National Salvation Front in Egypt is a CIA/Saudi Construct – Like it was in Libya and Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: “Opposition” leaders in Egypt are now actually condemning Morsi for doing what they demanded and rescinding his declarations of unconstitutional powers. “Alternative” journalists can’t seem to understand… hmmm….

“Bizarrely, opposition leadership, apparently encouraged by their ability to draw a crowd, condemned Morsi for doing exactly what they have demanded, saying it was unacceptable, and calling for yet more protests.” Jason Ditz, AntiWar

It’s not “bizarre”. Its pretty predictable when you understand that the opposition in Egypt are simply more of the same Libyan and Syrian “opposition’ who are paid to create the illusion of a popular resistance to Morsi and the new anti-neoliberal constitution. And the crowds they drew are miniscule in comparison to those that came out in support of the new constitution.

UPDATE: New anti-Morsi propaganda centers around Egypt shutting down “independent” TV stations that have been critical of the current administration. Take a look at how “independent” this station really is:

The station, Dream TV, rose to international prominence after broadcasting an interview with former Google executive and Egyptian activist Wael Ghonim — an interview that re-inspired the protest movement that led to the end of Hosni Mubarak’s presidency.NBC “news”

Google activist Ghonim? Dream TV was started in 2001 by a megawealthy close friend of our former dictator Hosni Mubarak.


This is yet another violent destabilization campaign… by definition… The time to get it right is now, not 8 months from now when NATO starts bombing the same people you cheered for a year ago.

With the constitutional referendum just a few days away, Egyptian President Morsi has put a halt to his decree which he used to protect the legally elected Parliament (or what’s left of it after the judiciary disbanded the lower house) and the constitutional assembly from the Mubarak/U.S. aligned judiciary who were determined to keep the people of Egypt from voting on their new constitution (you can read the full translation, in English, here)

President Morsi has also given in to earlier demands from various opposition groups to hold discussions with them about the process and the draft constitution and he has also stated that if the people reject the constitution as written on Dec. 15th, then they will form another assembly to write another one.

One would think this would be acceptable to “the opposition”. It grants them everything they claim they wanted to start with: end of Morsi’s “sweeping powers”, a democratic process by which the constitution is ratified by the people and a voice in the process of writing a new one in the case of the people’s rejection of it.

But no. Now, the cries coming from the opposition, the National Salvation Front headed by none other than globalist puppet Mohamed ElBaradei, demand something else: regime change and an all-out stop to the new constitution. They are even going so far as to promise violent guerrilla warfare if they don’t get what they want.

If this is starting to sound a little like Libya and Syria there is a very good reason for that… because the National Salvation Front was used as a U.S./Saudi fake political action group designed to destabilize both of those countries for years.

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