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The moment when the New Deal as we knew it became history by bi-partisan consensus was a long time coming. A trans-generational core of inherited wealth and right-wing cranks has been trying to undo the New Deal since Social Security became fact in 1935. Ronald Reagan echoed anti-New Deal cries of ‘socialism,’ first as a paid spokesperson of the AMA (American Medical Association) against the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid, and later through his racist caricature of the ‘welfare queen’ living fat on public largesse. Despite the fact that Social Security is an insurance program paid for by its participants, much the same as private insurance but without the executive looting, the charge has always been of an undeserving public sucking on“a milk cow with 310 million tits.”

Democrats first joined the effort in earnest with Bill Clinton’s plan to partially privatize Social Security. The idea was to let our good friends on Wall Street manage a bit of the money for us, for a fee of course. That proposal faltered when Mr. Clinton was impeached. As was the fashion in European Central Bank circles in 2009, Mr. Obama took up the torch of fiscal austerity of his own initiative by creating his very own deficit commission. This should have come as no surprise to anyone paying attention—Mr. Obama publicly stated his intention to ‘fix’ Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid when he allied himself with the Wall Street friendly ‘Hamilton Project’ in 2006.” Rob Urie

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The Pathology of the Free-Trade Disease

(Neoliberalism as the disease)

from Land Destroyer blog

A prophetic interview with Sir James Goldsmith in 1994 exposes pathology of economic decline – sober warning then vs. NAFTA & GATT, and a sober, vindicated warning today against TPP, ASEAN, and more.


Count the Pro-Regime Change Lies from Adam Kokesh

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: the following is from Adam’s Facebook page. Apparently not everyone drinks the koolaid over there:

Andrew Panken “So you agree with the numbers put out by the so-called rebels, Adam? Also, it really seems like you’re saying that Assad should have been removed a long time ago? Who would have removed him, how and under what authority?

UPDATE: Now wait, all you Kokeshites…. why are you all voting for the first one? I’m confused… I thought is was “Adam VS the man” not Adam IS the man”? You see, that’s the joke… get it? no I guess you don’t which explains why you’re Kokeshites….

UPDATE: yeah…. right….

UPDATE: Ah… come on… who voted “none”? Adam? Was that you?


It’s almost pointless to highlight the fact that Adam Kokesh is obviously a disinfo shill and has been since day one. He served for a year with the 3rd Civil Affairs group in Iraq, propagandizing our efforts there before and after Fallujah and then he decided for some strange reason to take his handgun home with him which of course got him discharged without the possibility of re-enlisting. He then immediately joins anti-war protests, wearing his military uniform to garner him attention in the movement and credibility, and becomes a neoliberal libertarian joining the ranks of the likes of Alex Jones and Ron Paul.

Months ago Kokesh decided to come out against Ron Paul once it became obvious that he had deliberately aided the nomination process of the Mormon fall-guy Mitt Romney. He was clearly working to corner that “disillusioned with Ron” market in order to keep them sipping the “libertarian’ ideological poison.

Then he seemed to turn on AJ but he recently did a video with Mark Dice in which they both pretended to have problems with that CIA/Mossad agent as well but of course, during the entire video all they did was pay fealty to the fraudster over and over again. It was a limited hangout critique of a limited hangout agent.

Now he’s out with a video which apparently has garnered a whopping 61 views in which he lies through his teeth about Bashar al-Assad and the so-called Syrian “civil war”. I tell ya, it sounds like his script was written by Hillary Clinton. It’s pathetic.

So let’s play this game: count the pro-regime change lies Adam Kokesh tells during his disinfo propaganda video.



War on Unions: Protesters at State Capitol As Michigan Lawmakers Pass Union Busting Law

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hey! take a look here at the future of America’s “right to work” future! Yippie! LIBERTY! Let the libertarians rejoice!


Three neoliberal union busting laws were rushed through Michigan state legislature late yesterday. No debate on them, they didn’t go through committee. The legislature is controlled by republicans, the governor who has promised to sign the bill quickly is also republican. Not that the “New Dems’ would do anything different or even try to oppose the move. The governor claims it’s a “pro-worker” effort… pro-worker… that’s a laugh.

“The data and all the facts show from the “right to work” states it’s “right to work for less…. they want to push worker’s wages and benefits down”