Attack of the Drones

by Scott Creighton

You gotta watch this. Drone pilots in New Mexico training by locking on civilian cars driving down the road in New Mexico. They wear flight suits in their trailers while “flying” the drones so they “feel” more like pilots. They black out their names during the press call so people can’t look them up and send them hate mail I guess. And we now train more of these guys than we do actual pilots cus its cheaper and the drones can fly around in the air over occupied areas much longer than fighter jets, thus constantly terrifying the indigenous people of the area.


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  1. These killer drones could be useful in a real war… if the US is ever actually attacked…… or maybe not…. because the attacker would have tanks and planes that would shoot these drones down…
    so these things are a cowards action toys against defenseless people..we are not at war…. we are committing acts of terrorism…

  2. Saw this headline this morning: Iran Captures US Drone In It’s Airspace. Might fit in with this thread.

    See if I’ve got the copy/paste thing figured out: :

    r ap

    • a fine copy and paste sir.

      • Got a D- in Intro. to Computers back in ’92, thereabouts–Community College level. Been going downhill with it every since. 😦


        • LOL, Roy… you aren’t by your self….. these darn computer-tricks keep getting more and more flighty…a changing and slipping to all kinds of ‘doings’…. beginning to think of just using mail and telephone…. 🙂

  3. Swatting BuzzBomb Doodlebugs never gets old. Siggh, to be flying a Spitfire Mk9 with OctoTap option.

  4. Thanks for posting, Scott. A most disconcerting progression of drone technology.

    Jan10 – well done for pinpointing why these drone strikes are completely wrong. Even if not used to fire weapons (such as in the USA currently) they still stand as a tool of oppression against the people.

    • Thank you, johndjasper.

    • Echo john’s well done, Scott and Jan. How many manual labor job are other drones going to take away, even while their weapons-grade killer-kin are at their thing, jazzing the nation?

      They’re striking at the LA ports right now, trying for a living wage, some job security–things like that. How long before a fleet of drones takes over the unloading of ships? the building of buildings? and so on.

      And, how far up the line can it go? People need to see this.

      I’m going to take a page out of Brucifer’s comment, start carrying a tennis racket, swat them down if I see them, cut their effing throats.


      • Replacing people with automation is not necessarily a bad thing Roy. It’s all about how society does it.

        In this case, though, you are totally right. I don’t think it will long before the only things protecting the globalists are massive robot armies and maybe a few elite human killers. Or psychopaths, since a lot of people can’t tell the difference.

    • You know, John, what’s even more disturbing is being surrounded by people in everyday life who think drone warfare is “cool” and “sophisticated”.


  5. What I found most disturbing about this film is the constant reference to jobs being done by the drones as anything “hard, laborious, dangerous or dumb”

    Think about that for a second. We used to have a different type of drone back in the “good old days” of the founding fathers. They went by a different name back then, but basically the same thing.

    And now we have a society that is basically remaking the economy into a service economy for many workers. It’s hard, laborious, tedious and dumb work so what does that basically say about how a certain class views those who do it?

    We are facing pure neoliberal structural reforms and part of that is the removal of things like safety regulations, minimum wages, overtime etc. Hell, we shut down factories and relocate them next to prisons for even cheaper labor… cheaper drones.

    What was it that one legislator talked about? Using FEMA to set up free-trade zones after disasters? What do they intend to staff those with?

    We are so depersonalizing the enemy that we are starting to depersonalize each other as well.

    The one thing you care about even less than a kid or mother who becomes collateral damage is the drone that inflicts it. And that’s what they are steadily turning many of us into.

  6. Never met an active ‘dumb’ person. Dumb: lack of intelligence, or self expression, one who cannot process data. But ‘dumb’ does apply to a drone. I have (through working with mentally disabled persons) seen people who had no active brains through accidents or birth defects… and it is a sad thing to see.
    All jobs require the processing of data… no matter how simple….and when humans do jobs, they also think of many other things while working….
    These drones are made by people…. and they require signals from an electronic device….. and oil…. and batteries…. they do not move independent of instruction..or programs….
    but humans do…. a drone will not rebel or go on strike….
    humans will….
    drones can be destroyed easily…. so they need watchful eyes of humans to protect them……
    we are not considered ‘drones’…. we are dangerous if the situation calls for it…. we are considerate, compassionate, giving, … we can unite into powerful groups of rebellion or acceptance….. we can shut down a business…. drones cannot., unless disabled by determined humans…..
    humans need to study electronics and programing… and always carry a pair of wire cutters … never know when you might want to disable a working drone… 🙂
    I think ‘they’ the so called elite are the almost brain dead ones… what can they do? almost nothing…. ‘they’ consider us dangerous…. and they fear our ability to think…..
    don’t stop learning and thinking…. and remember, always carry wire cutters with you. 🙂

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