And the “duh’ Award Goes to…. Human Rights Watch!

Human Rights Watch: Israel/Gaza: Israeli Airstrike on Home Unlawful

An Israeli airstrike that killed 12 civilians – the largest number of civilians killed in a single attack during the Gaza fighting in November – was a clear violation of the laws of war.

See? That’s what we need Human Rights Watch for, to clear up those pesky grey areas. Israel launches an attack which kills a bunch of kids at their home lying or hiding under their beds, and we need something like Human Rights Watch to come out and officially declare, “yes. it is a violation of the laws of war’

However, they weren’t at war, Gaza is an open air prison in which 1.2 million Palestinians are being punished for voting the wrong way in 2006 and every now and again the Israelis load up their big shiny new guns that we bought for them and they go shoot some of those civilian prisoners to remind themselves just how big and powerful and scary they are… usually right before an election of some kind or a vote of some importance in the United Nations.

I wonder if the people at Human Rights Watch had to get down on their hands and knees and beg the ranting warmongers in the Likud party not to label them “anti-Semites” for publishing their findings.

Well, there you go. It’s”unlawful” for Israel to fire hell fire missiles into homes and kill bunches of little kids to make a point about how they are always the victims. Do you see this making a difference? You think they might wonder if it’s “unlawful” for the Mossad to kill Iranian scientists willy-nilly? Nah…

3 Responses

  1. Absolutely pathetic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the HRW people starting following in General Chickenshit’s shoes and starting kissing Bibi’s ass…

  2. Since it has been officially declared that Israel committed a war crime, can’t Israel be kicked out of the UN?

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