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  1. At first I thought it was sarcasm…unfortunately, I don;t think it is.

    • Yes Matt, that was what I thought, but then I pondered on the comments by others. Man this is so sick. The Ubranised, Well Educated, University going DUMBA** community of Pakistan. Their eyes are shut or shi*t …..

  2. It is ‘sick’… really horror kind of sick..
    first… Malala is not in Pakistan… so drone kills cannot help or harm Malala,, but drones can murder other people’s children…

  3. Drones are more likely to kill Malala, or other civilians like her, than actual threats.

  4. glad that this woman had the guts to hold that banner, im guessing she is against drone strikes isn’t she? What she is implying is that US bombs tribal areas of KPK and NW inorder to keep only Malala safe and kill anyother child or unarmed man or woman? Can any one else comment?

  5. There is a popular term in pakistan called “Liberal Fascist.”
    Wont make sense to Westerners being perceived as an oxymoron but this picture summarises it.
    The ruling class of the country is similar to latin american countries in having deep ties in washington and London.
    They think they are “Liberals” courtesy of speaking good english, drinking, wearing western clothes and a deep resentment towards the religious conservative middle and lower classes.
    How ever they are not. They brought in Neoliberal reforms in th 90’s and have hollowed out the state and simply refuse to pay taxes.
    In the 80 they made a lot of money of the Afghan Jehad and the Narco trade. Post 2001 they joined the WOT racket. They cheer lead Pakistan shameful part in the rendition programme, the attack on Afghanistan, the disastrous military campaigns in the Tribal regions and swat, The Lal masjid massacre and so on. They absolutely dont give a rats ass how many of their country men are crushed for the few dollars of CSF that goes to them along with the Visas, the lucrative USAID AND state Dept scholarships, position in thinks tanks, alot of money via the NGO;s etc.

    They are from a limited set of families who were mostly colonial collaborators who have for 60 years been the leading generals,industrialist, politician, Landlords, bureaucrats. Much of the English press caters to their narrow views .
    If Pakistan is a failed state its due to this parasitic class who make up less then 1% of the population.

    My own term for them is Mubarik marka liberals. (Marka “like”).Let me explain. Mubarak in Egypt, Ben Ali in tunisia were convinced they were Liberals for the same reasons.

    • No, makes perfect sense – a very good summary in fact.

    • We have something similar here they call themselves “centrists” or “New Dems” led by the likes of the Clintons and Pelosi, near billionaires who have enriched themselves bringing fascist neoliberal ideology to the left in the guise of ‘moderates” or “compromise”. Obama fits the bill as well. You can call them Limousine Liberals if you like. I find that the fascist liberals or the New Dems are often better compensated for their efforts because it’s harder to drag the lefties over the neo-feudalism threshold than it is to convince those on the right, but Ron Paul and Alex Jones have been paid off pretty well anyway.

      I’m very glad you left these comments. I have been looking for more insight into the real politics of Pakistan the last couple of days. I have to admit that I have been writing about the Malala psyop without having a complete understanding of the background context in which this operation played out. I know that the country is neoliberal and was a purely puppet regime under Musharraf, but I also know that there has been some resistance from the political set as of late and that to some degree it continues. what I don’t understand is how much of it is real and how much is just pretense in an effort to fool the Palistani people that their leaders put their needs ahead of those American and British oligarchs who pay them.

      • “Limouisine Liberals” you that sounds about right.
        Yeah I use to read Glenn Greenwald at Salon, and he is pretty blunt about it. Obama by all measures is a Bush 2.0 but all the so called Progressive have a sock in their mouth. I am sure for the few who can see through these contradiction it must be infuriating.

    • Man you should write a blog and shut NFP up, the leading propaganda Liberal Fascist in Pakistan, not to mention DAWN NEWS aswell.

  6. Hey, just another thouught

    “As a banner during a protest aptly portrays ‘Drones kill, so Malala can live’. This should be Pakistan’s philosophy in order to avoid future incidents which aim at crushing the very spirit of Pakistan by targeting a 14-year-old beacon of light, Malala Yousufzai.”

    From this article I don’t think this woman is supporting the Drones, she is actualy protesting.


    • Please delete my comment, 😛 , this recent one .. ha ha !

    • Did you read the article? The author claims that only 3% of the drone victims in Pakistan are civilians, contrary to what SEVERAL studies have concluded. He is saying that the woman holding the poster is correct, that the drones are killing the kinds of people that attacked Malala. He is supporting my conclusion, not negating it.

      • I can’t understand why people of my country are so dumb. They are highly urbanised, well educated and amongst the elite of this country yet they are really stupid.
        Why is this girl so important that I can’t understand. The only valid explanation is that of Willy’s. She is a pawn like many others have been.
        Since when did the world start caring about education in Pakistan all of a sudden. The “so called US agents” Talaiban had been blowing schools for ages, only after the staged death have the woken up? Nevermind the blowing of the schools, the tribal areas of Pakistan are much more barbaric as compared to the Talaibans all the rituals like “Karo Kari”, “Wani” etc, Madonna never danced to those girls did she? Its just pure partial ism, biasdness towards one event. What about all the killings in Kashmire, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, libya, Palestine, why doesn’t the World give a damn about those events in history. Why is my nation sleeping when people are being killed in Burma irrespective of whether they are Muslims or not. Pathetic people with no self remorse or guilt.

  7. Let me understand this; if only one (probably poor person) civilian is killed in a drone attack… then that death is ‘nothing’? What? Then why the national morning for one girl who is maybe wounded or not ? Is it because she is not from a poor family and because she is needed to be a cause? Then the civilians that were killed by drones should be an even greater national morning…. .. they should demand that the drone attacks be stopped…. not asking for more of them? What kind of people ask for more innocent deaths?

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