Indianapolis Explosion Ruled Homicide – “There is a search for truth and there is a search for justice,”

by Scott Creighton (H/T Krae and Brad)

Investigators are focusing on the home of John and his ex-wife Monserrate Shirley which was next door to the home in which 34-year-old John Dion Longworth and 36-year-old Jennifer Longworth were killed in the explosion. The Longworth home was destroyed, leveled in fact, when the Shirley home apparently exploded due to a build-up of natural gas which now seems like someone’s misguided and amateurish attempt to “cash out” of the mortgage.

“Authorities launched a homicide investigation Monday into the house explosion that killed a young couple and left numerous homes uninhabitable in an Indianapolis neighborhood.” Chicago Trib

John lives in Texas but the ex-wife and her boyfriend still live in the home they tried to sell a while back but then took off the market. The entire family was out that night as well as the family cat.

Note to Amateurs: It’s pretty obvious when you board the pets. Make the hard choice or do the hard time. Your call…

“The couple was away at a casino at the time of the blast. The daughter was staying with a friend, and the family’s cat was being boarded.” Chicago Trib

Looks like they are trying to find a white van witnesses say they saw in the neighborhood before the explosion… the same white van that had been parked in front of the Shirley home.

“Search warrants have been executed and official are looking for a white van that was seen in the subdivision the day of the blast, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said…

… Aldridge said he and other residents frequently saw a white van parked outside the home, though he didn’t know who owned it. He said residents were angry and upset, but he expects most of them to stay in the neighborhood.” Chicago Trib

For more information on this story read Indianapolis Explosion: Home Sale Fails, No One Home that Night, “broken furnace” Texts… ಠ_ಠ

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  1. Wouldn’t they just check out what kind of cars/vans those people own? or their friends?

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