The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: UK Medical Report Does Not Conform to Photos or Previously Reported Treatment of Malala

by Scott Creighton

The newest version of Malala’s wounds as told by Dr Rosser of Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital is highly improbable if not impossible and it doesn’t conform at all to previous known facts of the case or photos of Malala taken during various stages of her treatment and transport. Perhaps that’s why the good doctor seems so uncomfortable during his press announcement this morning.

Gone is the story that Malala was shot in the head and neck and gone is the story that the bullet entered her skull. Now the story is that the bullet grazed off her young skull at the left temple or just above it and it moved down her cheek area damaging her jawbone (or the connection of the jaw) then down the neck somehow passing the carotid artery without nicking it.

Malala has also now been given a tracheotomy because as Dr. Rosser says, “her airway was swollen by the passage of the bullet”. This does not conform to what we know about her previous treatments.

Malala was supposedly shot on Oct. 9th 2012. She was immediately taken to a local hospital and then to a military hospital in Peshawar where surgery was performed. She stayed there 2 days until being transferred  to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in Rawalpindi. She wasn’t taken to the hospital in Birmingham until the 15th of October, some 6 days after she was supposedly shot.

What Dr. Rosser wants us to believe is that no other medical facility noticed the fact that she was having trouble breathing due to the fact that her airway was swollen by the passage of the bullet during that entire time.

That is highly unlikely.

Furthermore, there is a photo of Malala that was taken while she was at one of the two military facilities… it clearly shows she has not had a tracheotomy at that point and there is no apparent swelling of either her face or her neck. (click on image for larger view)


It is unlikely as well that a bullet passing her airways would cause swelling some 5-6 days after the contact, though certainly hospital malpractice could explain it, but aside from that, I don’t know what would delay a body’s reaction to a bullet in this way. But clearly, the swelling was not present when this photo was taken of Malala in the hospital some days after the event. No swelling and no tracheotomy.

Dr. Rosser then goes on to explain the path of the bullet which he claims entered her skin at the left temple and traveled under the skin but apparently above or outside the skull, down past the front of her ear to the jaw connection where it may or may not have damaged the bone, and then down her neck and ending up in her back near her spine. As best as I can I have outlined what appears to be the path he claims the bullet traveled on this diagram below. (click on image for larger view)

path of bullet that supposedly hit Malala

I’m not exactly sure how the bullet is supposed to damage her airway and then end up in her back, but somehow the bullet is supposed to have done that. Perhaps he is suggesting it changed direction after making contact with her jaw but if that is the case, how did it cause swelling in her airway?

Another good question becomes how did the bullet not damage her carotid artery?
In looking at the pictures of Malala after the shooting, it seems highly unlikely to me that a bullet passed through her skin under her temple and down the side of her face through her jawline area, to say nothing of her throat. Gunshot wounds to the face leave very serious swelling behind and the photos of her after the attack show absolutely nothing with regard to a possible bullet path moving along the side of her face under the skin. Just go look at that first photo of her.

Below are two pictures of people with gunshot wounds to the face. Swelling is obvious. One had the bullet pass through his neck and it hit his carotid and you will see the work they had to do to keep him alive. The images are graphic. This is not to say that every gunshot wound is the same, but there is no swelling on her face at all in the photo of her above nor in the recent photo of her in the hospital in England. Something again is wrong with this story.


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17 Responses

  1. Amazing man. Keep it coming

  2. willy this is simply awesome! man u deserve an honorary degree of phorensic expert. i wish ppl realize this one of the biggest deceits of the century

  3. Maybe it hit her collar bone and changed direction…. but then she would have a chipped or broken collar bone? and she has no signs of under the skin bleeding along her cheek or jaw… no dark bruise like marks or swelling…. and the body does swell to build a pressure against wounds.. doesn’t it?

  4. Ahhh, the magic bullet. Where have I heard that before?
    Hmmm…let me think….

  5. Yeah. The whole thing is obvious BS. At the VERY least, getting hit in the temple with a bullet, she would have two black-eyes. Does she? Nope. Nada. Zip.

  6. I mentioned in another post that bullets can easily be tailored to create shallow, non-penetrating wounds. Even it that case, however, with the photos of her that we have seen, the most plausible case I could imagine was if the bullet had moved from her left temple, across the top of her ear to stop at the very top of her neck, where it met the base of her skull (about 4-5″ max).

    Claiming it moved “in front” of her ear, seems less likely but, and it cannot really be overstated, bullets can follow realy bizzare paths through the human body. People have been shot in the head, had the bullet fail to penetrate and had it travel beneath the skin around their skull and exit on the other side. Malala has put on weight in the last year and body fat increases the possibility of subdermal traffic.

    You can see the initial wound at 2:12 here:

    She clearly has a ‘wound’ of some sort (perfectly placed for later interviews and as superficial as a bullet wound to the head could possibly be). The strange thing for me though is that the blood on the sheets doesn’t appear to have come from the head wound. It doesn’t seem to be bleeding very heavily and her face is quite clean apart from around her ear (why I had originally thought it had travelled over and behind her ear). Also, when she is placed in the ambulance and being treated in the hospital there doesn’t seem to be any kind of bandage applied to her head, nor do the doctors seem to be treating the wound.

    1) Path of bullet = Plausible (even if with a regular rather than low velocity round)

    2) Intubation for swelling due to later infection of neck injury = Plausible (but an indictment of shoddy Pakistani health care for very high profile patients)

    3) Lack of any noticeable swelling around entrance wound = Suspicious, but not wholely implausible. Her latest photos show some swelling around the eye.

    Here’s an example of a (low calibre) bullet wound to the face that travelled around the head to the spine and left no serious damage bar some swelling around the eye.

    And the case of a woman shot between the eyes with teh bullet travelling beneath the skin to 3 exits wounds. Only minor swelling (if any).

    5) Need for a medically induced coma = Highly implausible (this would seem to be tied to the earlier claims of brain damage, but had the impact been severe enough to do that there would have almost certainly been major swelling and bruising).

    So, for me, the most likely case is that she WAS shot but from the outset it was clear that it was not life threatening. In the aftermath the severity was played up considerably.

    It seems highly likely due to the timing of the attacks and the handling of the events that it was an orchestrated plan (short term = support for drone strikes, long term = neo-liberalization), BUT it is possible it was an actual Taliban hit that was simply exploited by the US, Pakistan and Malala’s father. Anyone not willing to concede the possibility of the former cannot, however, use rational argument to promote the latter.

    (and before anyone accuses me of not seeing the obvious, to repeat, I do think the former is by far the more likely)

    Funniest quote so far = “If you are talking a couple of inches more centrally, it probably is almost certainly an insurmountable injury,” he told the Evening Standard. (English Doctor)

    ANY head wound a couple of inches more centrally would be a lethal brain injury.

    • She was reported to have been sought out by name and then shot at point blank range.. in light of that please explain the bullet path.

      Btw the pics you linked, one we have no idea at what point it was taken, and two the bullet hitting that woman did not enter her head, it just bounced of, bruising is an inflammatory response, so how is this pic relevant here?

  7. Long comment stuck in the spam filter.

  8. at that time the bullet didnt traveled from the skull to the shoulder…so thats why there is no swelling….!!!

  9. […] are myriad loopholes and inconsistencies in alleged Malala “shooting” which raise doubts to ask “Who benefits?” Why […]

  10. and according to her book, if i quote, page 6 : “My friend says, he [the shooter] fired three shots. The first one went through my left eye socketand out under my left shoulder,” HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE???

    • This kind of “magic bullet” technology was available way back in 1963. I suppose Taliban got hold of some of those.

      But, even more amazing is how the bullet that went through her eye socket left no visible scars, or permanent damage to her eye… Kudos off to the british medical treatment and care.

      • also amazing is the fact that Macho Camacho received pretty much the same type of bullet wound, hit him in or near his temple, traveled down to rest near his spine. left him brain-dead and they had to pull the plug 4 days later. One of the toughest men I ever heard of. Beat Roberto Duran twice, knocked Sugar Ray Leonard in only 5 rounds and took Oscar De La Hoya to a a decision.

        I guess the lesson here is Macho has nothing on Malala as far as toughness is concerned. Either that or the Malala story is bullshit. Hmmm… I wonder which makes more sense.

  11. I am from Pakistan. Ask anyone here or in Sawat, they say she is fake. And the people of sawat conform that there is no previos record of her family. even her local doctor says that her body cells or something matches that of polend?!?!?!

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