavery.

Anyone remember the Shawshank Redemption? Anyone remember what happens when prisons are run like contracted plantations for cash under the table?

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