Judge Napolitano Shows his True Colors: Shills on Studio B for Regime Change in Egypt

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Some have claimed that Napolitano did not lie during the interview. I disagree. He did. At the end of this article, I will show with a transcript and links to facts proving that he is lying.

UPDATE: James Corbett gets it wrong claiming that the “revolution” has just begun (I guess he implies that the previous one to overthrow Mubarak was fake) to get rid of the “new” dictator, Morsi. He actually claims that there isn’t much MSM attention being paid to this and then starts to cite a Voice of America article on the subject as a reference. Why doesn’t he just go straight to the source and quote Foreign Policy magazine while he’s at it. Corbett could not be more wrong in his interpretation of the news. He claims that Morsi had declared he is about the “lawmakers” as well as the courts when in fact its the justices that already disbanded the lower house of parliament in Egypt and Morsi was protecting the upper house so they couldn’t disband them as well. He also fails to mention that Morsi wants to retry Mubarak and his crony business buddies for crimes committed against the people during the previous revolution and the fact that the justices all support Mubarak and his crony capitalist friends of the United States. None of this is mentioned by James. “We could be about to see the beginning of a real revolution in Egypt

Thanks for nothing James. Madame Secretary says the check is in the mail. Try reading the constitution that Morsi wants to put to the people for a vote before opening your mouth again.

UPDATE: Michael Rivero gets it right on his show today at What Really Happened. Good for him! Someone let him know about the English translation of the constitution linked below. He could get it to a lot of people out there so they could see what the MSM and the fake alternatives are working against.

UPDATE: Same bullshit story being sold to the left by HuffPuff as well…. that tells you something doesn’t it, HuffPuff and Fox selling the same lies


Judge Napolitano is a liar

Many of the “libertarians” (read as “neoliberals”) out there have been singing the praises of Judge Napolitano for quite a while  now, considering him someone who (and I really hate to use this ridiculous phrase) “speaks truth to power”

I figured all along the guy was just being positioned to have a certain amount of credibility which he would later use in the service of his globalist paymasters one day.

Well, that day is here.

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Attack of the Drones

by Scott Creighton

You gotta watch this. Drone pilots in New Mexico training by locking on civilian cars driving down the road in New Mexico. They wear flight suits in their trailers while “flying” the drones so they “feel” more like pilots. They black out their names during the press call so people can’t look them up and send them hate mail I guess. And we now train more of these guys than we do actual pilots cus its cheaper and the drones can fly around in the air over occupied areas much longer than fighter jets, thus constantly terrifying the indigenous people of the area.


Translation of Proposed Egyptian Constitution

by Scott Creighton

For all of those running around claiming that Morsi is “the new pharaoh” here is the translation of the new constitution they are having the people vote for on Dec. 15th. Before the break, I am posting Chapter 3 article 14 which deals with the economy. The entire translation, taken from here, is after the break. You want to talk about a constitution that expressly forbids neoliberalism, this is it. No privatization, workers are guaranteed a percentage of profits, wages tied to production. Also check out Article 35 which deals with lawful  detention. Compare it to the NDAA 2012 section we are fighting against here.

I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s a damn site better than what the Egyptian people had under out puppet Mubarak and it goes a long way to show what is really happening in Egypt with the supreme court doing everything they can to stop it from becoming the law of the land.

Chapter Three: Economic Principles

Article 14
National economy shall be organized in accordance with a comprehensive, constant development plan, ensuring the increase of national income, enhancement of standard of living, elimination of poverty and unemployment, increase of work opportunities, and increase of production.

The development plan shall establish social justice and solidarity, ensure equitable distribution, protect consumer rights, and safeguard the rights of workers, dividing development costs between capital and labor and sharing the revenues justly.

Wages shall be linked to production, bridging income gaps and establishing a minimum wage that would guarantee decent living standards for all citizens, and a maximum wage in civil service positions with exemptions regulated by law.

Article 17
Industry is an essential asset of the national economy. The State shall protect strategic industries, support industrial development, and import new technologies and their applications.

The State shall foster small handicraft industries.

Article 18
The natural resources of the State belong to the people, who have a right to their revenues. The State is committed to preserving such resources for future generations and putting them to good use.

State property is not to be disposed of. The franchise to use, or the commitment to a public utility, can only be granted according to legal regulations.
 All money with no owner belongs to the State.

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How does Israel attack Gaza? The Animated Short Movie

It’s so simple, a child could understand it.



Syria: Situation in Aleppo

“Aleppo Guy” details how people are resilient in Aleppo and are dealing with the crisis created by the “FSA rats” as best they can.


FSA preparing for a FAKE massacre to blame Syrian Govt (more examples of fabricated news)

by Scott Creighton

Go to this Facebook page to view a video of some FSA “professional jihadists” putting on fake blood and laying down in a couple piles in order to make it look like a massacre conducted by the Assad regime. I cannot verify the date of the video since it isn’t listed on the page but it goes to show you the lengths they will go to in order to carry out Hillary’s regime change plan in Syria. Below is a video from a couple months ago detailing several fabricated stories, from al Jazeera and CNN.

The Wired Syria WMD Claim Is False

from Moon of Alabama

…There is no need for the Syrian army to combine stuff and fill it up because the precursors are already stored in the ammunition when that artillery ammunition or aerial bomb is fabricated. They are stored in two separate chambers and the ammunition is safe for transport and storage. Only firing the ammunition or dropping the bomb will combine the binaries.

What the anonymous American official claims is not happening in Syria. If the Wired writers Noah Shachtman and Spencer Ackerman, (an avid defender of Israel firsters some might note), had even some basic knowledge about ammunition engineering they would not fall for such a stupid claim some anonymous official makes.

The claim that “the Assad regime in Syria have begun combining the two chemical precursors” is definitely wrong. Whatever the Syrian army is doing or not doing with its strategic weapons, it is not what that anonymous “American official” claims.

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