Obama Meets his Prestitute Megaphonies to Prep “Fiscal Cliff” Compromise Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Barack Obama has every intention of betraying his base… once again, this time on the subject of crippling “austerity” measures (read as “IMF structural reform package”) that will be “needed” to avoid the ever looming mythical fiscal cliff. So he called a special meeting with some of the left-wing propaganda peddlers to have a little off-the-record meeting at the White House. The idea is to get the talking points directly to the megaphonies so there’s no communication divide while at the same time expressing to them their personal importance to the administration, capitalizing on their feelings of entitlement in order to ensure they will strive their hardest to convince their audiences that something that is in their worst interest is actually in their best interests. To lie to their fans for the president and his neoliberal agenda in other words.

“This afternoon at the White House, the President met with influential progressives to talk about the importance of preventing a tax increase on middle class families, strengthening our economy and adopting a balanced approach to deficit reduction,” Earnest said in a statement Tuesday.

Earnest wouldn’t give details on who was in the meeting or how long it lasted, but HuffPost spotted several attendees on their way in just after 3 p.m., including MSNBC’s Maddow, Al Sharpton and Lawrence O’Donnell. Ed Schultz, also from MSNBC, tweeted a photo just outside of the West Wing. Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, was also in the meeting.” Huffington Post

The meeting of millionaire talking heads was kept off the record but the Huffington Post admitted it took place on their website with this article placed way down on the bottom of their front page. I guess they had to in order to avoid looking like they are simply secret mouthpieces for administration policy when and if news of the meet leaked out which is was bound to do.

Talk about “prestitutes” I guess the idea is to be able to effectively and comprehensively counter the effects of left wing financial experts like Paul Krugman when they say things like this:

It’s crazy, the way that we created this crisis out of thin air, when the government is able to borrow at just about the lowest interest rates in history,”

The idea we should be obsessed with the deficit right now is insane,”

I can’t help but be reminded of the run-up to the Iraq invasion and occupation. People like Scott Ritter were effectively banned from both the left and the right wing media outlets and when someone like Phil Donahue were extremely popular on MSNBC giving anti-war voices a national forum, he was immediately fired and taken off the air. After that, everyone left in the industry (and lying IS an industry folks) got the message and stayed on message.

This is the state of “journalism” in America. It’s as bad if not worse than any country you could possibly think of or at least the public image of any country we have been told is a closed society.

Recently Justin Raimondo wrote about Rachel Maddow’s pathetic cheer-leading for the administration’s pending forced regime change within Syria. He wrote about how Rachel took her talking points directly from the White House or state and forged her “humanitarian crisis moment” out of them for the mass consumption of her self-righteous fan-base. He couldn’t have been more on point.

“Of course, Maddow knew who was behind this outage, because the US government told her what to believe, and she believed it. So in place of reporting, you know, actual news, she channeled US government officials accusing the Syrian government of this dastardly act. “The worry is that the Syria government has made that country go dark, so that under cloak of darkness they can do something to their own people that they are unwilling to have people see in the light.”…

… Those same officials informed her — yes, she has good connections! — that the US government, in its infinite wisdom, had foreseen this eventuality and sent 2,000 “communication kits” to the darling rebels, including computers capable of bypassing the dastardly Syrian government, enabling them to tweet the next suicide bombing. Which just goes to show, as Rachel has always assured us, how well central planning works!” AntiWar

His libertarian “anti-central planning” jab aside, Raimondo hits the nail right on the head. These people are well armed with the propaganda and counter propaganda spin from the beginning. They’re nothing more than weapons of mass disinformation coming right out of the White House and State Department. They’re the Ministry of Truth and they damn well know it. And they get paid VERY well to propagandize for war, suffering, poverty and despair.

I will leave you with one more passage from Justin’s article. It sums this up pretty well. If he could just figure out that his libertarianism is just another shade of the Washington Consensus, i.e. “neoliberalism”, then he might actually be a bit more effective in his criticism, but til then, take what you can get I suppose. A bit from this plate, a bit from that…

Having long ago ditched opposition to militarism and empire-building in favor of identity politics, much of the American left has been hornswoggled into supporting the Libyan and Syrian “revolutions,” in spite of — or, in some cases, because of — Washington’s backing. The Vietnam era peaceniks of yesteryear, who have long since joined the Democratic party and gone into real estate, are merely extending their do-gooding instincts internationally. The partisan hacks of MSNBC are another matter: they are outright government propagandists, at least for the next four years. Justin Raimondo

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  1. Very enlightening article! Justin really does do great here. Yeah, he is a libertarian, but right now he’s pretty ok in my book…

  2. Very good. Thank you.

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