Operation Pillar of Defense: “pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one”

by Scott Creighton

When trying to understand the motivations behind various geo-political events such as the illegal and immoral ongoing Israeli attack on the civilian population of Gaza, it helps to take a look back. It’s then you realize this particular script has been in play for a very long time with nothing more different than the actors playing the roles. Instead of Sharon and Lebanon, you have Bibi, Ehud Barak and Palestine. You can also include Syria as well since on the same kind of fabricated justification, ghost mortar rounds coming across the border, considering Israel recently shelled them. Then factor in the rockets found set up in Lebanon on timers pointing at Israel and what you have is a biblical convergence of Israel’s neighbors upon them, all fabricated attacks of course, but leading in one distinct direction: The New Middle East.

In her book Israel/Palestine, Tanya Reinhart reviews the record of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak on Lebanon. She writes that Sharon hoped to “create a ‘new order’ in Lebanon. Since that failed, and the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon turned out to be more and more costly over the years, Sharon developed a new plan: Israel should withdraw unilaterally from Lebanon” – which it did in 2000 – “thus achieving the world’s recognition of the peaceful side”  Sharon’s strategy was that “Israel should then wait for some incident. Under the new circumstances, even the slightest incident will be viewed as a legitimate reason for Israel a devastating attack against Lebanon and Syriafrom Chomsky: What We Say Goes page 20

They followed this script in 2006 when they bombed Southern Lebanon in what Condi Rice cryptically called “the birth pangs of the New Middle East” and again when they fabricated a justification to bomb Gaza in Dec. of 2008 while the “liberal left’ was sitting around waiting for the Obama coronation.

In Lebanon, the end result was up to 1,300 dead Lebanese civilians and in Gaza Operation Cast Lead killed over 1,400 with more than half of them (773) civilians and around 320 or so children according to B’TSelem the leading Israeli human rights authority on the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

Today this new conflict in Gaza, this new attack on captive inhabitants of “the largest open air prison in the world”, people who are literally being punished everyday because they voted the wrong way and elected Hamas to represent them, has taken many, many lives. In this the 6th day of the attack, the death toll stands at 105 mostly civilians, with another 700 wounded.

The math:

9/11/2001 = 2,985 …. total birth pangs = 2,805 and counting

It seems there is no end in sight since the Obama administration is remaining as callously tethered to the Israeli terror machine as their predecessors were.

“Escalating its bombing campaign over the weekend, Israel began attacking homes of activists in Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza. These attacks have led to a sharp spike in civilian casualties, killing 24 civilians in just under two days and doubling the number of civilians killed in the conflict, a Gaza health official said..” CBS

Hamas is a political party duly elected in an open and fair election. Imagine CBS basically validating a Cuban or Mexican strike on Democrat “activists” in Florida and you get the picture. You say it’s not the same because Hamas uses weapons and rockets? Every heard of “Terror Tuesday”?

Could you imagine if the Pakistanis or the Yeminis or the Libyans decided they weren’t going to “tolerate missiles raining down on from outside its borders” and they dropped a bomb on Leo Panetta while he was riding in his car in downtown D.C.? Could you imagine the outcry from the U.S. as they launched a holy war in retaliation and rained even more bombs down on them?

That’s exactly what Israel did which started this whole thing.

But Obama and the rest of the traitors in D.C. are bought and paid for by organizations like AIPAC and J Street which both openly support this growing holocaust.

Again, just look to history to understand the present:

But I have no interest in diplomacy for the sake of returning Lebanon and Israel to the status quo ante. I think it would be a mistake.

What we’re seeing here, in a sense, is the growing — the birth pangs of a new Middle East.

And whatever we do, we have to be certain that we are pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one.” Condi Rice Washington Post, July 21 2006

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  1. Hit several targets with one bullet: Hamas, Syria, and Iran.

    The implementation of the New World Order…

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