Egypt’s (Mubarak supporting) constitutional court puts off ruling on Assembly legitimacy surrounded by pro-Morsi protesters

(The Mubarak supporting Egyptian Constitutional Court, our equivalent of the Supreme Court, still loyal to Mubarak and his crony buddies, are still trying their best to stop the elected officials of Egypt from approving the new draft of their constitution and then presenting it to the Egyptian people for a referendum. The people outside the court have given them reason to pause but they are still trying. They would rather have the Chicago Boys write the constitution and put it up for no vote by the people)

from RT

The Constitutional Court has put off the session on the dissolution of the Egypt’s Constituent Assembly & Shura, as thousands pro-Morsi demonstrators gather outside the court.

“The Supreme Constitutional Court judges now have no choice but to declare the suspension of the hearing until they can continue their session and rulings without any psychological and material pressures,” read the statement by the Supreme Court quoted by local news website

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