James Holmes Will Never Go to Trial

by Scott Creighton

Several readers here have pointed out that James Holmes, accused of the Aurora Massacre, has been taken to the hospital for what has been reported “off the record” as “yet another” suicide attempt. This twist in the case delays a court proceeding that had been scheduled for today. The delay came at the request of the defense.

This new twist is simply more fodder for the grist mill of the “crazy Jimmy” narrative that is spun up to try Holmes in the court of public opinion while at the same time setting up a “plausible” ending for the story before he goes to trial.

Holmes will  never go to trial. The evidence against him is weak to downright pathetic. They will never release the security video taken that night at the ticket window because there is no recording of James Holmes buying his ticket. If that image existed, we would have seen it LONG ago. Fact is, it doesn’t exist so the “official story” cannot be true.

We will also never be allowed to see the full officers report from that night detailing the condition of James Holmes when the officer found him inside his car. Based on what little information we know and the fact that they did not even take a booking photo of him the night he was arrested due to his drugged condition, James Holmes was apparently drugged to the gills when arrested, something that would have clearly prevented him from committing such a well planned and orchestrated “mass casualty event”

I don’t make unequivocal predictions very often but I will tell you this: James Holmes will never go to trial.

Think of it this way: just like they never photoshopped images of a 757 hitting the Pentagon to shut up the Truth community for fear of being considered an accessory after the fact when their deception would possibly detected in the future, no lawyer is going to actively throw Holmes under the bus in court on record. Anyone doing so would lose their license to practice law once someone takes a look at the evidence in the trial.

So my guess is, one of three things has to happen:

  1. Holmes “confesses”
  2. Holmes “commits suicide”
  3. Holmes’ latest suicide efforts and his “crazy act” get him committed for further evaluation for years and years like the stooge they used to try and whack Ronnie Raygun back in the early ’80s

These latest developments, this story about him trying to whack himself, are tending to trend in the direction of the latter two plot line endings.

It could be that he had some other issue that sent him to the hospital and they decided to spin this “suicide” story for more guilt by unnamed sources bullshit or it could be something else. Who knows.

But like the Dr. Bruce Ivins fiction, this one is too important and just too damn stupid to ever see the inside of a real court of law where the evidence has to be laid out, in full public view. Can’t happen. Won’t happen. No way, shape or form.

46 Responses

  1. Yesterday I would have voted for #3. Doing so drags the case on for a long long time. But today….

    Check out what I posted this morning.

    What do you think?

    • God, I hope you’re right…what would he be trying to tell us, though? I thought the timing was weird as well. Especially since today was supposed to be sanctions-against-the-government day in court!

      • Honestly I don’t know. But the man knows the brain. I just feel that if he was really trying to kill himself he could have. It’s feels off. Unless of course the guards are doing this! 😦

  2. I’ve been working for a month on an estimated 45 minute documentary on the Aurora Shooting events and using it as the cornerstone to profile other notable “staged events.”

    Very sad to learn of these developments, but then again not surprised at all. Keeping a positive expectation for Holmes has meant I haven’t spent much time considering the eventual outcome. Hopefully, you’re right in your predictions as it would be very bad if Holmes truly required hospitalization. The jail overlords don’t usually feel required to provide top-notch medical care.

    My realistic goal is for my short doc to be used as simply another bullet in our box of ammo in this war against the state. Changing minds is the only way to win this war. Even then, the only hope Holmes has would ultimately be his extraction from lock-up by an independent group. Maybe multiple, staged events at FBI, Fusion Center and an important financial hub would be a sufficient distraction for his freeing.

  3. By the way, will James Holmes kill himself? Or he will die? Only time will tell.

  4. Regarding video (or lack thereof) of Holmes purchasing a ticket at the window just prior to the showing of the movie, I wonder if you have considered this:

    Possibly he purchased his ticket in the afternoon or even on-line. Even in my little town, we can purchase tickets at, for example, 2 pm for a showing at 9pm, thereby avoiding the ticket window at 9pm.

    Tickets can also be bought from on-line sellers, but this probably makes it necessary to pick up your ticket at the window. I’ve never done this, so I’m not sure how it works.

    If he bought his ticket in advance, he wouldn’t be shown at the ticket window just prior to midnight. However, if there were cameras trained on the entry doors, he would be shown on that video entering the theater.

    Also, I don’t know if the theater allowed advance ticket sales for this midnight showing. Just wondering…

    • I’ve thought about him buying it online as well but according to the “official story”, he bought the ticket that night: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/09/20/prosecutors-james-holmes-notebook-aurora/1582305/
      “Orman said in court that Appel will testify that Holmes did the shooting, that he bought a ticket at the theater, took a seat, then walked out of an emergency exit, propping the door open so he could come back and do the shooting.”

      Even if he bought it earlier that day, he’d still show up on the camera, just earlier. And whenever I’ve bought tickets online, I’ve had to redeem them at the ticket booth anyway. Even without a camera, does no one remember the gangly looking bug-eyed kid with an orange afro??

      • “…bug-eyed kid with an orange afro”. Yah, no kidding. But then I have to think about all the teens and twenty-somethings who I see around town, at the mall in Joplin, etc. who are just bizarre looking; each one, it seems, trying to out-do all the others. Crazy hair, pierced faces, tattoos all over. If there were just one or two, they would stand out and be noticed, but there are so many they end up just blending into the background. Maybe a bug-eyed kid with an orange afro wouldn’t be that unusual, especially at a midnight movie in a highly populated area. In any event, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

        • Now ain’t that the truth…. come to think of it.
          I see green hair, red hair, some have streaks of multi-colored hair… and silver hooked on noses, on tongues, ears, and even eye brows (ouch)
          Why the fuss over red hair? and why did the ‘set-up’ people think it mattered?
          They say they were trying to connect the batman movie to the shooter…. another sort of smoke screen to cover the real intention …..?

  5. I wonder if they give him just a cot with no sheets to sleep in… seems the sheets would be a more effective suicide route.

    Jumping off your cot (that I assume is no more than a foot off the ground) couldnt do much damage. Neither could running the short distance of a solitary cell into a wall (although The Situation did manage to knock himself unconscious doing just that on the Jersey shore — embarrassed I know that). Now, someone throwing you into a wall….THAT could do some damage. So could a hospital.

    Either way, I see this coming to an end soon. Very unfortunate. But probably the best thing for him at this point….

  6. A video showing him buying a ticket proves nothing. A video showing him going into the theater proves nothing. A video showing him LEAVING THE REAR EXIT proves nothing. If they have no video or witness that can for sure show HE was the shooter then he should get a not guilty verdict. That’s all there is to it.

    I would advise to avoid speculation as it just drives you a bit crazy. Plus it can give the real criminals (CIA) ideas. Keep in mind these are old, dull, miserable, unhappy assholes we’re dealing with. James Holmes is still alive nearly 4 months later, and I have faith he will remain that way.

    • I agree with your comments about video, Kiwasabi. I also agree that it doesn’t help to write the final chapter in this saga just yet.

      Beyond that, I have nothing more to add to anyone else’s comments, really. This is just an immensely sad situation…

    • …I like the way you think, kiwasabi. The camera thing presents the same problem for me as when they went bonkers trying to match the “partial palm print” on the door (this is after seeing all the pictures of the investigators collecting evidence WITHOUT GLOVES). All it shows is that he went to a movie. Aren’t there any prints on the guns? Isn’t that a huge problem?

      • The fact that they don’t show it coupled with Corbin Dates’ description of the man who got up and opened the door means they don’t have it. I don’t know about you guys, but I know a little about debilitating drugs and I know they take more than 60 seconds to take effect. If Holmes was indeed passed out in the car when found by the officer in the back of the theater, he was probably there for the entire operation. In fact, organizationally it is a sound conclusion. They LAST thing the people who ran this mass casualty event wanted was to go outside after the event to find Holmes sitting on the curb out of his riot gear playing with a dandelion or something. They also didn’t want him wandering around in the theater or GOD FORBID, hopping in the driver’s seat and heading off to Taco Bell. He never bought that ticket that night.

  7. As I see it, “half hearted suicide attempts” only adds to the deafening silence (and possibly deliberate confusion) of this case, and the main issue here is James Holmes.

    << Rewinding this back to the beginning.

    There were multiple:
    Thrown items = smoke/teargas, whatever.
    Firearms = two pistols, two long arms (rifle and shotgun)
    Gas masks = at least two, maybe even three at the scene.
    Body armor = not sure, but I'd bet on two ballistic vests found.
    (based on pictures)

    And differing witness reports of shooter description.

    If that is true, then there is a problem with this story. Assuming that James Holmes went into the theater alone, armored up as if he was (for defensive purpose) ultimately expecting to be shot at, then why the redundancy in weapons? He obviously took into consideration the forethought to buy body armor in the hopes that it would keep him from being mortally wounded?

    And then he surrenders without incident?

    • 4 gas masks was the last count (including the scuba-looking one). I couldn’t get the detective to tell me whether or not Holmes was brought in wearing the armor or if he was stripped of it at the scene. There was one second-hand account saying he was brought in wearing his gear strapped into a wheelchair.

      It also sounds like there were 2 off-duty police officers working as security guards that night. It is unknown what happened to them. This could explain the death toll change from 14 to 12, and the mysterious death of Nancy Gallagher.

      The armor and gas canisters clearly only seem used to disguise the true killer(s).

      There were also the police scanner reports of someone being dragged into an unknown car by at least 3 people. Also, the black SUV found off of Hampden with a gunshot hole in the side and a 40cal on the floorboards. Aurora Dispatch even told Oates they’d hold it for him in case it was connected. There were 3 black males seen fleeing from the vehicle, and that was the last I heard of that.

      • Yes, there was the the report that did come over the air from dispatch about someone being dragged or carried away to an unknown vehicle. Caller stated to be around 1690 south Moline St. Note, JH’s address was 1690 (Paris St.) Still not sure what to make of that though, or if it could be related.

        On the audio that I have saved, I don’t remember ever hearing anything about the SUV off of Hampden at all… and that’s the first I’ve heard of this. Can you point me in the direction of that? I’d like to take a listen if it’s still available to be found.

        The gas masks:
        Well, the most known is the one near the other exit (tagged evidence #1) by the van. The second one would be the possible SCBA looking one near the front left of JH’s car, by the backpack. I do remember seeing somewhere, probably here… about another mask that was right next to the right rear tire of the Hyundai. Then there was something that resembled a gas mask near the dumpster corral area, where you can see a boot, and what looks to be body armor and other gear.

        I’ll have to dig back through the stuff I’ve saved, as it’s been awhile.

        • I’ve theorized James Holmes didn’t actually live at the Paris St apartment.

          From the Aurora PD scanner. If you need the recordings I can email them. They discussed this incident a bit more on the Denver PD scanner, regarding the 3 black males fleeing from the vehicle.

          Captain 4, we have an agency who pulled over an audi at hampden and ulster, they do have some bulletholes in the vehicle and they found a 40cal on the floorboards. They just want to know if it’s possibly related to the theater call. If you want to send 628, district 3 car, that’s fine.

          Captain 4, state patrol said they’re just towing the vehicle, they’re putting a hold on it in case you need it for anything.

          Regarding the gas masks, the sources are below (including the first two using your pictures):

          Duplicate equipment found. This means James Holmes wasn’t the only person in the vicinity wearing equipment matching the suspect description. Four total gas masks, and this police scanner excerpt seems to confirm the gas masks were there BEFORE police arrived, which is important as the lead detective on the case tried to claim to me the extra gas masks were left by emergency personnel.

          “…is that a suspect? Yes we have rifles, gas masks, (he is detained right now)…”

          Possible duplicate armor (the lead detective wouldn’t tell me whether or not Holmes was brought in wearing his armor):

          Second-hand witness account saying someone in jail saw him brought in strapped to a wheelchair wearing his armor:

          Four gas masks:

          At 4:00 mark, a gas mask by rear right car tire:

          At 2:12 mark, one can be seen among the gear:

  8. Additionally, for someone who allegedly possesses the compulsion and impulsiveness to ruthlessly kill and maim dozens at close range, why doesn’t Holmes possess the same compulsion to effectively commit suicide?

    My point is that these half-hearted suicide attempts, if they actually occurred, seem consistent with someone who probably could not kill another person, much less himself.

    In an earlier thread, I posted a statistic cited online by a real estate research group that indicated something like 1% of all such mass murders end with the perpetrator being peacefully hauled away. (The implication being that in most others, the perpetrator kills himself/herself, is killed by the police, flees the scene, or perhaps enters into a hostage situation, etc.). The impulsiveness that fueled the murders in most cases leads to the most logical impulsive conclusion of death by the perpetrator’s own hands or indirectly via a firefight with authorities.

    Holmes spent long hours, perhaps long days, even, inside labs, no doubt doing very delicate and meticulous work. This speaks of someone with far more patience than even I possess. Also, the stories about prostitute encounters (another potential sign of lapsed impulse control) were found to be attributed to a different James Holmes. Further, all other friends’ accounts seem to indicate that this guy was mild-mannered, and he even seemed compassionate (as suggested by the sentiments he expressed about his work with underprivileged kids in his college entrance essay).

    Simply put, to say that Holmes does not fit the profile of someone who would commit the Aurora atrocities is a gross understatement, and these half-hearted suicide attempts are just further evidence. I’d love to get the opinion of a professional criminal profiler right about now…

    • Some are theorizing that it was James’ “cry for help” in some way. I wonder what hospital he was taken to and if anyone saw him let alone whether or not he said anything to the staff there.

      Your comment pretty much sums up my feelings about this suicide attempt. I’ve also wondered if maybe they attributed the guns James bought to the other James Holmes since the other James Holmes had reportedly talked about the same guns used in the shooting before this happened on online forums. Really wonder why no one’s brought up surveillance footage from these gun places, as well. I was at a flea market this year that had a guy selling guns and his stand was the only one with cameras pointed at the counter. If a little stand at a flea market took security measures, surely bigger retailers would.

  9. ” I’d love to get the opinion of a professional criminal profiler right about now…”

    Does such a profession really exist? Great post by the way. The lead detective told me, “Maybe Holmes is a narcissist”, that he couldn’t bear to have himself get hurt. But based on the video of Holmes’ science presentation, and character witnesses, this seems like it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Also, it’s not confirmed that he tried to kill himself. The sheriffs tried to deny the defense access to James Holmes for a while, which is a little worrying. A man died in that jail a couple years ago, beaten to death by the guards. But of course no charges were ever brought up. But who knows, maybe Holmes got light-headed from his drugs, passed out then hit his head? What’s annoying is that the police have the gag order, but then they leak what seem to be false reports to the media.

    • If he did try to kill himself, it would blow the whole “he’s a narcissist, he’s proud, he’s making a statement, blah blah, etc” thing out of the water.

      Oh, and another inmate died this week at Arapahoe County from “natural causes.”

  10. One other observation I’d add is James Holmes does seem the type to be too trusting, even of blatantly shady dudes. Some of his neighbors said they saw a “really suspicious looking guy” by his apartment. Also, of course there was the neighbor who saw Holmes running towards the apartment with a short, stocky white male just hours before the shooting.

    • Kiwasabi, that happened a little while back.. about 2 or 3 weeks.. I remember reading about it? But why are they bringing up it up again?
      guess to show he has been sentenced? that was quick.

      • or maybe it was several days ago? wish I had copied it.

      • Oh really? I only saw it yesterday, so I have no idea. It was probably updated with more details.

        • And even when I read it the first time, I could not believe it….
          this story seems to answer all the questions about Holmes… as if it was designed to put the Holmes-story at rest.
          this young man was super nice….. early 20s, ….stopped taking HIS medicine,…..bought weapons and an overly amount of ammo,….took a few shooting lessons,….because he had never shot a gun before,…hinted at him being very smart,…. had a girlfriend and discarded her,….ended up staying mostly to him self….
          either a very good copy-cat or a well set up designed copy-cat to show Americans that ‘this Holmes guy is real….’

        • I don’t know whether to believe it or not either. I do think they wanted to encourage copycats though. 9/11 was meant to encourage copycats for sure. The one key difference here though? This guy already confessed. James Holmes doesn’t even remember what happened that night.

  11. SheilaAliens posted this link to a facebook group that I think is pretty interesting: http://www.youtube.com/user/arapahoebadcops

    Apparently this lady wouldn’t put it past the cops to help cover something like this up: http://i50.tinypic.com/2mqoild.jpg

  12. Also this: http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2012/11/james_holmes_inmate_confession_suicide_aurora_theater_shooting.php?page=2

    This guy is claiming James “confessed” to being mind-controlled and everything…idk. I don’t believe him but a lot of people seem to.

    • Lots of bogus info being put out there with seemingly malicious intent.

      • They just had to mention mind control. I see this article serving a lot of purposes: to further discount theories, make James seem even more crazy and to make it seem as though James bashing his head against a wall is mundane and everyday.

        What I don’t understand is the willingness of others to accept this account as gospel while simultaneously discounting all other inmate confession stories. I guess it fits their narrative. I don’t know. Just gotta keep pressing on.

    • Have you gotten a chance to look through his logins? I didn’t see him key in at all for June 12th which was the day he was said to have had his last meeting with Fenton. And the last activity was June 15th although he was said to have been banned right after his meeting with Fenton. Would be helpful to know whether you needed to key in to go into the building she practices at but for now it seems odd.

      Also that he only had 2 packages he had to sign for and they were both in April. I thought he had hundreds delivered to his home and school…maybe he didn’t have to sign for every one he got. I don’t know. Everything they release anymore gives me a headache.

    • The article states that a student needs to log in before being allowed to enter offices of University…. a security procedure… !
      question: do all Universities require ‘log in’…. when did they start this? and why?
      also: this from the article makes me wonder about packages also.
      “Finally, the documents include a list of deliveries made to the university, including two packages that were sent and picked up by Holmes.

      University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said the packages were “appropriate research materials” but could not elaborate because of student privacy issues”
      What would Holmes mail to himself and pick up?
      All those packages he received.. could they have been lab and study materials?

    • So they won’t release info on the alleged run-ins with campus police nor will they release info on what he worked on or his academic records?

      “Specifically, the university said it will not release criminal justice records about encounters that Holmes had with CU police; communications by CU police regarding Holmes; search warrants served on CU or used to search CU property; campus police reports, dispatch records or complaints about Holmes; or CU-issued cellphone records of members of CU police.

      It also will not release academic records about Holmes, including documents submitted as part of his [alleged] withdrawal from CU; transcript; course assignments; grades; videos of presentations; communications regarding his education including between Holmes and faculty members or other students; communications among faculty members or other university officials regarding Holmes’ academic record or application for the program; or evaluations or grade reports written by professors.”

      So basically anything that could possibly support or contradict the official story will not be released by the school.

      The badges and the records of entry and exit pertain to access to restricted areas of the campus where various research was going on. Remember, UC had a lot of contracts with various government agencies doing research for them. So that is not altogether that enlightening.

    • One interesting part of that disclosure is this one:

      “Finally, the documents include a list of deliveries made to the university, including two packages that were sent and picked up by Holmes.

      University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said the packages were “appropriate research materials” but could not elaborate because of student privacy issues.”

      first of all, he “sent” and he “picked up” the packages? He sent them to himself?

      Remember the original story? All those packages he was supposed to have received at the school? All that hardware and his riot gear? What happened to all of that? Different location?

      Is this from the school post office? What about the story of the “stick figure drawing confession book” that was supposed to have been found in the mailroom after hanging out there for weeks? Is that part of these TWO packages?

      And what about the statement the guy said about the TWO packages pertaining to his research?

      When were they picked up? If he quit, why was he still picking up packages pertaining to his work?

      Yes, this is bullshit info, but, this part is rather compelling in itself. I would like to know if these are records tied only to the school or building he was working in or if they are the records for the school post office as well. Only two packages BOTH pertaining to his work at the school is a VASTLY different story than what was originally drawn for us.


  13. Crap. I don’t know if my comment had too many links or what but I think it’s reading as spam on here…is there anything I can do to make sure it posts? I did it twice already, ha. Sorry about that!

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