Tulsa Police Set Up ‘Insurance Checkpoint,’ Issue $250 Tickets & Tow Cars En Masse

(The definition of fascism is when the government works for the corporations at the expense of the people. Just asked my mother. She has had insurance since she was 18. She’s 72 now. That’s 54 years. Filed one small claim 32 years ago. She pays $700 a year now, it has been more in the past. That’s $37,800 the insurance company has been paid for doing absolutely nothing. Better make sure you buy insurance because these checkpoints will be all over the place soon enough and probably done via the cameras in a couple years. I have had insurance most of my life (none when I lived in New York. No car) and my rates have been MUCH higher than hers. I have never filed a claim on my insurance. Most people haven’t. And these insurance companies just get bigger and bigger every year)

from Information Liberation

Oklahoma motorists are guilty until proven innocent. Police in Tulsa set up a checkpoint to catch motorists who were driving without insurance, or even simply driving without proof of insurance. Those caught driving without insurance had their cars towed, while those without proof of insurance got fined a whopping $250 for not having their papers in order. Unfortunately, scams like these are popping up everywhere these days as police are desperate for cash and local governments are reluctant to raise taxes with the economy in the trash (incidentally, the economy is in the trash because of the very same government).

Via Newson6.com:

Oklahoma is cracking down on uninsured drivers by testing a new method in Tulsa.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office set up an insurance checkpoint in west Tulsa overnight Saturday.

Deputies were there until 3 a.m. making sure drivers had proof of insurance.

Violators received $250 ticket, and those with zero insurance had their cars towed.

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  1. Ugh. Next up, health insurance checkpoints?

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