Indianapolis Explosion Impact Crater Found

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Bomb “ruled out” according to DHS and area congressman:

But a congressman who represents the Indianapolis neighborhood says investigators have ruled out a bomb or a meth lab.

U.S. Rep. Andre Carson said he had received that report from Homeland Security officials during a tour of the devastated middle-class subdivision.” CBS 7pm


Someone on Reddit published a higher resolution photo of the damage caused by the explosion in Indianapolis which killed 2 people late last night. After studying if for a few moments, I found what appears to be an impact crater located in the middle of the debris field roughly located between the two homes.

Here is the photo with what I believe to be the impact crater. Also of note, you can now see there was a car inside one of the houses when it blew up (near the two trees)

On closer inspection, you can see the leaves of trees blown off facing where I drew the circle, what I feel is the impact crater. You can also see the little shrubs they had in the back of the home on the patio, one is also leaning, away from the circle, the impact crater. What that tells me is the epicenter of the explosion appears to be in the kitchen or living area of that home.

(click on image for larger view or download it and open in Microsoft Paint for a very large and detailed view of it.)

This location makes sense because in the higher resolution image you can see how the burned areas of the two houses are literally connected by this spot. Also, you can see how material was blown almost in a straight line from this point. It looks to me that this was the location of initial explosion. What that says about what caused it, I don’t know.

Also notice the debris on the roofs of the houses in the upper section of the photo and the absence of such debris on the roofs of the ones below the two blown up homes. This tells you the direction and I believe the location of this explosion.

It would have to have been inside one of the homes, the one of the left of the two, not the one Dion and Jennifer Longworth of 8355 Fieldfare Way lived in. My guess is from this image, the explosion centered in the kitchen or living area of that home on the right side of the structure facing it from the street.

20 Responses

  1. What I find odd is there are still foliage on the trees.

    • That is weird, but if it happened inside the home then the explosion would have been mostly contained at least to that side where those trees are. In short, the home itself would have bore the brunt of the energy. What damage you see to the other structure, the one in which the two people were killed, is the result of the explosion only having one wall between it and their home. Again, just speculation…

      • I think you a missing the point, at least here, and it isn’t that far away, there is no foliage on trees (except for evergreens), because it is long past it falling off for the season. The big winds we had during Sandy also helped make sure of that too. The lawns are nice and green too. shrug

  2. if you click on photo 14 in following link, there appear to be 3 craters – one slightly above and to the left of the crater pointed out and then one more, above initial one and to the right of next one. Enlarge photo for better view.
    also looking at the debris from this angle, the 3rd crater would account for debris being blown in between the two tall trees – I think looking at three craters makes more sense of the dispersed debris overall.
    Hope this makes sense 🙂

    • You know what is interesting? I don’t see any furniture in any of those pictures. Good link.

      • yes, a lot of wood – saw a matress on some pic. tough. I read somewhere that one of the houses was for sale and there is one photo out there with a ¨for sale¨ sign – hard to figure out which house it belongs to tough – there are cars in both houses so they must have both been occupied.
        Could you detect the three craters? Once you see them, they become visible on your photo as well.

  3. btw what is that white stuff looking somewhat like snow surrounding all the houses in the upper left corner?

  4. Am thinking this was a gas explosion – tragic but also ¨lucky¨ not more people died – sad for the young couple to loose their lives.
    See another incident like this in the UK much heavier buildings there of course.

    • Until I have more information I think the same thing. Gas explosion. Question becomes, if this house was foreclosed on, who was responsible for maintaining it? The b a n k ?

  5. there is one thing I came across that seemed odd to me.
    On the tax assessor’s website, one of the adjacent houses was listed as owned by Kathy Frazier the indystar reported same house being owned by Glenn and Gloria Olvey and cited a David Frasier (misspelled intentionaly as this is in fact Kathy Fraziers husband?)
    ¨Dave Frasier described the couple as “battered, bruised and sore,” but alive.

    “They were both trapped in the house and had to be evacuated by emergency folks,” Frasier said.

    Frasier works with Gloria Olvey at LandTree Realtors in Greenwood. He said he has spoken to her since the explosion.

    Frasier did not say where the Olveys were recuperating.¨

    Did the Olveys buy the house from Kathy Frazier – her husband works in the same firm as G. Olvey…

  6. According to the link, the fire chief has not ruled out any cause yet. It’s this congressman who is making the claim. I know Homeland Security covers a lot of branches of government. My question is why they are involved. Wouldn’t this, in the past, have been a job for the local police and fire departments? As pointed out in this link, there is already discrepancies between the feds and the locals. Wonder who will win that.

  7. A new article is reporting that the possible gas leak has been ruled out. Still puzzled about explosion.

  8. This is a good opportunity to explain another mistaken, yet common belief thanks to the disgusting media.

    Meth labs don’t explode commonly. But, they do catch fire. The media seems to have invented the explosive aspect of meth labs to titillate.

    What’s ironic is that some recent fires could have been the result of meth production. But, the media are fresh out of meth lab explosion stories so it goes unreported.

  9. check this one out!

  10. & now this????

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