President Peace Prize in Action

Ralph Nader: More than 2,500 people have been killed by Obama’s drones, many of them civilians and bystanders, including American citizens, irrespective of the absence of any “imminent threat” to the United States.


State of Palestine



Egypt: Thousands Rally to Show Support for Morsi and the New Constitution

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Egyptian president Morsi has announced that he will put the new constitution to the people as a referendum, allowing the people to ultimately decide if they like it or not. Odd behavior for a “new Pharaoh” wouldn’t you say? … can you imagine if our leadership put the FISA bill or the TARP bill to the people for the ultimate decision? The NDAA 2012? Hell, we can’t even really vote…

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has set December 15 for referendum on the new constitution for the African country.” Press TV

Once again we are being sold a bill of goods by both the MSM as well as some “alternative” news sites. NBC and other “news’ organizations use old images from the Tahrir Sq. protests in 2011 claiming they are from the “new revolution” this week. Pretty sad when you think about it.

In an earlier article, we focused on how the MSM is demonizing Egyptian President Morsi for protecting the elected parliament from the Mubarak supporting judiciary still operating in Egypt and keeping them from stopping their efforts to write the new constitution.

The claim is that they will write a constitution which is too heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood but that is ridiculous since the vast majority of the Egyptian people voted for the Muslim Brotherhood in the latest round of elections. That’s why Morsi is the president.

The real problem isn’t that the elected officials of Egypt are writing the new constitution in an effort to keep another Mubarak to come to power, but the fact that the officials in the country aren’t letting the Chicago Boys write it themselves as they tend to like to do, instituting their neoliberal austerity measures into the mix.

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This is my story my name is Syria.

From the Friends of Syria blog (the REAL friends of Syria)


‘Over 10,000 Terrorist Militants fighting Syria and its people’

NSA/CIA Anonymous Aids NATO Attack on Syria

by Scott Creighton

Syria 360 blog has a good article up on how the CIA/NSA asset called Anonymous is helping the NATO destabilization campaign in Syria by attacking Syrian government and state TV websites in response to the NATO shutdown of the Syrian internet.

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