State of the Union

by Scott Creighton

The union is an illegitimate rogue state.

It’s elections are a hollow sham, it’s economy is a tapestry of transparent lies told by sociopath sycophants on behalf of banking and Wall Street cartels run amok with their own power and immunity. Our foreign policy is nothing more than a series of illegal, morally bankrupt, cowardly war crimes and crimes against humanity always justified by one psyop or the other. We murder world leaders in pursuit of a global order. We hire mercenaries and assign them to terror campaigns to destabilize stable nations on behalf of multinational corporate and financial interests. We export financial weapons of mass destruction to thriving nations abroad with the express intent to destroy their economies and lock them into endless debt and a web of banker-led dictatorships. Our government feeds it’s own constituents to the machine of privatization, chopping up and selling off what little the people own, handing over institutions that should never be run for a profit to hedge fund hyenas and corporate raiders in an orgy of pure unadulterated fascism. Our “peaceful” leaders rant about more war, they demand authority to kill their own citizens, the plot and plan for the day when in the interests of “national security’ they will unleash the dogs of war upon us with no hope of recourse or defense or redress. Congress is allowed to trade on insider information, banks are allowed to raid your accounts, there is no accountability for those who conspired to destroy your economy, take your jobs, steal your pensions, loot the treasury, trade in fraudulent markets, launder billions in drug money, provide weapons to gangs in other nations and at home, beat, imprison, and use chemical warfare on your children when they dare to speak out against the tyranny we see developing in our nation. For a select few there are no laws in this nation for all others the laws are as oppressive as they are unforgiving. Soon you will be mandated to pay for a broken service to a private corporation just because you are alive. They will take a percentage and they will not be the last. Soon all those with Social Security will be mandated to have a bank account. Soon all others will face the same requirement. Soon the global currencies in the reach of the private central banks will collapse and a global currency will replace them all and you must pay via a chip or you will not eat. Cash will be illegal. We live in an empty vision of our past. It is void of merit and devoid of conscience. Some happy few still cling to the notion, to the entitlement of the trappings of the once proud and evolving “middle class” but they must soon be brought to heel just as so many have already before them. They too will feel the bite of the corporate hand that feeds them, that placates to them, that promises without being held to account that THEY and THEY ALONE are the focus of all our corrupt politicians efforts to halt this terrible slide in it’s tracks. These are lies, for profit knows only one thing: there must be more. And in time, even the petty bourgeoisie, secure in their silent complicity, will come to know the loss suffered by so many of the neighbors and friends who have quietly slipped into the nether world of “those people”

The union has been fractured by design.

We hate unions, teachers, nurses, auto workers, green party, blue party, red party, no party. We hate Muslims, Jews, atheists. We hate the educated the uneducated. We hate the privileged and the stricken alike. We hate the cops, the cops hate us. We hate the immigrants we hate the patriots and everything in between. We hate the poor, the lazy, the downtrodden, the losers. We hate. We hate them all. Empathy is a sin and Ayn Rand is a god. The only god which matters anymore.

Crippling genocidal austerity is waiting in the wings. It will be kinder and gentler when administered by the compromise president but it will be as the global financial leaders wish it to be. It will creep upon us slowly at first to allow the petty bourgeoisie their illusions long enough to keep them from action till their numbers are significantly weakened enough till even they have no hope of resistance. And then it will be too late.

Terrorism will ignite, led by numerous contractors, with the intent of distracting and terrifying the people into silence and complicity, with the intent of creating a pretext to arrest and kill all those opposed to our “new economy’. People will go missing in the dark from their homes. Rumors will spread, dissension will be curtailed, and the savagery of the New American Century will be upon us at last.

Those that understand what it is they wish to create understand that to build sometimes you first must destroy. This is the model of Greece and Spain before us. It is the model of Chile and Argentina and Russia and India and Indonesia. It is the model of Libya and Pakistan right now.

The union is universal bipartisan fascism.

Of that there is no debate.

You are not one of them, you are not in their club. You will not ingratiate yourself to their cause for long. Your Green Zone life will not be enjoyed by your children. It will not last. It is an illusion. In the end, you too have a price to pay in their profit margin assessment. It is the nature of the thing and it has been foretold long before any of us walked these streets by those who have seen it before.

You can resist now or submit tomorrow. These are your only choices. Timshel


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10 Responses

  1. Only one caveat. Fascist should notbe term of opprobrium. We are ruled by a kleptocracy of satanists, not fascists.
    Johnny Cash The man comes around\

    • Robert, had to look up that word (opprobrium)… wheww
      so Fascist are more honorable than the satanists who are attempting to take over the world through murder and lies and drones. Maybe these ‘people’ are Facists in politics and satanists in their religion…..

    • “Fascist should not be term of opprobrium.”

      I’m not sure I understand. Are you suggesting that we don’t sully the name of fascism as it plays itself out on the international stage?

      Look, you can call them “satanists” if it makes you feel better to think that Christians couldn’t do what they are doing (“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!”) but the reality is, this ideology goes way beyond a few people getting together at B.G. dancing around an owl statue.

      What we are facing in a shift in ideology. It’s been laid out since the Lewis Powell memo of ’71 and it isn’t that hard to define, just pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged. How many copies of that book have been sold in the last 12 years? How many versions of the film are there now? Libertarianism, neoliberalism, neoconservativism, Washington Consensus, the “New Dems”… it’s all variations on the same thing.

      And they aren’t all dancing around naked sacrificing children on the alter to Satan… they’re sacrificing them on the altar of profits and Ayn was their prophet.

      good video by the way. I like Johnny Cash

      • I tend to differ – Ayn Rand might well be their prophet, but when their business times out, satanism in the form of drugs, paedophilia, sarcasm, megalomania, materialism etc. is never far behind their stride and so figuratively speaking they are satanists.
        Sure some of them do not indulge – call them zombies – figuratively speaking.

      • Scott, again, excellent article and excellent response to truly an inane comment. I however disagree with the use of satanism or satanist as these are CAPITALISTS and not a supernatural foe.
        Monetary policy and not a witches kettle is their weapon.

        Calling these folks satanists spreads apathy as who can fight a god of evil? It also gives credence to the MK ULTRA document of its time: the bible and encourages a posture of ridiculous end times speculation and jeebis can only save us now type thinking.

    • It should not be a term of opprobrium? Rofl, wow, is this indicative of the failed educational system or just his personal idiocy?

  2. Must help to be able to get it all out in black and white like you do. Maybe saves a wife a beating, a dog a kicking–something yuk and violent, anyway.

    For those of us who aren’t, helps to come and see it done–to relate.


  3. Knowing the true state of the union, and the rest of the world for that matter, severely drains any energy I have regarding life.

    I have done all that I can to spread the truth, and all it does is fall on deaf or deliberately ignorant ears.

    I guess I can do is just live every day like its my last…

  4. But I think we just keep on pushing because we know it’s the right thing to do…

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