Jason Ditz of AntiWar is at it Again – Supporting State Department Destabilization Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Egypt’s “new Pharaoh.” or Hillary’s Vengeful Scorn?

The MSM is reporting on the “massive uprising” taking place in Egypt in response to President Mohamed Morsi’s recent decrees. The problem is, the protests aren’t any more “massive” than the ones staged by the U.S. state department in Iran a few years ago or those in Russia last year. There’s a reason for that: the state department and Israel are angry at Morsi for mediating a quick ceasefire in Gaza and suddenly we have a handful of professional protesters in Tahrir pretending they are the same people who beat Mubarak.

In fact, elected President Morsi is moving to protect the remaining elected parliament that hasn’t been disbanded by the judiciary, attempting to protect the process of writing the new constitution which is being threatened by the judiciary, and planning to set up new trials for Mubarak and his high ranking aides. The judiciary is well understood to be packed with loyal Mubarak holdovers willing to do whatever they can to keep the status quo online in Egypt.

Jason Ditz is over at AntiWar doing his part to sell the state department sideshow to his readers calling it the start of the “next revolution”.

I’m sure Hillary and the IDF appreciate his efforts but you shouldn’t. Here’s what Hasbara Ditz get’s wrong or leaves out of the story entirely. It’s a substantial amount of information but rather hard to accidentally miss…

The latest round of National Endowment for Democracy type “protests” (read as “paid shills inside a country protesting for state department paychecks”) are supposedly in response to the “liberals and leftists” being angered by President Morsi’s decision to protect the constitutional committee from the remaining Mubarak faction in Egypt’s government, namely the judiciary.

Many activists, including opponents of the Brotherhood, criticize the judiciary as packed with judges and prosecutors sympathetic to Mubarak.” AP

The judiciary has already suspended the Egypt’s lower house of Parliament and was making ready to do the same thing to the upper house as well as blocking the constitutional committee from writing the nation’s new constitution.

“Morsi supporters counter that the edicts were necessary to prevent the courts, which already dissolved the elected lower house of parliament, from further holding up moves to stability by disbanding the assembly writing the new constitution, as judges were considering doing. Like parliament was, the assembly is dominated by Islamists. Morsi accuses Mubarak loyalists in the judiciary of seeking to thwart the revolution’s goals and barred the judiciary from disbanding the constitutional assembly or parliament’s upper house.” NPR

Egyptians were also angered by the actions of the judiciary when the prosecutor general recently let off those responsible for the deaths of the protesters last year during the real Tahrir Sq. uprising. Morsi had decided to transfer that prosecutor, who was obviously still attached to the Mubarak hardliners, to the Vatican in some kind of cursory role. The upper judiciary blocked that move as well.

Not to mention, Morsi wants to try Mubarak and his advisers for their crimes against the Egyptian people.

“In a nod to revolutionary sentiment, Morsi also ordered the retrial of Mubarak and top aides on charges of killing protesters during the uprising. He also created a new “protection of the revolution” judicial body to swiftly carry out the prosecutions.” AP

At the root of all of this, they claim, is the fact that Morsi and the constitutional committee as well as the lower house of parliament, were mainly Islamists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and they (the secularists and liberals) fear the Islamist influence on the new constitution.

One can clearly see why the judiciary is working to oppose Morsi. He’s pissed off not only Mubarak by threatening to try him as he should for being responsible for the deaths of protesters last year.. but they are also being urged by Mubarak’s old partners, i.e. the U.S. and Israel, to teach the president a lesson about interfering in Israel’s business in Gaza.

What is less clear is the absolutism in the demands by the minority to forge what they feel is a representative constitution in spite of the obvious wishes of the voters. The Muslim Brotherhood won majorities in the houses of parliament and thus the presidency. They have a mandate by the people to write the constitution.

And of course, that document hasn’t even been written as of yet, so any objections to it, can certainly be worked out either through the legislative process or by protest again, once it is.

What is happening here is NOT about Morsi becoming a “new Pharaoh” but more-so about a new Egyptian president overstepping his boundaries and pissing off the ruling elite of Egypt and elsewhere.

But, to read the writing of Mr. Ditz, once again, you wouldn’t find any of that.

“…Failed negotiations aimed at settling the issue of President Mohamed Mursi’s claim to not be subjected to judicial review have given way to massive protests in the capital city of Cairo, as well over 100,000 and by some estimates 200,000 demonstrators packed Tahrir Square

… Mursi’s edict, which he has downplayed as temporary and only meant to protect the constitutional committee, has struck a nerve coming so soon after a revolution to oust his predecessor Hosni Mubarak for abuse of similar unchecked power. Some protesters are calling this the start of the “next revolution.” Jason Hasbara Ditz

If you go to the article in which Jason links, the one photo they have is of about 50 or so demonstrators and some Egyptian police. Nothing NEAR “100,000” or “200,000” protesters.

What he also fails to mention is the FACT that there were competing demonstrations taking place yesterday (where the photo was taken) with a large group of demonstrators there to SUPPORT Morsi’s actions.

Not a word about that in Jason’s “journalism”

Notice how he tries to make the suggestion that Morsi is the one behaving like Mubarak, demonizing him by extension when in fact it is the judiciary that is actually supporting Mubarak and Morsi who wishes to try the man.

Not a word about that from Mr. Ditz.

Yes, some “protesters”, much like the state department lackies we saw in Iran and Russia are out there saying it’s the “start of the next revolution” but one would expect to find those quotes on Fox News or CNN, not AntiWar.

But, leave it to Hasbara Ditz to help out where he can. He has a history of helping sell unconventional warfare campaigns to the left and libertarian alternative viewpoint audiences. I pointed that out a while ago and it seems he is back up to his old tricks again.

2 Responses

  1. AW.C has lost a lot of credibility lately. I’m utterly sick of Raimondo’s simplistic anti-left, anti-Keynesian, only Ron Paul Austrians know what’s best rants.
    Skewer the faux leftist liberals by all means, I’ll join him in that, but he conflates them with any real left elements and dismisses any leftist thinking through bigotry rather than reason.
    I don’t know whether Ditz is a state dept lackey, but he’s not very good as an analyst in any case.

  2. Hmm. I think this is compelling. Can you address Muslim Brotherhoods current and historic links with Western Intelligence vis a vis Morsi ?

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