Don’t … Vote

by Scott Creighton

UPDATES:  Matt Stoller posits that Romney is a characature of the greedy vulture capitalist while his campaign allows certain things to be filmed backstage and then remarkably released which will make him lose votes. He doesn’t quite come to the conclusion that Romney isn’t SUPPOSED to win, but he’s getting closer at least:

It is remarkable to see the level to which Obama defenders have sunk. Let’s start with a basic problem – why is Obama in a tight race? Mitt Romney is more caricature than candidate, a horrifically cartoonish plutocrat whose campaign is staffed by people that allow secret tapings of obviously offensive statements. The Republican base finds Romney uninspiring, and Romney has been unable to provide one good reason to choose him except that he is not the incumbent. Yet, Barack Obama is in a dog fight with this clown. Why? It isn’t because a few critics are writing articles in places like Salon. The answer, if you look at the data, is that Barack Obama has been a terrible President and an enemy to progressives. Stoller


One of the ways this country marginalizes or attempts to otherwise de-legitamize targeted regimes is by claiming that not many people showed up to vote, thus the people of the country are not engaged in the democracy because they feel it doesn’t matter anyway.

This is why they want you to vote. They want to show the world they still have us caught in a trance. They want to believe it themselves.

Obama has been selected to carry the neo-liberal torch till 2016 when it’s my guess that Joe Biden will finish his “public service” being the set-up fall guy, the Romney, to lose to Jeb Bush. Obama is going to be “winning” this sham election not because he is the lesser of two evils, but because he is the most effective of the two as Glenn Ford pointed out.

Romney was never supposed to win. We had a “progressive” president who was more disliked than George W. Bush in 2004. Obama had betrayed the left and the right painted him as some kind of socialist/communist from the dark reaches of Africa who wanted to do nothing more than give all the lazy losers of the country the middle class tax money just for the fun of it. It’s absurd to think that the Republican Party could actually field a candidate that would make Obama look good… but they did. They “picked” a vulture capitalist Mormon who destroyed more American jobs than Clinton. And that’s saying a lot.

There will be all kinds of second guessing when it’s all said and done. The narrative after all has to remain solid.

They cancelled exit polls this year and they are already setting up ways to discredit anyone who might suggest the e-voting machines were rigged in favor of the Chosen One, Barack Obama. They pushed a “conspiracy theory” (helped by Greg Palast of all people) that Romney’s people were buying voting machine stocks in key states so they could come out with the story that he intended to steal the election. When Obama “wins” the e-voting election rigging story will be dead on arrival. Kinda smart when you think about it. Now no matter what proof exists that the vote was hacked, as long as Obama wins those states they already sounded the alarm on, no one can say jack shit about the odd results. “Oh. First you said Romney was going to steal it. Now you say Obama stole it. Get your story straight, nutjob!”

The Princeton study that came out yesterday shows without a doubt that Obama is going to win the Electoral College count making him the next president. This study has been off by one EC vote over the past 2 elections (rigged elections that Princeton gets right all the time? hmmm….)

Obama offers the elites two things that not one single republican candidate can offer: 1. the complicity and silence of the left. 2. the normalization of far right wing fascist policies. These things are key to the next four years. Without them, the CHANGE that we are in for would not happen.

That’s why Obama was always marked to remain president and anyone who says  otherwise is either an idiot or a liar. There was never any competition between waring factions of the elites as people like Alex Jones or Tarpley would have you believe. That’s just another way to get you out to vote, the imaginary facade of some kind of choice, some kind of influence that you can have on the control of this country.

This country despises democracy in all it’s forms across the globe. You know that. You understand that. So to think that they still allow any input from you on the power base in Washington is the worst kind of cognitive dissonance.

But they NEED you to go out there and go through the motions. They NEED you to vote. It’s like a Nielsen rating for them. The more who attend, the more they THINK they have you fooled. The day we have no one show up for an election is the day they know the gig is up.

A bunch of people are out there begging you to go vote. People who are supposed to be “alternative” or “dissidents” like Michael Moore. He’s out there BEGGING his “followers” (what an arrogant piece of crap) to drag people who don’t want to vote to the polls. There’s only one reason to do that, and that is to show support for the very system Moore has made billions of dollars pretending to oppose.

This “alternative’ guy calls Moore out but claims everyone should go out and vote for Jill Stein. Perhaps he didn’t see Moore getting on his knees begging Nader not to run in 2004 because he claims Nader put Bush in office in 2000. Hey guy, pay attention, Moore is a tool. Oh, you’re just using Moore’s fame to garner some hits on your new site, aren’t you?

Steven Lendman says vote independent or just don’t go which again is good enough on it’s own merits, but remember, the gig is rigged so they don’t care HOW you vote or WHO you vote for… all they care about is that you go out there and PARTICIPATE in the rigged game as if it makes a difference.

Webster Tarpley claims he knows there is no difference between the two candidates but he spends hours and hours of his time in interviews and on the radio talking about Romney’s religion, how secretive it is and how Romney is going to ride the White Horse (no not heroin) and bomb Russia to fulfill his prophecy.

You can go on and on with the list but it doesn’t matter, you get the picture. “Just go vote and register your approval of the broken, corrupt, undemocratic system which abhors you and everything you stand for.”

I suggest you don’t. I would love to see them hold an election and no one shows up to vote yet the Diebold systems reports 42% of the eligible population turned out. That might send a message and let people know whats really going on, but, VOTE OR DIE wins out in the end. They even convince people who understand the game is rigged to take time off from looking for a job Tuesday to play it. Quite remarkable when you think about it. And sad really. Really really sad.

UPDATE: Some will argue that there are state and local level elections that matter so we should go vote for those. I say it doesn’t matter. Anyone running for office these days, unless like Stein, unless they know they aren’t going to win, are running in order to become part of the ruling class, not to reform it. If they are crazy enough to think that one person in state legislature can change the neo-liberal corptocracy themselves, then are too crazy to be in public office anyway.

Others will argue that we can still affect change by voting for the various propositions like those in California and Michigan. Wrong.

Prop 36 California –  to roll back the “3 stikes rule” – will probably pass ONLY because they changed the language of the proposition just recently to exclude changing the law for anyone who’s “strikes” (felonies) include “drug charges”… that’s the VAST majority of people jailed FOR LIFE in California… some poor fucking drug addict who is doing nothing now but serving as fodder for the prison industrial complex. This one will succeed only because it has been so harshly defanged as to serve only as a token victory.

Prop 37 California – mandatory labeling of GMO foods. This will fail even though not a single human being can possibly object to knowing what they put into their bodies. It will fail because they can’t allow a precedent like this one to be set. and it won’t fail because they are sinking more money into advertising like this “alternative” reporter on RT is suggesting (setting up the much needed narrative of WHY it failed “I guess a 41 million dollar ad campaign can convince people of just about anything”), it’s going to fail because the GMO industry is NOT going to allow it to succeed (there are already too many countries (40) that already require labeling or that don’t even allow GMO’s to be sold to their people) too much money on the line.

State Proposal A Michigan – calls for a referendum to repeal the emergency manager law – this will probably fail or if they allow it to pass it will only be because they can easily rig the referendum further down the line. The emergency manager law, the “law” which allows a neo-liberal to install an unelected manager to dictate brutal austerity measures and privatizations to the targeted communities, will NEVER be allowed to be voted on by the public because like the GMO labeling, it’s a no brainer… but the proposal and the fixed e-voting machines actually allows them to blanket this fascist trick in a veil of acceptance by the people.

State Proposal B Michigan – calls for a reaffirmation of the right to organize. This too will probably fail. It’s easy enough for them to claim the right wing hates unions. Even if it passes, it’s as toothless as Prop 36 in that it only calls for a “reaffirmation” of the right and not actual implementation of any kind.

These are not justifications in and of themselves to go out and lend this broken system credibility. In fact, no matter what you do, they will, when defeated, simply reinforce the narrative that the people are behind these fascist changes. They will do us more harm than good. You’re not going to VOTE your way to getting GMOs out of your kids school lunch program and you’re not going to VOTE the fascist emergency managers out of their hijacked offices. Get used to the idea that no easy painless solution awaits you.

31 Responses

  1. “Get used to the idea that no easy painless solution awaits you.”

    Ain’t that the truth. We gotta reject the system completely, and start over from scratch.

  2. I forget if I posted this video before, but here it is regardless.

    This goes along REALLY well with your entire post Scott!

  3. What do you think about Prop. 32 ?

  4. You realize “The Zeitgeist Revolution” is an authoritarian techno-cult right? Are you not paying attention? You seem to be a regular commenter here and yet you negate the entire thesis of what AE. is saying.

    • demize!,

      what the Zeitgeist Revolution is not is a political movement. It is an educational movement. There are many such movements growing in numbers and influence, all with varying ideas on how best to reform the world to provide life, liberty and happiness to all instead of just for the few. The importance of these movements is their ability to reach everyone eventually because if one movement’s ideas don’t resonate with you, then sooner or later another one’s will.

      How the world is actually reformed will be down to the new political establishment(s,) assuming that we 1) survive long enough to evolve and 2) not become permanently imprisoned in an Orwellian nightmare.

      • Did you know that many libraries don’t stock “1984” anymore?
        It is banned……

        • Jan, I didn’t know that. For some reason, my class read Brave New World instead of 1984 (way back when) and I’d never gotten around to reading it myself until this year. My daughters kept pushing me and finally bought me a copy so I’d have no excuse.

          I read somewhere that the Orwell family was well-connected and that George was writing from insider knowledge. If all of that is true, I suspect now that he wasn’t warning us but was instead saying “This is where you’re going and there’s nothing at all that you can do about it!”

      • Yes they very effectively diagnose the banking and monetary system and its influence on politics and their remedy is that a small technical elite control everything. And of course at the helm of the small technical elite is the founder of Zeitgeist. Aka the remedy is a different slavery. Why is everyone looking for a party to join and an ideology to adhere to? Be “outside the box”.

        • No. Like John said, they only propose a one kind of solution. Before we do anything we technology, we have to fix our massive value system disorder. Scientific studies on large scales are showing every day new evidence that humans have great capacity for cooperation as well as being more innovative in a healthier environment.

          You don’t want this stuff? Well, I assure you, we’re not going to get it unless literally as many people as possible both understand and want it. It’s not about technology, not really: it’s recognizing that we are all inter-connected with each other and the earth, and that our society must promote values that allow us to live by those realizations.

      • The Zeitgeist exercise is a technocratic/ “libertarian” propaganda effort. The key guru of the film, Jacque Fresco – admittedly a man of some accomplishment – is a technocracy enthusiast. He was in the “technocracy” movement of the 1930s, along with King Hubbert, the guy who formalized the notion of “Peak Oil.” The technocracy folks are a weird bunch, leaning toward Randism (in their belief they are rational and superior, etc), Communism (in their belief the best folks should run things in a semi-dictatorial manner) and Malthusian (too people on Earth, not enough resources, etc). By the way, it’s useful to think of Randism as inverted communism. It’s kind of like Fascism, which shares many of the characteristics of Communism. All three of the above ideologies are vehemently anti-Christian, which is why Zeitgeist spends some time attacking Christianity. Please don’t assume I’m a fundamentalist Christian or anything, I’m just pointing things out.

        So unless you are hot for Randism, Communism or Malthusianism, you probably should be careful when it comes to Zeitgeist. The movies do raise some interesting points, but by and large the Zeitgeist “movement” is moving in what most of the readers of this blog would likely consider the wrong direction.

        • Actually, the movement has split from Fresco.

          Scientific research has shown that we have had the ability to feed, clothe, and house every human being on the planet for decades. Don’t take my word for it; even the UN has been forced to admit this.

          And quite the contrary: I, and other people who support the ideas and goals of the movement, do not promote Randism or any of the things you have mentioned above. We need to promote an environment that will allow every human being to meet their needs, both physical and psychological.

          We recognize that human beings are very vulnerable creatures: we are not separate entities to be used as pawns in an economic game. We are bio-psycho-social creatures, creations of many different factors and influences.

          Large scale cooperation is not equal to communism. It’s more or less just an extreme version of what humans were like as hunter gatherers.

          It should also be noted that this is not equal to any things Marx proposed (perhaps with the exception of central planning, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s how we go about it.)

          Marx’s ideas are really not all that different from what we have today. As Andrew Gavin Marshall once wrote, all Marx is really doing is exchanging one form of tyranny for another.

          Marx doesn’t address the social problems from people competing with each other for survival, he doesn’t account for the rapid evolution of technology causing various troubles for society as he sees it, and among other things, perhaps most importantly, he assumes that we live on a planet of infinite resources and his idea for an economy is growth-based, and thus based on constant consumption of resources.

          The model of infinite growth on a finite planet, in any form, is dangerous and unsustainable.

          TZM is at least attempting to address all of those issues.

          If we want true change, we need to have an alternative in mind.

          It doesn’t have to be TZM: they’re pretty much just proposing guidelines.

          Anyway, this video is there for people who are interested and would like some introductions towards at least somewhat promising proposals.

          • Thanks, Greenmon. I agree with your comments on TZM. I’m not convinced that we could ever actually escape the greed factor with any new system as there will always be those who will try to ensure their own comforts ahead of others. However, if we don’t try, we’ll never make progress.

    • PEople need to watch Chris White’s debunking of Zeitgeist. He has a website the Zeitgeist Challenge. For 4 yrs, he’s offered $1000 to anyone who can prove what Zeitgeist claims is true as far as all it’s religious new age claims. Nobody has been able to .

      • izzy, I disagree. If your only argument against TZM is their debunking of religions, then you’ve got no chance of making any changes to the current politcal/economic paradigm. I figured out that religion was bunk long before TZM but only because I was willing to consider it with an open mind. It took a very long time to completely break the programming but I got there in the end.

        Only then was I able to start breaking through the Republican vs Democratic charade and so much of the other crap that I was taught to think of as truth.

        If you are convinced that Christianity is exactly what it claims to be then by all means continue to believe but please don’t overlook the rest of the message that TZM delivers.

  5. I’m Sorry, I meant Prop. 30 actually. If Proposition 30 does not pass, only our Math departmen faces a reduction in 150 instructional hours for the spring, which translates into roughly 1700 students who won’t receive the courses they need.

  6. Good analysis, Scott! The Republican strategy this time around is incredible… Their voter base is supposed to be white protestant fundamentalist anti-commie anti-taxes pro-life anti-gay pro-military And old – so on SS/ Medicare. So the Republicans nominate a draft-dodging Mormon (=non-Christian) with a pseudo-Catholic Randist VP (who has been publicly criticized by Catholic brass). This Mormon was the guvnor of the commiest of all American states, Massachusetts. He is on the record making pro-abortion pro-gay statements. Paul Ryan’s notorious “tax plan” with the 8%(?) sales tax would if implemented probably constituted the largest tax increase in American history. At least in peacetime. Though it’s hard to tell if America is at peace. And he wants to smash SS/MC.
    Apart from all other considerations, just think of the contempt the GOP must feel for their voters! The nerve! Frankly, I wonder if the Republican voters even bother to do the scantiest research on the GOP candidates… They probably don’t. We’ll see on Tuesday.
    This is not to endorse Obama in any way, of course.
    The “alternative choices” for president are also strange and bizarre. Not even a Nader this time around. Just a few green and libertarian wackos. Yeah, that’s just what we need, more de-industrialization and more free-markets…
    It’s the same in Canada, by the way. Two mainstream neoliberal parties with a cohort of green/libertarian (admittedly idealistic and well-meaning) nutcases behind them. Same all over the world. Nazi parties are beginning to gain support in some Western nations (Greece, France, there are rumblings in the historically protestant nations as well), partly in reaction to “multiculturalism,” and partly as a half-baked nationalist reaction against “globalization” and Europezation.

    As far as voting goes, local elections and statewide propositions like the ones in California and Michigan (which you mention in the useful update) might be worth looking at… But, as you say, the main event looks like a non-event.

  7. I wholeheartedly disgaree with this idea of not voting that is the most evil and insidious way of demoralizing the ppl and subverting their actual political power in a democracy: voting!

    This is very bad advice and the natsec backed misleaders and misinformers like Paul Craig Roberts push this defeatist agenda, Scott dont fall for it!

    • Well, then go vote.

      For the record, I didn’t “fall” for anything PCR said for many a year. He’s a neoliberal Reaganite pretending to be “alternative”.

      Tell me something: all that CHANGE people were told to BELIEVE in back in 2008, all that hype they voted for… how did that work out by the way? Did they feel empowered for a couple months while their new hero was installing corporate shills in his cabinet and leaving certain Bush era dictators in place? How did that work out exactly?

      Fact is, the elections were hacked in 2000 and 2004 and it worked so well, they wrote and passed the Help America Vote act in 2002 to make sure all the states used those lovely e-voting machines with no paper trail record and software that was illegal to look at counting the votes. You know most nations won’t use those? In fact a lot of the same nations that won’t allow GM foods as coincidence would have it.

      You know what happens to people when they realize that they don’t have a say in the democratic nation they thought they lived in? Do you know what they do? Cus it appears you think they will simply lay down on the ground and give up.

      I don’t tend to think that of the people of this country.

      In fact, I think if they came to understand what is readily available for them to see, that the people that own this country put on these little shows every 4 years so that the people will THINK they are empowered… I think once they understand that, once they understand that the fix is in, they’ll damn well do something about it.

      In my world, you don’t empower people by reinforcing their tattered myths… you empower them by telling them the truth and letting the chips fall where they may. Democracy only works if people are informed not mesmerized by the illusion of control.

      If you are saying that telling people the truth is evil, then so be it. That’s what I do.

      And these elections are rigged and the outcome predetermined and that’s a fact. Now if saying that truth makes me the evil one, so be it.

      Unlike others in this effort, I’m not here for popularity. God knows…

  8. Bravo!

  9. Motivation to break habit is extremely difficult for humans. They, we, will only act when there is no other choice but to act. That realization will come when all illusions are no more and the beast is seen for what it is: red in tooth and claw.

  10. Well said good sirs!

  11. And as that ‘beast’ gets bigger, it will be harder to hide it.

  12. I won’t lie folks; I am feeling so much despair right now.

    I have almost nobody who will listen to the things that need to be said.

    But at least we have AE 😉

    I just wanted to say thank you: for this community.

    • I hope I didn’t contribute to your despair in any way. You seem like a caring person and you must take solace in that which you can.

      • Thank you Demize! I appreciate it, and I know you’re right about taking solace. It’s just very difficult to do sometimes.

        And no: you didn’t contribute to my despair at all (I was referring to the enormous herd of sheep around me that continue to blindly support the current system). You’re seeing some relatively new stuff, and you have some very legitimate concerns about a movement that is still rather unknown at this point. We have to do all that we can to avoid power grabs and sabotage, after all.

  13. I know how you feel, Greenmon,
    Have you ever had so much junk mail about who to vote for? And all the ‘recorded’ calls from all sorts of people trying to get you to vote for either Romney or Obama.
    I got a call from the ‘spirit’ world.. it was Pat Boone. I got ‘recorded’ calls from Obama, Romney, Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton…….
    They really want people to go and vote….
    They want the numbers to be there…..

    • Yes! I have gotten those. They’re quite irritating…

      Which is all the more reason to do the opposite of what they want haha.

      I am done playing their game.

      At least if things do go to shambles, I’ll know that I did everything in my limited power to try to stop it.

      And you guys will be able to to the same for yourselves 🙂

  14. Speaking of movements helping awaken the masses, I highly recommend the 6 lessons on economics from Damon Vrabel starting with Lesson 1 here: Hopefully I’m not spoiling the ending by saying that one of his recommendations in Lesson 6 is DON’T VOTE! This video series is quite detailed and the icing on the cake is the positive actions that Vrabel recommends at the end.

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