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  1. He is also a coward. His former aide Wilkerson, has been running around spewing excuses, and ass covering rationale, for for the poor, victimized, globalist racketeer.
    http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/08/19/powell.un/ http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/02/18/ex-aide-colin-powell-was-manipulated-by-cheney-into-justifying-iraq-war/ http://www.mediaite.com/tv/colin-powells-former-aide-angry-over-curveball-lies/ And dispite the fact that he still won’t “fess up”, he is still revered as an authority figure by many, all across the political spectrum. But then, he is in a class of people who can never discredit themselves, for they control the current narrative as well as the history to be written, about these murderous campaigns for imperial domination.

  2. One war criminal endorsing another? The fake left is truly pathetic…

  3. Fascists stick together.

  4. Collin Powell lied to the world famously and helped to usher in the next phase of the plan, 9/11 being the previous phase. Don’t be so quick to believe those that claim he was hoodwinked by Cheney into making his detailed remarks. He knew exactly which lies he was telling and why.

    Then it gets interesting. In response to his involvement being so critical to their efforts to engage in war with Iraq, Powell received a Knighthood. I remember seeing him making his way through the floor of congress. He was asked while still slipping through the crown, “Can you tell us more about your Knighting?” Powell replied, “It’s the Knights of the Merovingian.”

    I believe the theory is, the Merovingians have had relative success pretending to be the bloodline of Christ. This is planned to be used to present the future “Christ savior.” Through that, undisputed authority a new World Round Table will be established. This will be chaired by a Merovingian descendent.

    In 1997, the Philadelphia Summit on America’s Future was held with thousands of delegates in attendance. It was convened by Clinton and chaired by, you guessed it…Powell. It’s not unusual for summits like this one to be presented as one thing and mean something entirely different to those “initiated.”

    Recall how recently, Tony Blaire (former British PM) converted to Catholicism? Everything happens for a reason. So, we can look to Powell to aid the efforts to fool the world into believing there’s an ET threat and to authenticate the new messiah in the future.

    Of course, he does this out of a greedy desire to chair this world round table. Smart guy, huh? Even Powell doesn’t understand that he’s been scammed. Yeah right, a black man chairing the world round table?! No, you must have red skin for that job. I’m talking, primary red. And cloven feet…and horns.

    Just thought it would help to give some perspective when sizing-up our old pal Powell.

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